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procurement documents for review.

This request is more likely to happen when the

procurement exceeds $10,000.
Eligibility Rules: Procurements with USAID/OFDA funds are subject to USAID
Eligibility Rules for Goods and Services in the Mandatory Standard Provisions. Offices
should avoid purchasing unnecessary items with USG funds, and conduct analysis of lease or
purchase alternatives to determine which is more economical.

Additional Requirements: There are certain items e.g. Equipment (unit cost of $5000 or
more and useful life of more than one year) or International Travel that require approval and
may require a waiver of source/origin prior to procurement with USAID/OFDA funds. If
these items are already in an approved budget, additional approvals may not be required.

Construction contracts and sub-contracts: For construction contracts and sub-contracts

under $100,000, IRCs standard policies apply. For construction contracts and sub-contracts
over $100,000, consult USAIDs 22 CFR 226.48 (c) for rules regarding bonds and

Restricted Goods and Services: There is a list of ineligible goods and services that may
never be procured with USAID/OFDA funds. There is also a list of restricted goods and
services e.g. agricultural commodities, motor vehicles, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, used
equipment, and fertilizer that require written authorization from USAID. These restrictions
do not apply if IRC is paying for goods and services with private funds as part of a cost-
sharing requirement or with program income generated under the award. However, if
federal funds are being used to transport the items procured with private funds, IRC needs
prior approval from USAID/OFDA. This list can be found in Appendix P35. For more
information, contact the IRC Global Grants and Contracts Unit in HQ.

Some security items are ineligible to be purchased with US government funding. The
ineligible items are listed below. Supply Chain should work closely with the program team to
ensure all items purchased are compliant.

Ineligible Commodities and Services:

Military equipment
Surveillance equipment
Commodities and services for support of police or other law enforcement activities
Abortion equipment and services
Luxury goods and gambling equipment
Weather modification equipment
Country Offices are advised to contact the Global Grants and Contracts Unit before
procuring any security, pharmaceutical, medical, or veterinary supplies using USAID/OFDA
IRC offices operating under BPRM agreement and an approved budget can move forward