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Cell: +254 723 344 620, E-mail: evanjuko@yahoo.com Skype:


A management professional with business development acumen, public policy analysis
prowess, research and development, negotiation and advocacy skills.

Areas of competence include:

Research and Development
Monitoring and Evaluation
Business Development
Human Capital Development and Sourcing
Public Policy and Advocacy
Stakeholder Engagement and Reporting


2012 2016: University of Nairobi

Master of Arts- Project Planning and Management

PROJECT: Influence of Microfinance Institutions on Women Entrepreneurs' Poverty

Projects: A case of Kenya Women Microfinance Bank Limited

2006 2010: University of Nairobi

Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences, Political Science and Public Administration
2nd Class Upper Division

PROJECT: impact of internal training of employees on the performance of organizations

Kenya: Homa Bay District

2001 2004 St. George Mixed Secondary School

Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) Grade B+ (Plus)

1993 2000 Kachieng Primary School

Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) Grade B+ (Plus)

2016 Trainer of Trainers: Public Participation and National Budget making Process,
Transparency International
2013 Fundamentals of Monitoring and Evaluation, Global Health e-Learning Centre
2013 Data use for Program Managers, Global Health e-Learning Centre
2009 International Computer Driving License ICDL, SPSS, Institute of Advanced Technology


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Member of the Transparency International Team of experts fostering accountability in

the use of public resources within Health and Education sectors in the 47 Counties of
Kenya. Periodically conduct sessions of public awareness and campaigns to sensitize the
public to hold the office bearers to account in terms of how they use their budgetary allocations
from the public coffers. This is done in various selected schools and health facilities across the
47 Counties in Kenya. A special App for reporting is used to facilitate reporting of malpractices
for prosecution of culprits.
Provide the public with information concerning Public Participation in budget making processes
where they give their views for prioritization.

Entrepreneurship and Village Savings and Credit Associations (VSLAs) Consultant - A

Consultant for World Vision International in Lambwe Area Development Program (ADP). This
program helps in empowering locals to engage in micro and medium enterprises to achieve
financial freedom and growth. I periodically monitor the formation and progress of various
VSLAs and Table Banking units and offer professional advice on linkages with the microfinance
institutions for credit facilities and other non-financial services.

Current Directorship Member of the Board of Directors of Ability Enhancers Centre (AEC); an
NGO that helps in identifying and nurturing the talents of school children and also offer
empowerment programs for the youth within Nairobi County. I am also the lead Project
Management and Implementation Consultant.


Global Electives Port Limited GEP

October 2016 June 2017

Position: Program Manager

Program execution
Coordinated the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the medical
electives program in Africa. Oversaw the linking of the Africa head office in Kenya and
the international partners of GEP in Philippines, Asia. This led to smooth operation of the
program to achieve its intended purpose.
Represented the organization in various meetings with the Ministry of Education, Ministry
of Immigration and Ministry of Health. I successfully petitioned the interests of GEP and
received compliance certificates to operate.
Developed the companys website through research and benchmarking with different
similar organizations to leverage on business. I also reviewed contents and wrote articles
that gave explicit information about the nature of the business for the consumption of
international clients. The traffic and interest from other countries overseas increased
tremendously due to these professional articles.

Budgeting and procurement

Facilitated planning of activities in line with the vision and mission and apportioned
allocation of funds for the execution of these tasks. Also facilitated the procurement of
various items and equipment that were used in the day-to-day operations of the

Team Management
Managed a team of ten field employees that were tasked with various responsibilities
contributing to the success of the program. Supervised their operations in tandem with
their targets and responsibilities. Offered leadership, solved disputes among them and
appraised their performance at the end of the project.

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International Relations
Promoted the organization to potential networks overseas and placed it within the
global map as a service provider above its peers. I got a number of endorsements
and networks due to the strategies that marketed us positively.

Research and development

Conducted qualitative and quantitative research support for the Democratic

Governance Section; Facilitated knowledge building by writing articles and
reports, developing and managing evidence reviews, and conducting mapping
studies around various development themes for the organization.
Developed background information for formulation of programme initiatives,
drafting budgets, project documents, work plans, and propositional
implementation arrangements.


