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Welcome p 4 A let and allow; Music; Verbs of perception; The big screen; Present perfect tenses; TV programmes B Our endangered planet;
Question tags; So do I / Neither do I; Accepting and refusing invitations; Party time; Indefinite pronouns; Arranging a party C Feeling under the weather;
Giving advice; Better or worse?; Comparisons D Reported speech; Sequencing words; Asking for and offering help; IT problems; IT vocabulary; Passive tenses


Unit 1 Complaining Present tenses (review) Making changes
Life plans Role play: Complaining to a family member Future tenses (review) Life plans
Talking about the future WordWise: Phrases with up
p 12

Unit 2 Talking about the past Narrative tenses (review) Descriptive verbs
Hard times would and used to Time periods
p 20

Review Units 1 & 2 pages 2829

Unit 3 Giving advice (dont) have to / ought to / should(nt) / must Making and selling
Whats in a name? Expressing obligation had better (not) Expressions with name
Giving recommendations, warnings can(t) / must(nt)
p 30 andprohibitions

Unit 4 Apologising and accepting apologies First and second conditional (review) Being honest
Dilemmas Talking about hypothetical situations Time conjunctions Making a decision
Expressing wishes wish and if only WordWise: now
p 38 Third conditional (review)

Review Units 3 & 4 pages 4647

Unit 5 Telling a story Relative pronouns Types of story
What a story! Defining and non-defining relative clauses Elements of a story
Relative clauses with which
p 48

Unit 6 Talking about sequence Present and past passive (review) Extreme adjectives and
How do they do it? Explaining how things are done have something done modifiers
Future and present perfect passive (review) make and do
p 56

Review Units 5 & 6 pages 6465

Unit 7 Invitations make / let and be allowed to Phrasal verbs (1)
All the same? Talking about permission be / get used to Personality
Talking about habits WordWise: Phrases withall
p 66

Unit 8 Giving and reacting to news Reported speech (review) Crime

Its a crime Reporting what someone said, asked Reported questions, requests and imperatives Reporting verbs
p 74

Review Units 7 & 8 pages 8283

Unit 9 Making deductions Modals of deduction (present) Mysteries
What happened? should(nt) have Expressions with go
Modals of deduction (past)
p 84

Unit 10 Sympathising Future continuous Money and value

Money Talking about future events Future perfect Jobs and work
p 92 WordWise: by

Review Units 9 & 10 pages 100101

Unit 11 Expressing purpose Verbs followed by gerund or infinitive Danger and safety
Help! Emphasising to / in order to / so as to Adjectives with negative
so and such prefixes
p 102

Unit 12 Expressing regret Phrasal verbs Phrasal verbs (2)

A first time for Talking about fears I wish / If only + past perfect Nervousness and fear
p 110

Review Units 11 & 12 pages 118119

2 Pronunciation pages 120121 Get it right! pages 122126 Speaking activities pages 127128
Linking words with up Train to Think: Reading between the lines Reading Article: I miss my bad habits
Self-esteem: Life changes Article: For a better life
Photostory: Whats up with Mia?
Writing An email about resolutions
Listening A conversation about famous people who started their
careers late
Initial consonant clusters with /s/ Train to Think: Following an idea through Reading Article: Events that shook the world
aparagraph Article: Family life in 17th-century Britain
Values: Animal rights Culture: Where life is really hard
Writing A magazine article about a historical event
Listening A class presentation about animals being put on trial

Strong and weak forms: /v/ Train to Think: Identifying the main topic Reading Article: Brand names
and/v/ ofaparagraph Article: Crazy names
Self-esteem: People and their names Fiction: Wild Country by Margaret Johnson
Writing A reply to a letter asking for advice
Listening A conversation about techniques for
Consonantvowel word linking Train to Think: Thinking of consequences Reading Quiz: What would YOU do?
Values: Doing the right thing Article: The day Billy Rays life changed forever
Photostory: And the hole gets deeper!
Writing A diary entry about a dilemma
Listening A guessing game: Famous Wishes

The schwa // in word endings Train to Think: Thinking about different Reading Article: Everybody loves stories but why?
writingstyles Article: Hollywood fairy tales
Self-esteem: A better world Culture: Ireland a nation of storytellers
Writing A fairy tale
Listening A conversation about a short story
The // phoneme Train to Think: Understanding whats relevant Reading Article: The man who walks on air
Self-esteem: Life changes Blog: How Do They Do That?
Fiction: The Mind Map by David Morrison
Writing Explaining how things are done
Listening A conversation about a new tattoo

Intonation inviting, accepting Train to Think: Thinking outside the box Reading Film synopses: Billy Elliot and Bend It Like Beckham
and refusing invitations Values: Stereotypes Article: My prisoner, my friend, my president and my father
Photostory: The nerd
Writing An article about stereotypes
Listening A talk about a trip to Japan
Intonation expressing surprise Train to Think: Thinking about empathy Reading News reports: Thief feels sorry, Father angry victim of
Values: Respecting the law; Understanding online con
thatpunishment will follow crime Article: Getting creative with crime
Culture: Famous criminals
Writing A report of a crime
Listening An interview about restorative justice

Moving word stress Train to Think: Fact or opinion? Reading Article: The truth is out there
Values: Thinking carefully before you act Article: Lost
Fiction: How I Met Myself by David A. Hill
Writing Explaining a mystery
Listening A short story
Short and long vowel sounds: Train to Think: Exaggeration Reading Article: Bitcoins: here to stay?
// /i/ and // // Self-esteem: Whats important for your future? Web forum: Are they worth it?
Photostory: Strapped for cash
Writing My life in the future
Listening A quiz show: Show Me The Money!

Strong and weak forms: /tu/ Train to Think: Understanding cause and effect Reading News report: Local mans bravery rewarded
and /t/ Self-esteem: Offering and accepting help Article: Emergency? What emergency?
Culture: The Great Escape
Writing A story about a rescue
Listening The story of the farmer, the donkey and the well
Different pronunciations of ea Train to Think: Logical conclusions Reading Article: The first thing you remember
Values: Breaking new ground Readers letters: My first (and last) time
Fiction: Bullring Kid and Country Cowboy by Louise Clover
Writing A story about a bad decision
Listening A presentation about the history of the Internet