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Sample Paper 1

TN State Board

Class IX Science

Term 3

Sample Paper 1

Time: 2 hrs Max. Marks: 75

General Instructions:

Check the question paper for fairness of printing. If there is any lack of fairness, inform the Hall Supervisor

Use Black or Blue ink to write and pencil to draw diagrams.

Note: This question paper contains three sections.

SECTIONI (Marks: 15)


i. Answer all the 15 questions. [15 1 = 15]

Choose the correct answer from the alternatives given in the brackets.

According to Boyle's law _________.

(P V = K, P = V K, P/V = KT, None of the above)

Sea breeze blows

(During the day, During the night, During both day and night, None of the above)

Power is the ___________.

(Rate of change of momentum, Rate of doing work, Force Displacement, Capacity to do work)

The specific latent heat is given as

(L = Q m, L = m/Q, L = Q/m , L = Q/m)

Which of the following protective tissues is absent in the young stem of a plant? (cork, epidermis, cuticle,

When the leaf of a normal plant is boiled in ethanol and treated with iodine, its colour changes to
(pink, orange, blue black, black)

All are narcotics, except (alcohol, heroin, opium, cocaine)

The ozone layer of the atmosphere protects us from which of the following harmful radiations?

(UV rays, infrared rays, magnetic rays, gamma rays)



Sample Paper 1

The growth of the pollen tube towards the ovule is due to (phototropism, geotropism, hydrotropism,

Mark the one which is non-biodegradable.

(bubble packets, tea leaves, spoilt food, vegetable peels)

Atoms of which of the following elements cannot be used to make interstitial alloys?

(Boron, Carbon, Hydrogen, Sodium)

How much energy is consumed by a 40 W bulb in one minute? (1.5 J, 0.66 J, 240 J, 2400 J)

Which of the following triads is a Dobereiner's triad? ([Na, Ra, Al], [S, O, H], [Li, Na, K], [N, P, As])

How many chlorine atoms are required by a carbon atom to complete its octet configuration?

(one, two, three, four)

How many covalent bonds are formed between carbon and hydrogen in ethene? (7, 4, 1, 6)


Sample Paper 1

SECTIONII (Marks: 40)

Note: Answer any twenty questions. [20 2 = 40]

Calculate the force exerted by a body when the work done is 2500 J through a distance of 50 metres.

A given mass of a gas occupies 240 ml at 800 mmHg. What volume will the gas occupy if the pressure is
increased to 1200 mmHg, keeping the temperature constant?


Differentiate between energy and power.

Name the quantities expressed in erg.

Define joule.

A gas completely fills the space available within a container. Give reasons.

How much mass of water at 100C must be heated to form steam when a heater supplies 90,400 J of heat?
The specific latent heat of vaporisation of water is 2260 J/g.

What is kilowatt hour? How is it related to joule?

Can alcoholism be treated? How?

If a potted plant is over-watered for a long time, then the plant may die. Give reason.

Carbohydrates are found in leaves. Write an equation to show how it was formed in the presence of sunlight.


Identify the tissue depicted in the figure.

Copy the diagram and label the parts (a) and (b).


Sample Paper 1

Bursting of crackers and use of loudspeakers are restricted at night time because of noise pollution. Mention
any two harmful effects of noise.

Why does the stem of a plant always show negative geotropism?

How does the water content of leaves affect the rate of transpiration?

What do you understand by liver cirrhosis? What causes liver cirrhosis?

What are the two ways by which carbon dioxide is fixed?

Water pollution caused by domestic sewage leads to algal bloom and eutrophication. How can it damage an
aquatic ecosystem?

Why do covalent compounds have low boiling and melting points?

Why are ionic compounds soluble in polar solvents and insoluble in non-polar solvents?

Write a note on the composition of alloys.

What are the limitations of Newlands' Law of Octaves?

Hydrogen can be placed in group 1 and group 7 of the periodic table. Why?

What are polar compounds? Give an example.

What are the conditions for the formation of a coordinate bond?

State any four properties of covalent compounds.

Aqua regia

Ionic compounds



Sample Paper 1

An element Z belongs to the second group of the periodic table. Write the formula of its oxide.

A force of 10 N acts on a body. If the body is displaced through 2 m in the same direction as that of the force,
find the work done by the force.

State Boyle's law.

When a bullet fired from a gun strikes the target, the target becomes hot.


Sample Paper 1

SECTIONIII (Marks: 20)


Answer any four questions by choosing one question from each part. [4 5 = 20]

Draw diagrams wherever necessary.


What are tendrils? How do they help a plant to climb?

List any five dietary changes which can help us to prevent obesity?



List the differences between meristematic tissues and permanent tissues.

Name the different types of meristematic tissues present in plants.

List any five adverse effects of oil spill on the environment


Write the characteristics, examples and limitations of Dobereiners triads.

Explain the formation of an electrovalent compound with the help of an example.



State the condition under which the work done is




Derive the expression for the work done when the displacement is in the direction of force.

A certain quantity of ice at 0C is heated till it changes to steam at 100C. Draw a timetemperature heating
curve to represent it. Label the two phases of change in your graph.

The volume of a certain gas was found to be 400 cm when pressure was 520 mmHg. If the pressure is
increased by 30%, then find the new volume of the gas.