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Exception Log Review ‘Sample Project Exception Log by Diz cline Lo ‘artOnage Sant ots) Foret fen aut imuetor_imietor futont Form cet Setud Seren Reve ribiewen bin rerosas "Toes comes socumantdaziten oe Sar te Rens Feany you Design «ACS «OFHRGD OMNIS. OFApeGDIom/a0 x 0 oMares Ores "eos mote ° reas Mm oR fiststore Contes hePpeFainge ACS 10M@G 2oMnaD IBApecD1ateyzD » 09 0 w (Bie Dine Bee zB mp ec 0 commas “Bot Danes 2aH0s Bad 2B 2 0 ¢ 2 ° Say Vata ov Pa bake ac sacs zaanam teiro2 couimes oe 0 8 ee ayaa Gbancd Pesos Buc) es = 6 © comart This EPPR ‘Exception Log’ allows us to look at individual deliverables and identifies all late activities, which you would normally do only in pursuit of problems highlighted by the other tools. Cadillacs and Rol Royces NOTICE OF CHANGE IN DESIGN, SCHED. OR SCOPE OF SERVICES iE There are @ number of issues relating to changes in design which can impact schedules. The Engineering Scheduler won't normally detect these but needs to be aware of them, and the Trend Program be aware of them, and the Trend Program is designed to capture them based on input from EGSs: 1.Design changes which will usually be a change of contractual scope. change of contractual scope. 2.In scope design that results in more or work, quantities ete. 3.Design disruption sufficient to require budget adjustments. 5.Too extravagant design, providing a Rolls Royce for the price of a Cadillac, ie., exceeding the design specification. “Hey, there’s nothing wrong with 2 Cadillac!" Precisely! budget adjustments. 4.Too much design, e.g. Pipe Hangers over-detailing that the fabricator doesn’t need. 5.Too extravagant design, providing a These are all the issues you may encounter as an Engineering Scheduler, so wear your Project Controls hat to resolve them and achieve the right outcomes for the good of the project. Engineering Dashboard Metrics neta hears Cost Performance, 10% Quantity Performance, 35% Equipment Performance, 20% Jobhour Schedule Performance, 10% Performance, 25% Overall, Engineering Performance is sTotal Quantity weighed by five key elements: Equipment (current forecast equipment *Schedule cost versus current budget equipment *Cost cost) Job Hours The weighting for each factor varies between GBUs. EPPR provides the data for Schedule and Jobhour Performance. Scheduling doesn’t have any required group decided not to develop a Setroute wire and cable schedule because it was running out of money? That could instantly improve 4 of these 5 metrics, action on these metrics, but deviations to three of these will have direct schedule impacts, and the other two could have ‘stealth’ impacts. What if an electrical and leave Field Engineering very busy. | seneaute pact Report ana subject scnecules process with perhaps a Subject Schedule that Engineering can understand and sign on to. | Schedute impact Report and Subject Schedules ‘SCHEDULE IMPACT REPORT Project: ALLDERGBU Provessinfraskuctur Facity, Erewhon Bechtel Job Number: 1745 — Status Through: Aj 22, 1399 Ss ingaes Wert Dexrigion. Caan fet “ORK/ACTIVIFY: Tir eu? Layout sppvalby ner. ‘Usty kna Pg tlio USES Luce ripe yest Stayt Slaed adatom Seton nee ge Ingat sure See oO omaporontoflyane FECTS Passo a stain sclera omit frechuncalcompletondat Oot Pi pace at 2508 Owner bas potyatineatd when spgroral be gre BRENCES: F39-501 ACSSZ2 ADULT? ‘And if we have @ critical impact on our hands it’s your job to do everything necessary to get it on the SIR; genuine 3 treated even If you have to buy your noe acne lato Ow mele ation foie tine exesion dati Conc Poston coctal bass withonjtt ator fae exten quest > Ov: fist cr of mosey an ba pred Change Raquet When these analyses uncover real the problem in time to mitigate it; problems you'll have done Engineering an whether you have done the other half of invaluable service ~ maybe you'll be seen the analysis and started the mitigation going to lunch with your PE or EGS. Who process with perhaps a Subject Schedule | pays will depend on whether you caught that Engineering can understand and sign hands it’s your job to do everything onto. necessary to get it on the SIR; genuine impacts must be treated even if you have And if we have a critical impact on our to buy your own lunch! eel WALKTHROUGH: DEVELOPMENT PROCESS Development Gather + Enghneeng so Pen |} asaina Bagot re Cat Fra Pres Wes Pres Baseline Sere NS) | Projet Procedure + Engine Work Proves Lege Dagans) = Pm Contac Dates end Design Revew Requramors = onsrton Werk Package Aapcach Meera ASsgament ‘Schectle + Savona. +3 pany screues Let’s walkthrough the process for Engineering's. with Project Schedule input developing the Engineering from Scheduling Implementation Schedule and look at who does what - when, In the initial stage of During the EPPR Set-Up stage, you need the process, these activities are mostly to remember some important rules: *The EGSs develop the EPPR content and level of detail first, then Scheduling develops dates. | PaDs vs. Specifications will vary so as to achieve better control of design progress. sEPPR baseline budget and Project | baseline budget must be the same at *Engineering uses standard input templates to ensure consistency across disciplines. “Total Job Hours and quantities must match those in the Current Budget *Engineering design priorities reflect project critical paths *Leveled Resources (i.e., no peaks and valleys) Bulk quantity release curves must support Construction. coordination «Procurement and Construction Interfaces Dates are checked and agreed upon. “Vendor data turnarounds are reviewed Job Hour budget is distributed to each EPPR line item “VERIFIABLE control points are essential. And different types of deliverables e.g. activity code summary level Engineering work package start/finish dates and durations are consistent with Control Schedule. Before finalizing the EPPR baseline, numerous reviews, cleanups and sanity checks take place in a reiterative process that accomplishes the following: eLeveled Resources (i.e., no peaks and valleys) Bulk quantity release curves must support Construction. “Conflicts between project schedule and EPPR are all resolved and required changes are made to both schedules. ‘“Inter-discipline and third parties with Procurement and key vendors. Maintenance 1 (Proposal) Management Schedule @ Project Schedule File @ Owner Format Proposal Schedule @ Risk Management / Probability / Time Contingency Contract Schedule & Scheduling Requests Monthly maintenance, updating and reporting of the EPPR is done through pre-established cut-off dates. *The Monthly Look-Ahead Schedule (the | turnaround report) is used for providing Engineer on scope changes and trend status, and incorporates approved trends Linto the EPPR promptly. turnaround report) is used for providing the status, but schedulers work with EGSs throughout the month to track and attack delays and impacts. «The Scheduler also works with the Trend Lal rere ee In © What the Engineering, Planning, & Schedule roles and : responsibilities are this course ° ‘© What the Engineering Implementation Schedule is and its you have relationship with other hierarchy schedules learned: © How to establish and monitor Engineering Implementation Schedules © All about the EPPR and why i's an effective control tool. © The Fast Track Process for Engineering, Procurement and Construction schedule coordination How to perform essential schedule analyses