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2004 Raymond W. Brock Commissioned Work We Beheld Once Again the Stars From the Divine Comedy "Riveder le Stelle" oo ‘of Dante Alighieri EATBISATB a cappel (Inferno Canto XXX1¥) on Molto Espressivo 4 =ca. 60 Ma_le cr Molo Espressivo J =ca.60. But soon twill be nigh: [and we must rte tothe star gi) i al wate 10 the str Ma in not = lat = te fis sur - ge pe Pr Por? fore Pr TE - Chie 1 24 ‘But soon it will be night; {and we must rise 10 the stars] —_— 3, not- te la notte oi - sur ge; fier hf not - tei sur ge; sur ges Now is the time 10 depart this place, O-m- mi o-ra O-rs- mi 0 - rae ‘Copyright © 2003 JEHMS, te. [Division of Alliance Music Publications, le PO. Box 131977, Houston, Texas, 772191977 AMP -0525 Intemational Copyright Secured All Rights Reserved For we have seen tempo ‘re he and experienced it all = tempo he, — che tutto, ché a “Wo =p che. da par tir, = tutto, ch For we have seen and tutto, ch experienced it all tutto, ché tutto, che f =v Se ee a Lrt—r——CSCr CC SoS —— f { _ Se = slightly held back 7 ‘with great passion ‘at! Ma fe pot = te, ta ot = te ™p Ri tor slightly held back swith great passion Mae tots te, © Ma le not ~ te, e a ee Boe pide Pe 20 Molto Agitato riard Dy deca t2 The wings of hells The wings of hell's ol creer Be ee ee monarch are heard nearby. [We must leave quickly) ge prosdeniah ™ vege bs ter, Vex-ll ola monarchs are heard nearby. (We must leave quickly) Ds ta, vex 2 Re gis pro-de-unt “™" regis in - fer-ni, vex-ill-la_ re gis, 1 Vex =, exci s la mesg, reels pros de- ont 1 re-gis in-fer- ni, vex-ill- la fe gis, regis. pro - de - unt D 56 SS sr Yon = it = tat tt _— _ SSS 5 by b in fe = in = fer = ni, Vex il = by oof crese re gis! Ve - i in = fer Rois! sis! re Pro = de unt, fo pro de - unt, Sf erese Ve il re + gi, pro = de = unt, Sf crese t regis in-fer-ni, vex - l= la re gis, re = gis pro = de~ unt —== F£ molto marcato Vex = il = la t Ver - bt Vex i it Lf moto marcato Vex - il - la ee ee ll Vex = il = la ree gist 6s = re- gist tes gis pro-de- un re - gis pro-de-unt re gist Re- gis! 68 Regt Vox it-ta re-gis pro-de- unt, re = gis rode unt b = te-gis pro-de- unt > gis pro-de-unt Re gist Re- gis! Ver-il-la se-gis pro-de-unt re ool Bis. pro de unt . i Re- gis! Vex-il-la regis pro-de- unt, ris pro-de-unt e- gist Re- gis! Vex! Vex-il = la regis, me een Pato pro de - unt. te gis pro de~ unt, reegisin-fer-ni, vex-ill- la re~ gis, Vex-il = ta re gis, re gis_pro-de=unt, rod td Sd Vex-iT= la re gis re gis pro-de- unt, ver =i ste re- gis, bad