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EMB101 Prepaid card for shopping/EB billing/ Internet

EMB102 Emergency power shut down management system
EMB103 ATM theft identification
EMB104 Automatic electrical machines power saving system
EMB105 Transmission line multiple fault detecting & identification system
EMB106 Electrical substation scrutinizing system
EMB107 Power theft awareness system using GSM technology
EMB108 Telephone based home automation control
EMB109 Cryptographic Secured Communication For Military Applications
EMB110 Prepaid energy meter.
EMB111 Wireless voting machine.
EMB112 Fuel vending machine.
EMB113 Wireless missile launcher.
EMB114 Industrial safety and security system.
EMB115 Agriculture based wet and dry control for pumps from Remote
EMB116 Embedded Based Automatic Streetlight ON/OFF Controller with
EMB117 Solar mobile charger
EMB118 Wireless Based Train collision avoidance Control System in railway
EMB119 Remote Industrial Security System
EMB120 First fault announcing system for industries with voice announcement
EMB121 Bus stop announcement system
EMB122 Voice alerts for blind peoples
EMB123 Fire detection & extinguishing system for industry safety.
EMB124 Furnace/ gas leakage monitoring and control for industrial application.
EMB125 Fuzzy logic based quality-controlled conveyor with identification of good
and bad product.
EMB126 Wireless EB Billing system.
EMB127 Smart card based Patient Monitoring System in hospital.
EMB128 Student Mark Announcement system through Telephone
EMB129 Data acquisition system through PC

Sans Innovations ph: 9843347270, 9843064229, 9751463901

EMB130 Vehicle immobilization system with fuel theft, ground sensing and
movement detection
EMB131 Intelligent Bus Fare Information System Using PC
EMB132 Centralized wireless monitoring in textile industries.
EMB133 I2C based distributed embedded system
EMB134 µc to µc Communication with LCD using MSSP.
EMB135 Metal detector in industries
EMB136 Embedded Based Automatic Jogging, Breaking, Plugging For Motors
EMB137 Wireless distribution transformer monitoring system.
EMB138 Digital energy meter with unit recorder.
EMB139 Maximum demand preventer
EMB140 Laboratory power saving automation.
EMB141 Home appliances control through remote control
EMB142 Smart card based petrol filling system
EMB143 Bus identification for blind people
EMB144 RF based railway stage announcement system.
EMB145 Automatic load sharing system.
EMB146 Drunk and drive control system.
EMB147 Vehicle Over speed indication controlling system.
EMB148 Home security system using autodialing.
EMB149 Emergency power rescue.
EMB150 Intelligent car security system using dynamic generation of security
EMB151 Digital dashboard using embedded system
EMB152 Electronic library management system
EMB153 PIR sensor based human detection and monitoring
EMB154 Heart beat and temperature monitoring for data base management
EMB155 Infrared sensor based Shopping trolley
EMB156 Electronic personal computer (pc) Privacy control system
EMB157 Bi directional dc motor speed control
EMB158 Two factor authentication for bank ATM.
EMB159 Wireless Green House Environmental monitoring system
EMB160 Accident identification system with auto dialer.
EMB161 Attendance Management System Based On PC
EMB162 PWM based dc motor speed control.
EMB163 COAL Helmet

Sans Innovations ph: 9843347270, 9843064229, 9751463901

EMB164 Eye blink and alcohol sensor based vehicle accident prevention system.
EMB165 Automatic speed control of vehicle in Pedestrian crossing zones
EMB166 I2C based real time clock for college bell
EMB167 power saving high way light switching system
EMB168 Theft vehicle ignition control and tracking system.
EMB169 Smart card based location finder
EMB170 An efficient way of avoiding multilane vehicle departure system.
EMB171 Hi-tech vehicle
EMB172 Traffic priority based ambulance.
EMB173 Density based traffic light controller.
EMB174 Embedded web server
EMB175 Railway helpline system
EMB176 Public address system with specific target speech processing technique
EMB177 Programmable multi channel water level controller.
EMB178 Power failure indicator to EB
EMB179 Windmill monitoring system
EMB180 Wireless missile launcher
EMB181 Intelligent bottle filling system
EMB182 Energy saver for class room
EMB183 Digital odometer
EMB184 Garden management in a changing climate
EMB185 Remote home control through internet
EMB186 Sleep monitor
EMB187 Change maker
EMB188 Bus token display system with voice
EMB189 I2c based multi zone temperature monitoring
EMB190 Automatic coil wending machine
EMB191 Medicine reminder
EMB192 Embedded E book
EMB193 Ship navigation system

ROB101 Wireless Robot different motion control
ROB102 Fire Fighting Robot through wireless communication
ROB103 Multipurpose robot for industry.
ROB104 Metal detector in industries.
ROB105 Telephone Operated Robot with help of DTMF
ROB106 Fire sensing Robot and control through in home /industry.

