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anettelara92@gmail.com (956) 489-6646
Texas A&M University, College Station, TX Graduation: August 2017
M.S. in Human Resources Development, GPA: 3.9
Certification in Conflict Management and Mediation

Texas A&M International University, Laredo, TX Graduation: December 2015

Bachelor of Arts Psychology, GPA: 3.5 Cum laude
International Studies Certification
Study Abroad: Turkey (2012), Argentina-Chile (2014/15)
Skills: Microsoft Office, SPSS, research, development of evaluation tools, recruitment, data analysis, and
project development.
Languages: Native Spanish (read, write & speak) & Beginner level French

Texas A&M International University Laredo, TX January 2017 Current
Office of Student Conduct and Community Engagement
Outreach Coordinator
Elaborate professional development training programs for student leadership groups.
Create and implement high volume recruitment for projects and service events.
Formulate and lead extensive community service events.
Execute Organizational Development evaluations and devise procedures for effective operations.
Comply and implement Academic and Judicial policies.
Assist Director with coordination and planning of prevention programs.
Update and manage websites to ensure effectual delineation of information.
Devise and edit promotional materials and information flyers.

Texas A&M University College Station, TX July 2016 December 2016

Junior Admissions Counselor
Conduct recruitment initiatives to encourage student enrollment in the institution.
Deliver academic advising and recommend suitable pathways towards goal achievement.
Develop application and enrollment data reports
Supervise and facilitate the performance of student employees.
Trained student employees on traditional and alternative admission programs.
Coordinate and execute informational presentations to prospective students.
Maintain effective allocation of confidential data to ensure privacy of current and prospective students.
Analyze applicant profiles and identified qualify candidates for admission.

Texas A&M International University Laredo, TX August 2014 December 2015

Freshmen Success Mentor
Spearheaded and created strategies to enhance academic persistence and professional development of
Register and advise over 100 students for courses and academic programs that met their curricular needs.
Coordinated employment application process and recruitment by targeting candidates and conducting
Develop skills and knowledge of peer mentors by conducting orientation and training.
Educated and informed mentees of on campus resources and development opportunities.
Conducted and created evaluation models to measure program effectiveness.