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Subject : Security Operations Management

2. Code : DSM 334
3. Name of Academy Staff : Major (B) Ray/ Major (B) Ilyas
4. Semester : Semester 5
5. Credit Value : 3 Credits

6. Total student learning time :

Total Student Learning Face to Face Total guided and

Time (SLT) 56 hours independent learning
119 hours 63 hours
Lecture Tutorial Practical Others
Quizzes Assignments
28 NIL 21 20 43

7. Aims / Objective
At the end of this course the students will be able to:
a. Understand the principles and roles of operations management
b. Understand the designs in operations management
c. Plan and control operations management
d. Conduct operations in an international environment
e. Know the human resource strategy
f. Understand TQM

8. Learning outcome
At the end of this module students will be able to:
a. Plan and control operations management
b. Design an operation management
c. Explain the roles of operation management
d. Prepare inventory and manage human resource
e. Simulate security operations in an international environment

9. Synopsis :

Mata pelajaran ini member tumpuan kepada pengurusan operasi di peringkat dalam dan
luar Negara. Ia menerangkan peranan dungsi operasi dan rekabentuknya. Ia memberikan
kemahiran merancang dan mengawal serta menggunakan strategi sumber manusia. Ia juga
mendedahkan pelajar-pelajar kepada TQM dan cara-cara menguruskan performans dalam
pengurusan operasi.

10. Mode of Delivery :

Lecturer topics, questions and answered based on topics, discussion, test, brainstorming and
11. Assessment methods and types

Assignment 15%

Test 1 10%

Test 2 10%

Attendance 05%

Final Examination 60%

The examination based on the whole lesson which lectured in the semester. The purpose
of the examination it is to give assessment to the students based on his or her
understanding in answering the course program questions.

Total 100%
Module Implementation Plan

Week Course Content Lecture Tutorial Independent

(Hours) (Hours) Learning (Hour)
1. Introduction:
What is operation
management? 2 1.5 4.5
A frame work concept
for operation

2. Factors influencing
system structure 2 1.5 5
Role of operation

3. The role of the operations

function 2 1.5 5
In the context of
business strategy
Performance objective of
What is an operation

4. Design in Operation
management 2 1.5 5
What is design
Design means satisfying
the need of customers
Product services and
processes are all

5. Design in Operation
management 2 1.5 5
Volume and variety
influence performance
Process type service

6. Operation management in an
international environment 2 1.5 5
International issues in
operation management
International strategies
Managing across

7. Performance in Operation
Management 2 1.5 5
Operations improvement
Measuring and
improving performance
measurement and

8. Planning & control

Why plan? 2 1.5 5
Constraint on the
planning and control
Balancing planning and
control over time

9. Inventory
What is inventory? 2 1.5 5
Types and value of

10. Human Resource Strategy

Objective of human 2 1.5 5
resources strategy
Constraints on human
resource strategy
Employment stability

11. Total Quality Management:

Evolution 2 1.5 5
Purpose & service Level

Total Quality Management:

12. Quality cost, System 2 1.5 5
and Procedures
ISO 9000 & ISOP 14000

13. Operation Strategy

Difficulties in 2 1.5 5
formulating operation
Judging the
effectiveness of the
Key element of

14. Revision for final exam 2 1.5 5.5
Total 28 hours 21 hours 70 hours

Main references:

Title: Private Security and the Law, 3rd Edition

Author: Charles Nemeth, JD, Ph.D., LL.M

Published year: 2005

ISBN: 978-0-7506-7770-7

Additional reference

Title: Effective Physical Security, 3rd Edition

Author: Lawrence Fennelly

Publisher year: 2004

ISBN: 978-0-7506-7767-7