Sans Innovations ph: 9843347270, 9843064229, 9751463901

ROB107 PC based Robot for different position control.

ROB108 Fabrication of pneumatic pick and place Robot in textile industry.
ROB109 Solar panel Tracking Robot
ROB110 House cleaning Robot to reduce the man power.
ROB111 Mine detecting Robot
ROB112 Efficient irrigation system using wireless water feeding robot.
ROB113 Object Tracking Robot using Sensor.
ROB114 Artificial intelligent (Fuzzy logic)based Automatic path finding Robot
ROB115 Intelligent Robot in industry.
ROB116 Line follower Robot Spy Eye.
ROB117 Wireless Industrial security Robot With CCTV Camera
ROB118 Design and Development of Bomb Detecting Robot
ROB119 Gas Detection Robot for Atomic Power Stations.
ROB120 Material Handling Robot in industry.
ROB121 Earth Quack Robots using sensor.
ROB122 Microcontroller based multipurpose stepper motor action controller for
ROB123 Path finding & line follower ROBOT
ROB124 PC based intelligent robot
ROB125 Gas detection robot.


RFID101 RFID based License Verification System

RFID102 RF ID based Attendance card system
RFID103 RF ID based Smart card system
RFID104 RF ID based Security system
RFID105 RF ID based banking Application system
RFID106 RFID based passport verification system
RFID107 RFID based Voting machine
RFID108 RFID based internet access control
RFID109 RFID Based Guard patrolling system with Handheld Device
RFID110 RFID based Vehicle Authentication
Sans Innovations ph: 9843347270, 9843064229, 9751463901

RFID111 RFID based toll gate control

RFID112 RFID based (cryptography) Secure Transmission of Sensitive data
RFID113 RFID based hospital database management system
RFID114 RFID based shopping trolley
RFID115 RFID based Library Management System
RFID116 RFID based reservation system
RFID117 RFID based production security system
RFID118 RFID based automatic car parking system
RFID119 RFID based ration card
RFID120 RFID based prepaid energy meter
RFID121 RFID based health card
RFID122 RFID based door opening and closing system
RFID123 RFID based ration card
RFID124 Tracking of Airport Bag gages Using RFID
RFID125 RFID based train tracking system
RFID126 RFID based access control system
RFID127 A RFID-based Material Tracking Information System 2007
RFID128 An approach to security & privacy of RFID system For supply chain
RFID129 Autonomous Navigation Of RFID Sensing Robots (Information
Ensuring For The Visually Impaired)
RFID130 RFID based Location management 2008
RFID131 Speed Adjustment Algorithm for an RFID Reader and Conveyor Belt
System Performing Dynamic Framed Slotted Aloha 2008
RFID132 The electronic passport and the future of government - issued RFID-
based identification (IEEE mar 2007)
RFID133 The Research on Blind Navigation System Based on RFID 2007
RFID134 Intelligent Parallel Parking of a Car-like Mobile Robot Using RFID
Technology 2007
RFID135 RFID-Based Intelligent Books Shelving System 2007
RFID136 Increasing throughput & personalizing the examination process in
universities using RFID
RFID137 -Helping to collect traffic information using RFID tag implemented on
urban-bus for traffic information 2006
RFID138 RFID based home appliances control
RFID139 Mobile phone based RFID architecture for secure electronic payments
using RFID credit cards (IEEE 2007)
RFID140 RFID based vehicle security for car and mobile based locking system
Sans Innovations ph: 9843347270, 9843064229, 9751463901

RFID141 An Intelligent Mobile Robot Navigation Technique Using RFID

Technology 2008
RFID142 Helping to collect traffic information using RFID tag implemented on
urban-bus for traffic information 2006


GSM101 GSM based vehicle accident identification system.