August 2015 August 2016
Position: Donor Relations and Human Resources Manager

Project Management
Oversaw two successful implementation of the donor funded projects that promoted the
use of clean and environmentally-friendly energy. The project involved various CBOs in
Homa Bay County that were trained and equipped with raw materials that they used to
make modern cook stoves distributed in various areas. The project also involved the
distribution of low voltage energy saving bulbs and solar panels to various entrepreneurs
to save on energy and also generate revenue. It was executed within time, budget and
Successfully achieved the objectives of the projects under my jurisdiction through needs
assessment stakeholder analysis, project identification, Project implementation,
Monitoring and Evaluation. This achieved an overall success rate of 95% and also met
the requirements of donors for future funding considerations.
Wrote successful project proposals for grants and other funding prospects. The
organization received an additional funding of 3 million shillings to further its programs.

Human Resource Coordination

Successfully identified a total of 18 professionals and aligned their credentials to the
needs of the organization. Conducted professional candidate screening, interviews and
recommendation for consideration.
Carefully selected my project team and managed 10 professionals who were part of the
clean energy project execution. Under my leadership, we delivered on our mandate and
succeeded in all the deliverables that my department was assigned.


January 2013 July 2015
Position: Business Development Manager

Research and Product Development
Conducted market survey through qualitative and quantitative research methods
and liaised with the R&D department to improve the products and services to suit
the tastes and preferences of clients. This increased the number of new entrant
clients and increased the referral network to almost double.

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Documented and maintained a scientific filing system of all the reports and areas
that needed improvement. Also maintained a database of all the clients in my

Stakeholder engagement

Collaborated with the top management on issues that affected the operations in
various units that were under me. Proposed various recommendations that were
implemented as policy changes to improve the business strategy for more clients
and revenue generation.
Also collaborated with the officials from the Central Bank of Kenya, Internal and
external auditors, Association of Microfinance Institutions of Kenya to provide
information regarding compliance through Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-
Money Laundering (AML) policies. The compliance rate was above eighty percent
since there were minimal cases reported as compared to before.
Portfolio management

Achieved a cumulative growth rate of eighty per cent in my portfolio. Maintained a

clean portfolio of loyal customers and clients who gave more business through
referral. Excelled in customer care models, client satisfaction and retention. The
role rotations also gave me extensive knowledge in people management, time
management, back office operations, financial managing software, bank
reconciliations, petty cash management and accounting packages.

Business Development:
Achieved growth rate of 80% through new business. Traversed numerous high
offices and top-notch personalities to prospect for new business. Met and
surpassed my targets in all spheres of the banking operations; savings
mobilization, sales and marketing, loan disbursement and debt recovery.

Training and Development:

Conducted numerous trainings both for the clients and staff as well. As the expert in
business development, facilitated and gave presentations on thematic areas such as
investment and banking, time management, entrepreneurship, budgeting and
savings, planning and business plan writing. Developed curriculum for training
following the guidelines of Training Needs Assessment (TNA)

Capacity building on gender mainstreaming and women in development
I have championed for the empowerment of women in taking up roles that can
enable them contribute positively to bring about socioeconomic development. To
this end, I have a total of 10 women groups in Nairobi County and 4 in Homa Bay
County that consult me on how to escalate their problems and plans for
consideration and action through the various entities such as Women and Youth
Enterprises Fund, FIDA and other microfinance institutions that exclusively deal
with women issues such as KWFT.

Hearts4Kenya member
This is an organization that promotes agriculture and use of the available natural
resources as a tool to drive out poverty and create sustainable development. I play a
critical role as the expert in matters of development, microcredit facilitator and donor
relations. I help in searching for donors and promoting fundraising activities to enable
small scale farmers and traders to have access to farm tools and implements,
microcredit, access to various SACCOs and Consumer Produce Board to help them.

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Excellent skills in coordination and project Management
Proficiency in writing clear project proposals, sound reports, concept papers,
public policy documents, minutes and memos
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
Strong networking and relationship management skills
Good people and time management skills


1. Professional Mentor
Dr Martin Ogutu, PhD
Senior Business Lecturer
University of Nairobi
P O Box 30197 00100
Nairobi, Kenya
Cell: +254 722235168
E-mail: ogutum@uonbi.ac.ke

2. Supervisor
Mrs. Winfred Nzilani
Branch Manager KWFT
P O Box 1258 00200
Nairobi, Kenya
Cell: +254 723044115
E-mail: wmuema@yahoo.com

3. Professional Acquaintance
Eng. Maxwell
Odira ICT
University of
University Way
P.O. Box
Cell: +254 720327842
Email: Maxwell.odira@uonbi.ac.ke

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