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June 2017

Nepal Hub
Volunteers help HART spread the word about Animal Rights

Increase the knowledge and understanding of Healthcare in the community with an emphasis on prevention
Support students to reach learning goals


Education is a key to change and educating students on issues related to dogs is no

exception. Our participation in the Himalayan Animal Rescue Trust's (HART)
Outreach education programme has helped educate over 240 students on the
principles of controlling animal populations, Animal Rights, and awareness of rabies.
This is a significant preventative health approach in Nepal.


HART staff are very busy with their field programmes but recognize the importance of education if they are going to
make a difference to the lives of animals. They have therefore appointed a Communications Officer. One of her roles
is to run the outreach education programme in schools. There are over 300 schools in Pokhara and the aim is to educate
as many students as possible through this programme.

GVI volunteers were excited to be invited to be part of HART's Education in Schools programme. They worked with
classes 5 ,6 and 7 in Motherland English Boarding School, Pokhara. Over the week they presented sessions on a range of
topics. HART's motto is "No babies, no rabies". The education programme talks about the issue of rabies, how to identify
a rabid dog and also why vaccinating and neutering helps control the spread of rabies. The education session also talks
about basic animal rights and the other benefits of controlling the dog population. The sessions are interactive and are
supported by a range of visual supports.

Students are given a questionnaire both before and after the presentation. This helps to
identify children's prior knowledge and to see what information they have retained from
the session. This will also provide some base line data for when the programme is
followed up with the same students in the future. The students were positively engaged
in the sessions and interacted enthusiastically throughout the program. Many of the
children have a dog at home so this made it easier to relate and respond to the topic.

GVI will continue with HARTs School Outreach programme in the future.
Education can help to ensure that the issue of rabies is understood. It means
people have a growing understanding of the need to vaccinate and neuter
their animals, this in turn controls the spread of disease. Importantly the
students have learned about Animal Rights and that this can impact on the
attitude not only towards the dog population in the area but also the animal
population throughout Nepal.