GSM102 GSM based ATM theft identification system.
GSM103 GSM based industrial data acquisition system.
GSM104 GSM based vehicle immobilization system.
GSM105 GSM based fault reorganization system in power transmission system.
GSM106 GPS based Vehicle Tracking System and guided robot to the target with
shortest path estimation.
GSM107 EB Billing through SMS.
GSM108 Environmental monitoring through SMS.
GSM109 GSM based Road safety system.
GSM110 GSM Intelligent security system for home
GSM111 GSM based Electricity theft identification system.
GSM112 GSM based drunken drive identification system.
GSM113 GSM based blood pressure identification system.
GSM114 GSM based patient heart beat checking machine.
GSM115 GSM based mine detecting robot.
GSM116 GSM based fire sensing Robot.
GSM117 GSM based earth quack identification system.
GSM118 GSM based fuel vending.
GSM119 Prepaid Energy meter with GSM.
GSM120 GSM based energy meter.
GSM121 Train Status Detection System
GSM122 Distributed Supervisor System of Heat Supply Network Based on GSM
Platform 2006
GSM123 A Remote Measurement and Control System for Greenhouse Based On
GSM-SMS (IEEE Jul 2007)
GSM124 An On-Line Monitoring System of Temperature of Conductors And
Fittings Based On SMS (IEEE 2008)
GSM125 Design and implementation of a wireless remote Data Acquisition

Sans Innovations ph: 9843347270, 9843064229, 9751463901

System for mobile applications (IEEE may 2005)

GSM126 On line vehicle tracking by using GPS & GSM (IEEE-dec-2004)
GSM127 Monitoring and transmission of heavy vehicle Parameters using fixed
cellular terminal (IEEE apr 2004)
GSM128 GSM-based mobile tele-monitoring and management System for inter-
cities public transportations (IEEE apr 2004)
GSM129 A real-time remote control architecture using Mobile communication
(IEEE aug 2005)
GSM130 GSM mobile phone based automobile security system ( IEEE 2000)
GSM131 The GSM-based location system for the long-distance freight (IEEE July
GSM132 SMS based home appliance control
GSM133 SMS based universal motor speed control
GSM134 SMS based dc motor speed control system
GSM135 SMS based security System
GSM136 GSM controlled industrial controller
GSM137 GSM controlled industrial monitor
GSM138 Call based home appliance controller
GSM139 Automatic taxi trip sensing & indicating system Through GSM
GSM140 Remote control of industrial machines based on GSM Technology
GSM141 Mine detection vehicle for defense using GSM
GSM142 SMS based industrial disaster system
GSM143 Security breach information for unauthorized entry Based on mobile
GSM144 Industrial furnace monitor system using mobile phone
GSM145 SMS based banking security system
GSM146 Engine monitoring through mobile phone
GSM147 Mobile and smart card based voting system
GSM148 Railway accident monitoring system
GSM149 SMS based weather report monitoring system
GSM150 Remote sales terminal networking
GSM151 GSM and GPS interface for human tracking system
GSM152 Data acquisition system with GSM modem
GSM153 Accident identification system with auto dialer
GSM154 Bank security system with auto dialer
GSM155 SMS based printer
GSM156 SMS based home security system
GSM157 Coin based SMS sender and mobile phone charger

Sans Innovations ph: 9843347270, 9843064229, 9751463901

GSM158 Locker security system with SMS informer

GSM159 SMS controlled debit/credit card
GSM160 Accident identifier with SMS informer
GSM161 Mobile based home automation
GSM162 RFID based vehicle security for car and mobile based Locking system
GSM163 solar based cell phone charger with coin pay system
GSM164 Mobile tracking system by using GPS and GSM
GSM165 Production Safety Locker
GSM166 GSM based vehicle security and thief locking system
GSM167 Mobile based automatic robotic Control
GSM168 GSM Based Irrigation monitoring and Control System
GSM169 GSM Controlled Intelligent Robot
GSM170 Password Protected GSM Based Device Control
GSM171 Student Arriving Leaving Safety Message Service System with GSM
GSM172 GSM Based Smart Information System For Lost ATM Cards.
GSM173 GSM based missile launcher
GSM174 GSM based live body sensing Robot
GSM175 GSM based vehicle breaking system / ignition control system
GSM176 GSM based fuel vending machine
GSM177 GSM based System access pretension system
GSM178 Result announcing system through SMS
GSM179 First fault announcing system through SMS
GSM180 GSM based internet access control
GSM181 GSM based Secure Transmission of Sensitive data


