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iManager U2000

Dengan perkembangan IT dan teknologi IP dan integrasi pada telkomunikasi IT

Dengan berkembangnya teknologi IT dan IP dan integrasi industri telekomunikasi, TI, media dan
konsumen industri elektronik, sebuah revolusi di industri telekomunikasi tidak dapat dielakkan.
Membangun jaringan broadband, mobile, dan konvergensi adalah tren yang berkembang dan
posisi pemasaran operator dan model bisnis harus berubah.

Arsitektur All-IP mengubah jaringan vertikal berbasis teknologi dan layanan menjadi
jaringan horizontal yang rata.
Konvergensi fixed-mobile (FMC) meningkatkan pengalaman pengguna, mengurangi
biaya operasi (OPEX), dan meningkatkan efisiensi
Konvergensi jaringan mengarah pada konvergensi O & M.

Untuk mengatasi pengembangan jaringan, U2000 menggabungkan skema pengelolaan all-IP dan
FMC untuk mengelola peralatan pembawa dan akses secara terpadu.

The iManager U2000 inherits all the functions of the original T2000, N2000 BMS, and DMS
systems, and manages Huawei transport, IP, and access equipment in a unified manner. It uses
scalable and modular architecture to meet various network management requirements and
supports smooth upgrade from single-domain management to multi-domain management in
order to meet the requirements of integrated network development.

E2E Service Provisioning:

U2000 supports E2E scheduling of IP, WDM, MSTP, microwave, and access services, achieving
quick service delivery to fully meet customer requirements.

Quick and Accurate Fault Locating:

U2000 employs an intelligent fault analysis system to accurately locate a fault within seconds. It
also supports correlation analysis of alarms to filter out approximately 85% of irrelevant alarms
and improves the accuracy and efficiency of fault locating.

Visualized IP Management:
U2000 enables integrated and visualized management and one-click configuration. These
features make the learning of IP technologies much easier for traditional O&M engineers and
help operators achieve a total reduction in O&M costs.

Quick Integration with OSS Using Rich Northbound Interfaces (NBIs):

The NBIs supported by the U2000 include SNMP, CORBA, XML, and FTP. The U2000 can
streamline the transport, IP, and access domains with any interface. Huawei has established a
strategic partnership with mainstream OSS vendors worldwide, serving 60% of the global top 50