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Lesson Plan:

Level: 1st secondary year Time: 90 minutes Students: 35 Schedule: 7:00

a.m. to 8:45

Theme: Im nobody, who are you? By Emily Dickinson

Final Task: Work in group of three students. Work on a poem by Emily Dickinson.
Develop listening, speaking, writing and reading skills. Use the web 2.0 to produce
comic strips per group. Recycle structures, vocabulary and review the verb to be and
how to introduce themselves and others. Value poetry.

Objectives: During this unit the students will develop the ability and knowledge
To give information orally about who they are.
To ask questions to find out who their classmates are.
To develop listening comprehension through a song.
To develop speaking competencies through questions and answers
To develop writing skills through answering questions from the poem
To develop reading comprehension through critical thinking skills.

LCD projector
5.1 sound system with subwoofer
Tablets/pc/smart phones
4 pictures about celebrities (Messi, Ronaldio, Shakira and one of Emily
Song worksheet of the poem
Biography worksheet
a. Thematic Aspects:
N= New
R= Recycle
I am
S/he is (N)
My name is

Who are they? (N) I am..

His/her name is
My name is

They are (N)

What is your name?

What is her name? What is his name?

b. Linguistic content:
The verb to be: affirmative, negative and interrogative forms.
Subject Pronouns
Wh-questions: What, Who, when, where, why and how.
Possessive Adjectives.
Vocabulary: Frog, bog, nobody, somebody, admiring, dreary

The Process: Blooms Taxonomy

Presenting the Class: (15 minutes)
Greet the students in English as usual: Good
morning, how are you, today?
Write on the board the flowchart from the
thematic aspect above.
Ask the students what his/her name is. Just
choose some of them.
Invite the students to ask their classmates names
Stick on the board the four covered pictures. Remembering
Uncover picture one (Messi) and ask students
what his name/profession is. Ask different
questions like Where is he from? Is he a player?
Is he a teacher?
Repeat the step above with Ronaldio and
Shakiras picture.
Uncovered Emilys Picture and ask them if they
know who she is.
Explain to the class that they will find out who
she is.
Explain to the class that todays activity is about finding
out who she is. In order to so they first need to listen to a
song that is connected to that mysterious girl and
complete the missing gaps. Explain the instructions given
in the song worksheet.

Developing the class Listening: (15 minutes)

Write on the board Im nobody, Who are you?
Explain the meaning of nobody and somebody. Understanding
Use mimics in order to do so.
Give them the song worksheet and ask them to
match the drawings with their meanings. Clarify
any doubts.
Ask them to listen to the song and do not write
Play the song for the second time and ask them to Applying
complete the song.
Play the song for a third time and ask them to
check their answers.
Check their answers orally.
Tell them they have just listened to one of the most
famous poems written in America by Emily Dickinson.
Tell them that the poem has been the inspiration of many
people all over the world. Invite them to start reading
and working on the poem in order to find out what the
poem is about.

Developing the Class. Reading. (15 minutes)

Give students the reading worksheets and ask
them to read her poem again and answer the
questions presented there.
Ask each group to choose a person to present the
answers to the rest of the class.

Developing the Class. Speaking I. (15 minutes)

Ask some students if they are somebody or
Ask them if the poem is about love / privacy / Analyzing
famous people talking about them
Help them with more questions so they can come
up with the idea of the poem: questions like: do
you speak about her in class? Do you speak about
Shakiras latest dress? Do they speak bad things
about other people? Who is the most popular
person in school? Is the poem a dialogue? How
many people are there in the poem? Is Emily I
in the poem?

Developing the Class. Speaking II. (15 minutes)

Draw on the board two columns: in one write the

bad things about speaking about someone and
bullying them. In the other one the positive Evaluating
Ask them to look up for a word in the dictionary
that describe their thoughts.
Ask them which column has more positive things.
Explain them the importance of not saying bad
things about other people. Do some mimics if it
is necessary.

Closing the Class. Writing. (15 minutes)

Ask the students to go online to Comics maker.
Ask them to create a comic strip that represents
the content studied in class. Tell them to use
expressions about who they are? What is your Creating
name? And so on.
The final production will be presented to the rest
of the class next class.