IEMB201 A Novel Vehicle Safety Model: Vehicle Speed Controller under Driver
Fatigue – 2009
IEMB202 Real-Time Pedestrian Detection and Tracking at Nighttime for
Driver-Assistance Systems – 2009
IEMB203 A Unified Framework of Data Exchange Mechanism in an Intelligent
Transportation System – 2009
IEMB204 Car Park System: A Review of Smart Parking System and its Technology
– 2009
IEMB205 Research of Traffic Signal Light Intelligent Control System based on
Microcontroller – 2009
IEMB206 Bus Detection Device for the Blind using Passive RFID Application –
Sans Innovations ph: 9843347270, 9843064229, 9751463901

IEMB207 Boarding School Students Monitoring Systems (E-ID) Using Radio
Frequency Identification - 2009
IEMB208 A Low-Cost Solution for an Integrated Multi sensor Lane Departure
Warning System – 2009
IEMB209 Multi sensor Strategies to Assist Blind People: A Clear-Path Indicator –
IEMB210 Design & Development of a GSM Based Vehicle Theft Control System -
IEMB211 Design and Assessment of an Online Passenger Information
System for Integrated Multimodal Trip Planning – 2009
IEMB212 Application of Zigbee for Pollution Monitoring Caused by Automobile
Exhaust Gases – 2009
IEMB213 A Remote Compact Sensor for the Real-Time Monitoring of
Human Heartbeat and Respiration Rate - 2009
IEMB214 A Modular Cost-Effective Mobile Robot Navigation System Using RFID
Technology - 2009
IEMB215 PC-Based Interactive Embedded Data-Acquisition System for Real-
Time Applications – 2009
IEMB216 Bluetooth Data Acquisition System Based on ARM - 2009
IEMB217 Design and Development of ARM Processor based Web Server – 2009
IEMB218 Design and Realization of Wireless Sensor Network Gateway Based
on ZigBee and GPRS – 2009
IEMB219 Web-Based Caregiver Monitoring System for Assisting Visually
Impaired People – 2009
IEMB220 Wireless Medical Interface using ZigBee / Bluetooth Technology –
IEMB221 Wireless communications in networked robotics – 2009
IEMB222 Travel time prediction under heterogeneous traffic conditions
using global positioning system data from buses – 2009
IEMB223 The integrated unit for MEMS based Pressure measurement – 2009
IEMB224 Human Recognition using RFID Technology and Stereo Vision – 2009
IEMB225 Research and Development of the Remote I/O Data Acquisition System
Based on Embedded ARM Platform – 2009
IEMB226 RFID tag bearing estimation for mobile robot localization – 2009
IEMB227 Robust Sensor-Based Navigation for Mobile Robots – 2009
IEMB228 Real- Time Monitoring and Pre-alarm System for Dangerous Mountains
Sans Innovations ph: 9843347270, 9843064229, 9751463901

in the Railway Line – 2009

IEMB229 Mobile Health Monitoring Through Biotelemetry – 2009
IEMB230 Multi sensor Strategies to Assist Blind People: A Clear-Path Indicator –
IEMB231 Multi sensor Strategies to Assist Blind People: A Clear-Path Indicator –
IEMB232 Security Architecture for RFID Application in Home Environment –
IEMB233 Security Management System for industries Based on Embedded
Wireless Communication - 2009
IEMB234 Speed and position Control of Autonomous Mobile Robot on
Variable Trajectory Depending on its Curvature – 2009
IEMB235 Development of Energy Management and Warning System for
Resident: An Energy Saving Solution – 2009
IEMB236 Remote-Controllable and Energy-Saving Room Architecture based
on ZigBee Communication – 2009
IEMB237 Home Appliance Energy Monitoring and Controlling based on Power Line
Communication – 2009
IEMB238 Power Quality Monitoring Controlled Through Low-Cost Modules – 2009
IEMB239 Z-Source Inverter for Power Conditioning and Utility Interface of
Renewable Energy Sources – 2009
IEMB240 A New PWM Strategy to Reduce the Inverter Input Current Ripples –
IEMB241 A Novel Low-Loss Modulation Strategy For High-Power Bi-
Directional Buck - Boost Converters – 2009
IEMB242 Design of a Fuzzy Logic Scheme for Speed Control of Induction
Motors using SVPWM Technique – 2009
IEMB243 Applications of Short-Range Wireless Technologies to Industrial
Automation: A Zigbee Approach – 2009
IEMB244 Remote Data Capture, Acquisition and Sending SMS to Remote Mobile –
IEMB245 RFID application strategy and Deployment in Bike Renting system –
IEMB246 RFID based Vehicle Number Tracking and Traffic Monitoring - 2008
IEMB247 Robust and Efficient Password-Authenticated Key Agreement using
Smart Cards -2008
IEMB248 Shortest Path Finding using GPS based Navigation System in Critical
Sans Innovations ph: 9843347270, 9843064229, 9751463901

