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EDT 01 - Genetic basis of inheritance

1. The gene for sickle-cell anaemia is lethal in (A) Vg (B) Vg+ (C) Vgni (D)
homozygous condition & produces sickle-cell Vgno
______ 10. For the sickle-cell carrier, genotype HbAHbs.
(A) monotype (B) morph Which of the following do not represent gamete ?
(C) cancer (D) trait (A) Hbo (B) HbAB
2. Polygenic inheritance is also called as- (C)both A & B (D) HbA
(A) Quantitative (B) Qualitative 11. The phenomenon of 'like begets like, is due to
(C)Migrative (D)polygative (A) genetics (B) similarity
3. The correct labelling for a, b & c is ______ (C)heredity (D) variation
(A)a - standard, b - keel, c - c 12. Back cross is the cross between F1 hybrids & -
wing (A) only recessive parent
(B)a - keel, b - wing, c - (B) only dominant parent
standard (C) F1 only
(C)a - wing, b - standard, c - a (D)any one of the parents
keel 13. Transmission of characters from onegeneration
(D)a - wing, b - keel, c - b to the next or from parents tooffsprings is called
standard (A) mutation (B) variation
4. In the flower of Pisumsativum, there are ten (C) recombination (D) heredity
stamens out of which -
(A)nine are fused & one free 14.'Genetics' The terminology was started in
(B)all stamens are free (A) 1857 (B) 1758
(C) five are fused & five are free C) 1906 (D) 1905
(D)all stamens are fused 15. When single gene produces two effects & one
5. Who studied the inheritance of human skin of it is lethal, then the ratio is -
colour in black & white populations in U.S.A. (A)2 : 1 (B) 1 : 1 : 1 : 1
particularly populations derived from marriages (C) 1 : 1 (D) 1 : 2 : 1
between black & white. 16.The experimental material of 'Mendel' is
(A) D. Nilson& H. Nilson (A) Garden Pea (B) chick Pea
(B) Gregor Mendel & Winchester (C) Farm pea (D) Green tea
(C) H. Nilsson-Ehle 17. According to Mendel, plants of F1 generation
(D) Davenport & Davenport show
6. Neo-Mendelian genetics is also called as (A)law of dominance
_________ genetics (B) purity of gametes
(A) non-Mendelian (B) post-Mendelian (C) independent assortment of genes
(C) pre-Mendelian (D) all of these (D) all of these
7. If we cross between the plants having Blue 18. The types of gametes formed by a pure line
flower with Orange flowers. Which one is dominant is/are
? (A) 14 (B) 16 (c) 32 (D) 01
(A) Blue only 19. In a cross between tall heterozygous pea
(B) Orange only plants, what would be the phenotypic ratio in
(C) Violet the F1 generation?
(D)information insufficient to give answer (A) 1:2:1 (B) 3:1 (C) 4: 1 (D) 1 :4
8. Given figure is an example of - 20. Heredity is ________ of characters
(A) Dominance (A)transmission (B) mixing
(B) Codominance (C) blending (D) deleting
(C) Incomplete dominance 21. From a cross AABb ,aaBb, the genotypes AaBB:
(D) Mixed dominance AaBb :Aabb will be obtained in which of the
following ratio?
(A) 3:1:0 (B) 1:2:1
9.In drosophila for phenotype Normal wings, (C) 1:1:1 (D) 1:1:1:0
genotype is represented as - 22. Who gave the term 'genetics'?
(A) Mendel (B) Robert Hooke
(C) Bateson (D) Purkinje (A) 4/16 (B) 2/16
23. Variation is (C) 1/16 (D) 3/16
(A) differences between parents and offspring. 34. Which of the following characters was not
(B) differences between individuals of studied by Mendel?
samespecies. (A) Plant height (B) flower position
(C) differences among the offspring of thesame (C) Colour of pod (D) Length of pod
parents. 35. Sum total of characters which are transmitted
(D) all of the above. from generation to generation constitute
24. A man with blood group A marries a women (A) Genetics (B) Phenocopy
with blood group B and their first child is having (C) Heredity (D) Variations
blood group B. What is the genotype of child? 36. A heterozygous tall pea plant is crossed with
B O O O homozygous dwarf pea plant. What will be the
(A) II (B) II
phenotypic ratio of the offspring in this cross?
