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BAC November 2016 | Issue 03


Heres what some of our

local talents have to offer!
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About Contents


Back is about bringing back the things and

experiences that defined our past by
bringing us back to the past.
6 8 20 Be Naiise,
Snack Pack Childhoot! Go Local!
Featuring the favourite noms
from everyones childhood!
Remember the days when we
all had the wildest dreams but
the strictest parents? No chance
to play it out? Join us at the
Check out what our local
designers have to offer at

Childhoot! contest where we

give you the space to express
your wildest childhood fantasies!

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Snack Pack! Snack Pack!

Fake M&M Dried Figs

Haw Flakes For the lack of a better name. But who cares You will probably find this
This is really our ultimate childhood snacks. when we could have more fun piercing those in many ladies handbags
We love peeling off the red paper to get the foil and getting the colourful chocolates out? in the past.
sugary tart goodness.
Ice Gem Biscuits
The icing is the real deal,
some of us would leave it
to the end to eat it.

Ding Dang Chocolate

You watched the Xiao Ding Dang cartoon
when you were young while eating this. Pola Snack
It didn't matter if the box came with the 20 cents for a packet anybody? Apollo Chocolate Wafers
gun or not... I love peering into the hollow Apollo Chocolate Wafers were a common sight in the birthday goodie
space when I bite these Pola bags I received as a kid. Also remembered as the chocolate that melted
biscuits halfway through. And and smeared easily but we didnt mind licking them off the wrapper
the flattened defective Pola fish because it was just that delicious. These red-foiled wrapped bars were
biscuits annoy me a fair bit. indeed the best kind of chocolate cream wafers.

Let's talk about old school
snacks. Remember Ding
Dang candy? Or does Tora Tora

sound more familiar? We Bought these for the toy and not
the chocolate. Are you guilty too?
thought it would be a good
time to take a trip down
memory lane and revisit
Teck Leong Lee Kee is a confectionery some of Singapores favourite
that sells chocolate and candies that
are currently on the market, as well as
childhood snacks. If you
a treasure cove for those who seek to remember more than half
relive those nostalgic tastebuds! Find
out at www.teckleongleekee.com.sg!
of these snacks, youre most
definitely an 80s or 90s kid!
Hiro Choco Cake
Who actually longed to eat
this satisfying treat for Ring Pops
breakfast? Hiro Cake, while Ring pops were more expensive than other
still available in mama shops
Lemon Tablets around Singapore, has changed
snacks and considered a luxury that took days
Sweet, tangy and perfect for those boring of savings (a few cents a day). That made us
to suit the tastebuds of the treasure them and we would try to 'prolong'
afternoons out in secondary school.
younger generation. Back in them for as long as possible. However, we
the 80s, the cake used to be always end up finishing them very quickly as
a lot firmer and less crumbly! they get sticky and messy.

DiDi Milk Tablets

Each of these packets came with a few
tablets in it, an alternative to Horlicks.
Whistle Sweets
Remember the teacher who gave them out in class then immediately
regretted it after everybody started blowing? And the sweets that flew
out of your mouth because you blew too hard?
6 7
Childhoot! Childhoot!

Let your wildest kid dreams come true!

Remember the days when we all had the wildest

dreams but the strictest parents? No chance to
play it out? Join us at the Childhoot! contest
where we give you the space to express your
wildest childhood fantasies!

In every issue of Backs Childhoot! contest, the

works of our top five contestants are featured!

More on Page 10..

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Childhoot! Childhoot!

What colour you want?
was perhaps the most memorable question asked

when our parents were choosing from a colorful
array of misery. Well, if canes could be eaten and
tasted like candy, we would have been much more

Jiak Tang Tiu


10 11
Childhoot! Childhoot!

Eat the rod, spare the child.

Bie Da Wo

12 13
Childhoot! Childhoot!

Back in the days, we often laugh at others or get
laughed at when we saw Kueh Lapis, because it
looked exactly like our backside after we were
Lup-ed by the cane.

Pi Gu Tong

14 15
Childhoot! Childhoot!

Chilli treatment was the appropriate punishment for
kids who lied or spoke rudely. Mums would smear
chilli paste on our lips. Since the spiciness was too
much for kids, it made us cry.

Lesson learnt. Watch our mouths or pain our lips!

La Si Ni

16 17
Childhoot! Childhoot!


Hide somemore! Plus one!

was what happened when we evaded an incoming
cane stroke. Sometimes it is almost a reflex action
- afterall humans are designed to steer away from
danger and suffering! If the cane was made from
biscuit, Ill gladly accept this handout!

Siam Hen Kuai

18 19
Be Naiise, Go Local! Be Naiise, Go Local!

Supporting local designers, makers and crafters is
the way to go to keep good design coming. Whether
its with a touch of nostalgia or the reminder of daily
Singapore lingo, there will be a design that will make
you feel proud to be a local! So...

Be Naiise, Go Local!

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Content Page

Snack Pack 6
Small Toys The
Big Stories Set

Legos 80s to 90s 10

Tale of
Following the successful sold-out production of Body X
The Wedding under the auspices of the Singapore Writers
Festival 2014, the original creative team returns to The Arts
November 2016
House with Body X The Rehearsal .

Conceived and directed by Chinese theatre practitioners

Li Xie and Danny Yeo , Body X is a site-specific

murder mystery staged in the promenade theatre style.
Set in the 1970s, The Arts House will be transformed into a
grand old mansion in accordance with the setting.

Partake in this interactive performance by relying on your

The Rehearsal instincts to decide which scenes to follow as the plot unfolds
simultaneously in multiple spaces within the House. It is up
to each audience member to collect the clues and piece the
Be Featured!

Go Local!
Drop by and be drawn into our collection of yesteryear knickknacks.
puzzle on your own terms to determine the identity of the
murderer. Inspired by Japanese author Keigo Higashino, Body We also like to be part of your exciting events and productions. Prop masters, let's talk.
X will have audiences exercising their mind and feet as they
traverse the spaces within the House some of which are not The Heritage Shop. It's a treasure trove. Come explore!
usually accessible to the public to solve the mystery.

16 14
23 to 27 Nov 2016 7:30pm | 25 & 26 Nov 2016 10:30pm | The Arts House, 1 Old Parliament Lane The
In collaboration with

6348 5555 93 Jalan Sultan #01-01 Singapore 198997 | 6223 7982

sistic.com.sg BodyX.sg Performed in Mandarin
22 523

Heres what some of our

local talents have to offer!

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