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7/18/2017 Alforsite Mineral Data

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Alforsite Mineral Data

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General Alforsite Information

Chemical Formula: Ba5(PO4)3Cl
Composition: Molecular Weight = 1,007.00 gm
Barium 68.19 % Ba 76.13 % BaO
Phosphorus 9.23 % P 21.14 % P2O5
Chlorine 3.52 % Cl 3.52 % Cl
- % Cl -0.79 % -O=Cl2
Oxygen 19.07 % O
______ ______
100.00 % 100.00 % = TOTAL OXIDE
Empirical Formula: Ba5(PO4)3Cl
Environment: In lenses and bands of barium silicate metasediments developed under
hornblende-pyroxene hornfels facies near the contact with granite or
IMA Status: Approved IMA 1981
Locality: From Big Creek and Rush Creek, Fresno Co., and on Trumbull Peak,
near Incline, Marisopa Co., California, USA. Link to MinDat.org
Location Data.
Name Origin: To honor Dr. John T. Alfors (1930- ), geologist, California Division of
Mines, for his work on the type locality.
Name Pronunciation: Alforsite + Pronunciation
Synonym: ICSD 8191
PDF 35-691

Alforsite Image
Comments: Three small grains of alforsite mounted on
Location: La Madrelena, Baja California, Mexico. Scale:
Not Given.
Rhonda Spencer / ASDM Sonoran Desert Digital

Alforsite Titantaramellite Sanbornite
http://www.webmineral.com/data/Alforsite.shtml#.WW2424SGNaQ 1/5
7/18/2017 Alforsite Mineral Data

Comments: SEM image showing alforsite (al). Matrix

composed by lamellar sanbornite (sa) and granular quartz
(q). Rectangular crystal in the upper right corner is
titantaramellite (ti) and isometric crystals included in
sanbornite are celsian (ce).
Location: Trumbull Peak, near Incline, Mariposa Co.,
California, USA. Scale: See Image.
Pavel M. Kartashov

Alforsite Crystallography
Axial Ratios: a:c = 1:0.74536
Cell Dimensions: a = 10.25, c = 7.64, Z = 2; V = 695.14 Den(Calc)= 4.81
Crystal System: Hexagonal - DipyramidalH-M Symbol (6/m) Space Group: P 63/m
X Ray Diffraction: By Intensity(I/Io): 3.06(1), 2.13(0.3), 2.95(0.3),
Crystal Structure:
drag1 - LMB Manipulate Structure
drag2 - RMB Resize/Rotate
Keyboard Hata M , Marumo F , Iwai S , Aoki H , Acta Crystallographica, Section B , 35 (1979)
S - Stereo Pair on/off p.2382-2384, Structure of barium chlorapatite
H - Help Screen
I - Data Info
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P - Polyhedra On/Off
B - Bonds On/Off
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Physical Properties of Alforsite

Color: Colorless.
Density: 4.73
Diaphaneity: Transparent
Hardness: 5 - Apatite
Luster: Vitreous (Glassy)
Streak: white

Optical Properties of Alforsite

Gladstone-Dale: CI meas= -0.005 (Superior) - where the CI = (1-KPDmeas/KC)
CI calc= 0.012 (Superior) - where the CI = (1-KPDcalc/KC)
KPDcalc= 0.1455,KPDmeas= 0.148,KC= 0.1473
Ncalc = 1.7 - 1.71
Optical Data: Uniaxial (-), e=1.7, w=1.7, bire=0.0000.

Calculated Properties of Alforsite

Electron Density: Bulk Density (Electron Density)=4.11 gm/cc
note: Specific Gravity of Alforsite =4.73 gm/cc.
Fermion Index: Fermion Index = 0.12
Boson Index = 0.88
Photoelectric: PEAlforsite = 314.92 barns/electron
http://www.webmineral.com/data/Alforsite.shtml#.WW2424SGNaQ 2/5
7/18/2017 Alforsite Mineral Data

U=PEAlforsite x rElectron Density=1,295.80 barns/cc.