Situation – 2008
IEMB249 SIP-RLTS: An RFID Location Tracking System based on SIP – 2008
IEMB250 Path Planning Automated Guided Robot – 2008
IEMB251 Patient Monitoring using GSM & Zigbee for Hospitals & Old age Homes –
IEMB252 PGS: Parking Guidance System based on Wireless Sensor Network –
IEMB253 Pinpointing the Place of Origin of a Cellular Phone Emergency Call Using
Active RFID Tags - 2008
IEMB254 Real-time Bluetooth communication system for control of a mobile robot
– 2008
IEMB255 Localization in Zigbee based Sensor Networks – 2007
IEMB256 Implementation of an Automatic Fingerprint Identification System –
IEMB257 Localization in Zigbee based Sensor Networks – 2007
IEMB258 Automatic Power Meter Reading system using GSM Network – 2007
IEMB259 Transportation Quality Monitor Using Sensor Active RFID - 2007
IEMB260 Development of Zigbee based Street Light Control System – 2006
IEMB261 Parking Management System using Zigbee – 2006
IEMB262 Induction Motor Speed Control using Fuzzy Logic Controller – 2006
IEMB263 An Embedded Control System for Intelligent Wheelchair – 2005


IEEES101 Two Image Encryption algorithms Based on Bit Plane

IEEES102 Reversing Radar System Based on CAN Bus
IEEES103 Web-Based Caregiver Monitoring System for Assisting
Visually Impaired People
IEEES104 Security Architecture for RFID Application in Home
IEEES105 A Decision Method for Placement of Tactile Elements on a
Sensor Glove for the Recognition of Grasp Types
IEEES106 A Design for Automotive CAN Bus Monitoring System

IEEES107 A Low-cost Intelligent Gas Sensing Device for Military

IEEES108 A Management Information System for Micro Hydropower
Sans Innovations ph: 9843347270, 9843064229, 9751463901

IEEES109 A novel Approach on the Hydrologic Remote
Measurement System in Coalmining Industry
IEEES110 A Novel Hybrid Integrated Wind-PV Micro Co-Generation
Energy Scheme for Village Electricity
IEEES111 A remote monitoring system to improve educational

Activities of visually impaired students

IEEES112 A rfid system to help visually impaired people in mobility

IEEES113 A Smart Multiple-Loop Automotive Cooling System—

Model, Control, and Experimental Study
IEEES114 A Smart Sensing Unit for Vibration Measurement and
IEEES115 A tactile System for Informing the Blind on Direction of a
IEEES116 Adaptive Traffic Monitoring and Controlling System
IEEES117 Adding New Functions to the Remote Airfield Lighting
IEEES118 An ear-lead ECG based smart sensor system with voice
biofeedback for daily activity monitoring
IEEES119 Signal Transmission by Galvanic Coupling Through the
Human Body
IEEES120 An Intelligent Secure and Privacy-Preserving Parking
Scheme through Vehicular Communications
IEEES121 An Universal Remote Controller with Haptic Interface for
Home Devices
IEEES122 Boarding School Students Monitoring Systems (E-ID)
Using Radio Frequency Identification
IEEES123 CANbus-Based Distributed Fuel System with Smart
IEEES124 Design of a Scalable Interactive Table System with Power
Line Communication
IEEES125 Electronic Control of a Motorcycle Suspension for Preload
IEEES126 Embedded Interaction