(C) I I (D) I I (A) 3:1 (B)4:1
25. Phenotype of an organism is the result of (C) 1:1 (D)9:3:3:1
(A) environmental changes and sexual combination 37. Alleles are
(B) mutations and linkages (A) pair of sex chromosome
(C) cytoplasmic effects and nutrition (B)alternative forms of a gene
(D)genotype and environment interactions (C) homologous chromosome
26.'Variations' has been noticed in offsprings is due (D) none of the above
to 38. Chances of segregation of alleles in gametes
(A) Budding (B) Binary fission are
(C) Vegetative propagation (D) Sexual (A) 25% (B) 35% (C) 50% (D) 75%
reproduction 39. In a dihybrid cross, F2 generation offsprings
F show four different phenotypes while the genotype
27. Genotype ratio obtained in the 2 generation are
of a monohybrid cross is ________ (A) 6 (B) 9 (C) 16 (D) 8
(A)1 : 2 : 1 (B)9: 3: 3 : 1 40. Which statement about Mendel is true?
(C) 3 : 1 (D)2 : 1 (A)His discoveries concerning genetic inheritance were
28.'Garden Pea' is a ______ plant generally accepted by scientific community at his time
(A) Biennial crop (B) Perennial (B)He discovered linkage
(C) Annual (D) None of these (C)He believed that genetic traits of parents will
29. Mendel's law were true for situation in which usually blend in their children
(A) alleles are affected by their environment (D) His principles about genetics apply usually to
(B)alleles show complete dominance plantsand animals
(C)alleles of a gene alter the effect of a different 41. Who is known as "Father of Genetics?
gene (A) Theophrastus (B) Stephen Hales
(D) a given character is determined by more than (C) Mendel (D) Aristotle
onegene 42. Organisms produced by asexual
30. Pure line is a group of individuals that are reproductionare called
(A)homozygous for one or more traits (A)clones (B) offspring
(B) heterozygous for one or more traits (C) factors (D) both (A) and (B)
(C) produce two types of gametes 43. Genetics deals with -
(D) plants that are grown by Mendel in his own (A) Genes (B) Heredity
garden. (C) variations (D) Heredity and variations
31. Which principle/law has been called the 2nd 44. Which of the petal is large in size of garden
law of inheritance? pea
(A) Law of independent assortment (A) Standard (B) Wing
(B) Law of segregation (C) Keel (D) None
(C) Law of dominance 45. The title of Mendel's paper, while presenting at
(D) Law of paired factor Brunn Natural History Society in 1865 was
32. The Greek word which means .to grow into, is (A) laws of inheritance
(A) genetics (B) genesis (B) laws of heredity
(C) inheritance (D) factor (C) experiments on pea plants
33. The proportion of YyRr in dihybrid ratio is __ D)experiments on plant hybridization
46. Mendel's contribution for genetic inheritance 56.The term "factor" for gene was coined by
was (A) William Bateson (B) Johann Mendel
(A) the idea that genes are found on chromosomes (C) Johannsen (D) F. Griffith
(B)providing a mechanism that explains patterns 57.Gregor Mendel was born in
ofinheritance (A) U.K (B) Austria
(C) describing how genes are influenced by C) Russia (D) Czechoslovakia
theenvironment 58. one complete set of chromosomes inherited as
(D) determining that the information contained in a unit from one parent is known as
DNA codes for proteins (A) Genotype (B) Genome
47. Organisms produced by sexual reproductionare C) Gene pool (D) Karyotype
called 59. The condition in which only one allele of a pair
(A)offspring (B) clones is expressed as per Mendel
(C) characters (D) genes (A) Homozygous (B) codominant
48. Offspring are (C) Heterozygous (D) Incomplete dominance
(A) exactly identical to either of theirparents. 60. Mendel's principle of segregation means that
(B) not exactly identical to either of theirparents. thegerm cells always receive
(C) show intermediate characters inheritedfrom (A) one pair of alleles
both the parents. (B) one quarter of the genes
(D)both (B) and (C) (C)one of the paired alleles
49.The term 'Allele' was proposed by (D) any pair of alleles
(A)Johannsen (B) Bateson 61. Mendel was successful in discovering the
(C) Mendel (D) Punnett principles of inheritance as
50. In which of the following traits is dominant ? (A) he took pea plants for his experiments
(A) Yellow pods (B) White flowers (B)he did not encounter linkage between the genes
(C) Green seeds (D) Inflated pods for thecharacters he considered
51. Some of the dominant traits studied by Mendel (C) he had an indepth knowledge ofhybridization
were (D) he was a famous mathematician
(A) round seed shape, constricted pod-shape and 62.Mendel was a
axial flower position (A) physiologist (B) mathematician
(B)green pod colour, inflated pod shape and axial (C) cytologist (D) taxonomist
flower position 63.The first scientific study leading to
(C) yellow seed colour, violet flower colour and theformulation of laws of inheritance was
yellow pod colour carriedout by
(D) axial flower position, green pod colour and (A) Darwin (B) Hugo De Vries
green seed (C) Lamarck (D) Mendel
52. Who discovered polygenic inheritance? 64. Which term represents a pair of contrasting
(A) H. Nilsson -Ehle (B) Davenport character?
