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I. Tapan Kr Sarma

He will be in charge of the advance department and will ensure safe keeping of each advance
documents.He is to process advance proposals and review of advances. Documentatation of new advance
proposals, processing of the sameand timely renewal of documents.He will maintain all registers relating
to advance. Will prepare all monthly and quarterly statements related to advance, will ensure submission
of MCR 1 and 2, and ensurethat cheques in OD and CC are d rawn within the DP and initial all such
cheques. Will sign the daily DD and POs. Will follow up of stressed accounts and ensure submission of
DP in time and rectification of the comments if any.anddo all other works as may ber required from time
to time.


He/She will look after cash credit overdraft accounts and its related stock statements. Maintain stock
statement registers, follow up with the borrowers.Processing and documentation of retail credit proposals,
to ensure timely realization of various charges. Providing account statements to customers.

He /she will sign the vouchers originating from advance department. Ensure immediate adjustment of any
fund credited in D/S, sundry collection and marginal deposit. Will authorize daily cash deposit vouchers
and help Sr Manager (op) in day end activities.He/She may be entrusted wityh any other job as necessary

3.NgHarendra Kr Singh

He/She is entrusted to supervise all works related to clearing/OCC/IBC etche/she will ensure updating
and safe keeping of all registers/clearing cheques,OCC IBC etc. Will monitor the bank accounts with SBI
and HDFC on daily basis and ensure keeping minimum balance.He /she will monitor all GL heads related
to clearing and ensure that no entry remains beyond reasonable time.

He /she will authorize daily payment vouchers and verify RTGS vouchers. Will prepare all statements
related to clearing monthly as well as quarterly. Will reconcile bank accounts on monthly basis.and any
other work as may be allotted to him/her from time to time.

4. Sri BiplabChakraborty

All work related to pension including staff pension preparation of scrolls and claim for reimbursement

In time, calculation of pension arrears and payments.Will prepare and claim turnover commission in time.
Will maintain all pension related registers, receiving and entry of life certificates in time, calculation of
tax of pensioners. Monthly pension payments.Authorisation of transfer vouchers, GBM day end. Will
ensure tallying of cash scroll on daily basis, and all other works which may be allotted to him/her from
time to time.


He/She will initate RTGS vouchers, payment of bills, will prepare establishment related vouchers, daily
PL vouchers, salary related vouchers authorise daily cash vouchers.Will generate transfer journal from
system and reconcile on daily basis.Authorisation of GBM related transactions, PPF,TAX
etc,maintainence of leave records.and any other works which may be allotted to him/her from time to time


Will look after the ADC department, ATM pin. Issue of cheque book, atm cards, e banking, opening of
SB and CA accounts, timely scanning of signature cards and maintainence of KYC documents, initiate all
GBM transactions related to PPF, tax etc, Will manager ATMcash and entryof ATM cash

Reconcillation of ATM cash.Updation of PPF pass book and also help Sr manager in passing of cash
withdrawals/cheques. And any other work as may be allotted from time to time

7. Monika Jha

Will look after the term derposit department.Authorisation of RTGS, DD, PO, Term deposit and printing
of TD DD and PO and maintainence of stock register. Ensure entry of form 15 in time and providing
customers with tax deduction certificates.Authorisation of cash withdrawals and verification of cash
deposits and RTGS. Verification of ATM Cash. Will help in day end process. And all other work which
may be allotted from time to time.
8. Shovana Nath (SWO) Chest Head Cashier

All works related to currency chest functions. Inward and outward remittance. Maintainence of registers.

All statements according to RBI stipulations. Preparation of daily chest slip and uploading the same daily

Handing over daily cash to branch head cashier in the morning and putting back the surplus cash to chest

In the end of day.

Attending officials of RBI/RO HO whenever there is a chest inspection.

Holding of chest keys jointly with Sr Manager (op).

Ensure submission of claims to RBI for reimbursement.

Any other work which may be allotted to her from time to time.

9. Sri Mohit Das ( SWO) Branch Head Cashier

Holding of keys of branch cash. Receiving of cash from chest in the morning and to distribute it among
other cashiers, and to receive back cash from other cashiers and hand over to chest cashier at end of day.

Payment and receipt of cash from customers

Statements related to cash as and when required. Proper sorting of issuable, mutilated and non issuable
notes. Helping the chest Head Cashier in remittance and RBI diversion.

10. Suranjit Das (SWO)

He will work as a teller, will receive and pay cash to customers, will work as teller upto his authorized
limit. Pay cheques strictly following H.O goudelines.

Will maintain the leave records and get it signed by Sr manager (op) after entry in leave record.

He will make entry of inward letters in register.

Any other work which may be allotted to him from time to time.

11. Sandipan Bhattacharjee (SWO)

Maintainence of the cash Kiosk and coin vending machine. And reconcillation.

Teller payment of cash and and receipt of cash after observing HO guidelines.

Proper sorting of notes

Will help chest cashier in remittance. And any other work which may be allotted from time to time
12 Kiran Paul (SWO)

Will attend the may I Help you Counter, Updating of pass book . Entry of transfer cheques and vouchers
in Journal and system, Maintainence of daily cash scroll and tallying them on daily basis.Tallying of
transfer journal. He will also make entry of inward bills. He will also help the pension department as
instructed by Officer Pension Deptt.

And any other work which may be allotted to him from time to time

13. Arunabha Sen (SWO )

Will attend clearing house with outward clearing cheques and pen drive and bring all inward cheques with
pen drive.

Maintainence of bank accounts with SBI and HDFC and reconcillation thereof. Submission of reports to

Keep an eye on daily clearing difference and ensure that at time of closing adjustmemet heads become
nill. Maintainence of account of counter return realization, issue of debit note. Forwarding and realization
of OCC.He will look after the cheque receiving machine and bring out the cheques and enter them in
system. Also look after the pass book counter if required, and all other work which may be allotted to him
from time to time.

14. Srijita Chowdhury (SWO)

Receiving and entry of clearing cheques inward and outward, uploading days record in pendrive for
submission to clearing house on daily basis. Preparation of clearing related statements. Realisation of

She will also look after the despatch department and all other works which may be allotted to her from
time to time.

15. Kumar Gurung (Daftary)

He will perform the duties of daftary as stipulated in bipartite settlements, maintainence of all computer
generated sheets, files. He will maintain and bind the daily vouchers and enter in register and get it
signed by officer of establishment deptt/ Sr Manager. Maintain the voucher movement register.

All other works which may be assigned to him from time to time.

16. Abinash Ch Paul (Sub Staff)

Will attend clearing department and work as per instruction of SWO and officer concerned. He will
distribute all vouchers arising from clearing to the respective departments. Upkeep the clearing and occ
cheques. And all other work which may be allotted to him from time to time.