Radioactivity: GRapi = 0 (Gamma Ray American Petroleum Institute Units)
Alforsite is Not Radioactive

Alforsite Classification
Dana Class: (41)Anhydrous Phosphates, etc. Containing Hydroxyl or
(41.08)where (A)5 (XO4)3 Zq
(41.08.05)Morelandite Group Morelandite (Ba,Ca,Pb)5(AsO4,PO4)3Cl P 63/m,P 63 Hex Alforsite Ba5(PO4)3Cl P 63/m 6/m


08.B - Phosphates, etc. with Additional Anions, without H2O
08.BN -With only large cations, (OH, etc.):RO4 = 0.33:1
08.BN.05 Alforsite Ba5(PO4)3Cl P 63/m 6/m
08.BN.05 Apatite* Ca5(PO4)3(OH,F,Cl) P 63/m 6/m
08.BN.05 Belovite-(Ce) (Sr,Ce,Na,Ca)5(PO4)3(OH) P 3 3
08.BN.05 Belovite-(La)! (Sr,La,Ce,Ca)5(PO4)3(F,OH) P 3 3
08.BN.05 Fermorite (Ca,Sr)5(AsO4,PO4)3(OH) P 63/m 6/m
08.BN.05 Deloneite-(Ce)! NaCa2SrCe(PO4)3F P 3 3
08.BN.05 Johnbaumite Ca5(AsO4)3(OH) P 63/m,P 63 Hex
08.BN.05 Apatite-(CaOH) Ca5(PO4)3(OH) P 63/m 6/m
08.BN.05 Apatite-(CaCl) Ca5(PO4)3Cl P 63/m 6/m
08.BN.05 Carbonate-fluorapatite? Ca5(PO4,CO3)3F P 63/m 6/m
08.BN.05 Carbonate-hydroxylapatite? Ca5(PO4,CO3)3(OH) P 63/m 6/m
08.BN.05 Clinomimetite Pb5(AsO4)3Cl P 21/b 2/m
08.BN.05 Apatite-(CaF) Ca5(PO4)3F P 63/m 6/m
08.BN.05 Fluorcaphite! (Ca,Sr,Ce,Na)5(PO4)3F P 63 6
08.BN.05 Hedyphane Ca2Pb3(AsO4)3Cl P 63/m 6/m
08.BN.05 Mimetite Pb5(AsO4)3Cl P 63/m 6/m
08.BN.05 Apatite-(SrOH) (Sr,Ca)5(PO4)3(F,OH) P 63/m 6/m
08.BN.05 Morelandite (Ba,Ca,Pb)5(AsO4,PO4)3Cl P 63/m,P 63 Hex
08.BN.05 Pyromorphite Pb5(PO4)3Cl P 63/m 6/m
08.BN.05 Vanadinite Pb5(VO4)3Cl P 63/m 6/m
08.BN.05 Apatite-(CaOH)-M! (Ca,Na)5[(P,S)O4]3(OH,Cl) P 21/b 2/m
08.BN.05 IMA2008-068! Ca2Pb3(PO4)3F P 63/m 6/m
08.BN.05 Svabite Ca5(AsO4)3F P 63/m 6/m
08.BN.05 Kuannersuite-(Ce)! Ba6Na2REE2(PO4)6FCl P 3 3
08.BN.05 Turneaureite Ca5[(As,P)O4]3Cl P 63/m 6/m
08.BN.05 Phosphohedyphane! Ca2Pb3(PO4)3Cl P 63/m 6/m
08.BN.05 IMA2008-009! Sr5(PO4)3F P 63/m 6/m 2/m 2/m
08.BN.05 Hydroxylpyromorphite! Pb5(PO4)3OH P 63/m 6/m

Other Alforsite Information

References: NAME( AntBidBlaNic4) PHYS. PROP.(Enc. of Minerals,2nd ed.,1990)
OPTIC PROP.(Enc. of Minerals,2nd ed.,1990)
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7/18/2017 Alforsite Mineral Data

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7/18/2017 Alforsite Mineral Data

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