(C) Johannsen (D) Bateson (A) Homozygous (B) Heterozygous
53. The phenotypic ratio of red (AABB) and white (C) Complementary genes (D)Allelomorph
(aabb) kernel in F2 generation showing 65.Staminate condition of garden pea
polygenic inheritance is (A) Monoadealphous conditions
(A) 1:2:1 (B) 1:4:6:4:1 (B)Diadealphous conditions
(C) 1:6:6:4:1 (D) 1:6:15:20:15:6:1 (C) Triadealphous conditions
54. When red wheat kernel is crossed with white (D) none of these
kernel, the probability of getting red darkest plant 66. In a typical Mendelian cross which is a
is dihybridcross, one parent is homozygous for both
(A) 1/16 (B) 4/16 dominant traits and another parent is homozygous
(c) 6/16 (D) 2/16 for both recessive traits. In theF2-generation, both
55.A test cross is carried out to - parental combinations andrecombination appear.
(A) determine the genotype of a plant at F1 The phenotypic ratio ofparental combinations to
(B)predict whether two traits are linked recombination is
(C) assess the number of alleles of a gene (A) 10:6 (B) 12:4
(D) determine whether two species or varieties will (C)9:7 (D) 15: 1
breed successfully
67. The graphical representation to calculate 78: Person :having genotype IA IB would, show the
theprobability of all possible genotypes of blood group as AB This is because of
offspring (A) pleiotropy (B) codominance
in a genetic cross is called (C) segregation (D)incomplete dominance
(A) pedigree analysis (B) karyotype 79. A man has blood group A His wife has blood
(C) Punnett square (D) chromosome map group B Their children can have blood group
68. In F2 progeny of dihybrid cross, the expected (A) AB (B) A or B
genotypic proportions of individual homozygous (C) A or B or AB (D) A or B or AB or O
for both dominant characters is 80. The ratio 1: 1: 1: 1 is expected as a result of
(A)1/16 (B) 9/16 (A) monohybrid cross (B) monohybrid back cross
(C) 12/16 (D) 3/16 (C) dihybrid cross (D) dihybrid test cross
69.Mendel's laws were first published in the year 81.An allele is dominant if it is expressed in -
(A) 1857 (B) 1809 (A) First filial generation
(c) 1928 (D) 1866 (B) Heterozygous condition
70. In humans, height is an example of (C) Homozygous condition
(A) co-dominance (B) polygenic inheritance (D)both Homo & Heterozygous conditions
(C) jumping genes (D) dominant genes 82. In case of codominance, the offspring of F1
71. Lethal genes are generation have the trait of _______
(A)recessivehomozygous (A)both the parents (B) none of the
(B) recessiveheterozygous parents
(C) dominant heterozygous (C)any one of two parents (D) intermediate type
(D) codominant 83. In genetics the term test cross means -
72. In humans, albinism is determined by (A)crossing F1 individuals with F2
(A) dominant gene (B) codominant gene (B)crossing F1 individuals with either of the
(C)recessive gene (D) super dominance parents
73.Allelism refers to (C)crossing F2 individuals with F1
(A) genic interactions controlling a character (D)the crossing of F1 individuals with recessive
(B) multiple genes controlling a character parents
(C) expression of many characters by a single gen 84. In a monohybrid cross between two
(D)alternative forms of a gene at a given locus heterozygous individuals, the number of pure
74. 1:2:1, phenotypic & genotypic ratio is found in- homozygous individuals obtained in F1 generation
(A) complementary genes is-
(B)incomplete dominance (A) 2 (B) 8 (C) 6 (D) 4
