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Answer ALL questions (20 Marks)

1. Usain Bolt using his energy at rate of 1000 W while running in order to keep moving at a
constant speed of 10.0 m/s. What is the frictional force is he experiencing when running at
this speed?
A. 200 N C. 1200 N
B. 100 N D. 1100 N

2. If orbital radius of a Star X about the Jupiter is R and its orbital period is T, which of the
following quantity is constant?
A. T/R2 C. T/R
B. T3/R2 D. T2/R3

3. The area under the graph of Force against Time represents

A. Momentum C. Impulse
B. Kinetic energy D. Work done

4. A truck of mass M is moving with a momentum p. How would you relate these two
quantities to its kinetic energy?
A. Mp2/2 C. p2/2M
B. Mp D. Mp/2

5. If you blow up a balloon and then release it, the balloon will fly away. This is an
illustration of
A. Keplers 3rd Law C. Newtons 1st Law
B. Newtons 2nd Law D. Newtons 3rd Law

6. A 400 kg box is lifted upward with a force of 4500N for a distance of 50 m. What is the
work done by the earth on the box?
A. 2.9 x 104 J C. 2.9 x 104 J
B. 3.75 x 104 J D. 3.75 x 104 J

7. A safe box is being pulled up a rough ramp, by a robber. How many forces are doing work
on the safe box?
A. One force C. Two forces
B. Three forces D. Four forces

8. A 100 kg projector hangs on a rope. What is the tension,T in the rope if the projector is
accelerating upwards at 0.2 m/s2
A. 1820 N C. 1180 N
B. 1280 N D. 1000 N

9. You are bouncing up and down on a trampoline. At the very highest point of your motion,
your apparent weight is
A. More than your true weight
B. Less than your true weight
C. Equal to your true weight
D. Zero

10. If the mass of the moon were doubled but it stayed in its present orbit, how would its
orbital period change?
A. The period would increase
B. The period would decrease
C. The period would stay the same.

Answer ALL questions (30 Marks)
11. A paragraph in a physics textbook says, A box on a table experiences two forces, its
weight acting downwards and a force from the ground acting upwards which is equal in
magnitude and opposite in direction to its weight
a. Explain why Newtons third law is not the reason why the two forces are equal and
opposite. Give a clear reason. (3 marks)

b. What is the reason why the two forces are equal and opposite?. Give a clear reason.
(2 marks)

12. Adam, a thin boy collides with Ben, a fat boy.

a. Who experiences the greater impact force?. Explain your answer. (2 marks)

b. Who has the greater acceleration during the time of the impact?. Explain your answer.
(2 marks)

13. A Lego block moves on a table 2.5 m long. 1.0 m of the table is smooth; the rest is rough.
The graph shows kinetic energy of the Lego block against distance along the table. The mass
of the Lego block 2.0kg.

a. What is the initial velocity of the Lego block? (2 marks)

b. How much work was done against friction by the block? (2 marks)

c. What is the magnitude of the frictional force? (2 marks)

d. The block reaches the edge of the table and falls to the floor 2.0m below the table. What is
the total energy of the block just before striking the floor? Show your working. (3 marks)

14. A 50 g rubber ball is fired from a 1.5 kg toy gun with a speed of 20m/s. What is the recoil
speed of the toy gun? (2 marks)

15. A 2000 kg car follows a roundabout of radius 20 m at a constant speed of 8 m/s.

a. Is the car is accelerating? Explain your reason. (2 marks)

b. Find the magnitude of friction between the tyres and the road. (2 marks)

c. Calculate the time it takes the car to get half way around the roundabout. (2 marks)

16. The Asteroid Roxie orbits the sun between Earth and Mars. Its has a period of 3.5 years.
Use the following data G = 6.67 x 10-11 Nm2/kg2 and Ms (Mass of Sun) = 1.99 x 1030kg.
a. Calculate Roxies orbital radius. Show your working (2 marks)

b. What is the asteroids speed in its orbit? (2 marks)