Sans Innovations ph: 9843347270, 9843064229, 9751463901

IEEES127 Sufficient Sunlight Supply for Home Care using Local

Closed-loop Shutter Control System
IEEES128 Energy Harvesting From Piezoelectric Materials Fully
Integrated in Footwear
IEEES129 Energy Harvesting From Vibration With Alternate
Scavenging Circuitry and Tapered Cantilever Beam
IEEES130 Estimation of Microprocessor Instantaneous Load Current
IEEES131 Evaluation and modeling of user performance for pointing
and scrolling tasks on handheld devices using tilt sensor
IEEES132 Home Network System Supporting Consumer Electronics
IEEES133 IMM-Based Lane-Change Prediction in Highways With
Low-Cost GPS/INS
IEEES134 Intelligent Control System Based on CAN-bus For Car
Doors and Windows
IEEES135 The Application of Embedded System on Shipping
Monitoring and Control
IEEES136 Investigation of the Energy Regeneration of Active
Suspension System in Hybrid Electric Vehicles
IEEES137 Vector Bank Based Target Tracking via Vision Sensors in
Aviation Systems(IEEE2010)
IEEES138 Handoff Management and Admission Control Using
Virtual Partitioning with Preemption in 3G
Cellular/802.16e Interworking(ieee2009)
IEEES139 A Study on Particle Filters for Single-Tone Frequency
IEEES140 Research and Development of the Remote I/O Data
Acquisition System Based on Embedded ARM Platform
IEEES141 Range-based source localization with pure reflector in
presence of multipath propagation(ieee2010)
IEEES142 Semi definite programming for real route
IEEES143 Research on Embedded Data Display Unit Based on CAN
IEEES144 Randomized Multi-Channel Interrogation Algorithm for
Large-Scale RFID Systems(ieee2010)
IEEES145 Optimal and Autonomous Incentive-based Energy
Consumption Scheduling Algorithm for Smart
Sans Innovations ph: 9843347270, 9843064229, 9751463901

IEEES146 Distributed Channel Selection and Randomized
Interrogation Algorithms for Large-scale RFID
IEEES147 A Probabilistic Approach for Detecting Blocking Attack in
RFID Systems
IEEES148 Web-Based Caregiver Monitoring System for Assisting
Visually Impaired People
IEEES149 Anonymous Cardinality Estimation in RFID Systems with
Multiple Readers(IEEE2010)
IEEES150 Exploiting Reactive Mobility for Collaborative Target
Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks(IEEE2010)
IEEES151 Maximum A Posteriori Approach to Time-of-Arrival-Based
Localization in Non-Line-of-Sight Environment(IEEE2010)
IEEES152 Non-Line-of-Sight Mobile Positioning Using Factor
IEEES153 LightNet a Reliable Option for Lighting Applications
IEEES154 Approximation Trade-Offs in Markovian Stream
Processing: An Empirical Study(IEEE2010)
IEEES155 Specification and Verification of Complex Location Events
with Panoramic(IEEE2010)
IEEES156 Multisensor Strategies to Assist Blind People: A Clear-Path
IEEES157 Lahar Demonstration: Warehousing Markovian
IEEES158 Longitudinal Study of a Building-Scale RFID
IEEES159 Access Methods for Markovian Streams(IEEE2010)
IEEES160 Renewable Energy Resources for Residential Applications
in Coastal Areas: A Modular Approach
IEEES161 Building the Internet of Things Using RFID(IEEE2010)
IEEES162 Wireless Location Privacy Protection in Vehicular Ad-Hoc
IEEES163 On-Line Automatic Switching of Consumers’ Connections
for Improved Performance of A Distribution feeder
IEEES164 Leakage Temperature Dependency Modeling in System
Level Analysis(IEEE2010)
IEEES165 An Efficient Approach for Two-Dimensional Parameter

Sans Innovations ph: 9843347270, 9843064229, 9751463901

Estimation of a Single-Tone(IEEE2010)
IEEES166 Passive Range-Difference Estimation in a Dispersive
IEEES167 Occlusion Detection Using Motion-Position
IEEES168 Power Monitoring and Control for Electric Home
Appliances Based on Power LineCommunication
IEEES169 A Linear Algebraic Approach for Loss Tomography in
Mesh Topologies Using Network Coding(IEEE2010)
IEEES170 Optimal Sensor Placement Strategy for Environmental
Monitoring Using Wireless Sensor Networks(IEEE2010)
IEEES171 Perceived Vibration Strength in Mobile Devices: The
Effect of Weight and Frequency
IEEES172 Framework for Statistical Analysis of Homogeneous Multi
core Power Grid Networks(IEEE2010)