(C) multiple alleles 85.An allele is said to be dominant if -
(D) pseudoalleles (A)it is expressed in homozygous condition
75. Mendelism was based on (B)it is expressed in heterozygous condition
(A) concept of factors (C)it is expressed in both homozygous &
(B) concept of dominance heterozygous condition
(C)experimental, quantitative, qualitative and (D)it is expressed in second generation
evaluative study of Pisumsativum 86. When yellow round heterozygous pea plants
(D) all of these are self fertilized, the frequency of occurrence of
76. Which one of the following pairs of features is RrYY genotype among the offspring is _____
agood example of polygenic inheritance? (A) 6/16 (B) 2/16
(A) Human height and skin colour (C) 3/16 (D) 9/16
(B) ABO blood group in humans and flower colour 87.In Mendelism, linkage was not observed due to
ofhibiscus ____________
(C) Hair pigment of mouse and tongue rolling (A)synapsis (B) mutation
inhumans (C)crossing over (D) independent assortment
(D) Human eye colour and sickle-cell anemia 88.The diagram or chart which is used to show
77.When dominant and recessive alleles express possibilities of combinations in a particular cross or
itself together it is called breeding experiment was devised by ______
(A) codominance (B) dominance (A)Punnet (B) Johann Mendel
(C) amphi-dominance (D) pseudo dominance (C)Willam Bateson (D) none of these
89.Probability of genotype TTrr in F2 generation of
a dihybrid cross is -
(A) 1/32 (B) 8/16
(C) 9/16 (D) 1/16
90.________ is an exception to Mendels law
(A) Law of dominance
(B) Law of segregation
(C) Law of independent assortment
(D) Law of linkage
91.Which of the following statement is true for
(A) Genes present on sister chromosomes
(B) A pair of genes governing a specific character
such as dwarfness or tallness
(C) Multiple forms of genes
(D) Genes present on non-homologous part of sex
chromosomes 97.A self-fertilized trihybrid plants forms -
92. The colour based contrasting traits in seven (A) 8 different differentgamets& 8 different
contrasting pairs, studied by Mendel in zygotes
Pisumsativum were (B) 8 different differentgamets& 16 different
(A) 6 (B) 3 (C) 1 (D) zygotes
zero (C) 4 different differentgamets& 8 different
93. Which genotype represents a true dihybrid zygotes
condition ? (D) 8 different differentgamets& 64 different
(A)ttrr (B)TtRR zygotes
(C)Ttrr (D)TtRr 98.In a plant, Red fruit (R) is dominant over Yellow
94. In a garden pea plant, a cross is made between fruit (r) & Tallness (T) is dominant over Shortness
white flowered & red flowered plants. What will (t). If a plant with RRTt genotype is crossed with a
be the phenotypic ratio in F2 generation ? plant rrtt. Then -
(A)3 : 1 (B) 3 : 9 (A) 50% will be tall with red fruit
(C)9 : 3 : 3 1 (D) 1 : 2 : 1 (B) 25% will be tall with red fruit
95.How many types of gametes will be produced (C) 75% will be tall with red fruit
by an organism having genotype AaBbcc (D)all the offspring will be tall with red fruit
(A) 1 (B) 2 (C) 3 (D) 4 99. In hybridization Tt X tt it will give rise the
96.Inheritance of ABO blood grouping is an progeny of ratio-
example of ______ (A) 1:2:1 (B) 1:1
(A) Codominance (B) Incomplete dominance (C) 3:1 (D) 9:3
(C) Dominance (D) both A& C 100. If F1 hybrid is intermediate between the two
parents. This phenomenon is called _________
(C)incomplete dominance
(D)blending inheritance