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PERSIAN NT VE AWS AVY YTS TO THE MYSTICAL USE OF CLASSICAL aS BAM 2a) 6 SMa ee) eee Ru Cun a ree etn Pre er eats or Sea ee Cte eR ec ea Phe oc stn tg ns of abstinence Dee ee eas oe cies eae cee est ee peace love Ce ee eer eee eg tere ens landers A specimen Pre are a ree er peers een os ‘CURZON SUF SERIES Seties editor: lan Richard Netton Profesor of Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies, noe Persian Sufi Poetry An Introduction to the Mystical Use ' of Classical Persian Poems “The Caron Su Seis auenpts wo provide sha notions w & varity of fae of the subj, which are sceanle oth othe gener ‘der andthe det sd elaine ld Each wile eter ‘athens of caving Knoredgs or « dato! consivion to, sd ‘tenon of, Kowa ofthe pata opie Te two major unde Ing pans ofthe Stn sound wlan ond rnb ‘i ITP. de Bruijn EYOND FAITH AND INFIDELITY } “The Sut Poy and Teachings of Mahmud Shabir, “emer Lech ALHALLAI Hebot W. Nason ; RUZBIHAN BAQLI Matis andthe Rhetoric of Saiathood in Persian Sufism Cal W. Est ABDULLAH ANSARI OF HERAT ‘An Early Saf Master ‘AG. Revan Ferhat ‘THE CONCEPT OF SAINTHOOD IN EARLY ISLAMIC MYSTICISM, Bernd Rath and Jobe O'Kane SUHRAWARDI AND THE SCHOOL OF ILLUMINATION ‘Me Amin Raza ea = (© 1997 /TP de Ben “Types in Hokey Old Sle by Lasexpt Lud, Mitcham "ted ad bur i Grn tain ids Limi, Galfer td King’ yon All sige eee. No prof hie bok may be erated oe tepetaced ed many frm by any done “Bethan o ther meant, now knoe of bree invented ining petroping ned vecordinge nay infratin stage rival ssn without perio a “ring ton the publishes. Brin Ler Ctl in Putin Data catgut tc for ha Dok arden the Bech Larry ISBN 0-707-0674-7 (sb) TSBN 0-7007-0312-8 (pb) Contents Introduction 1. Mystical Epigrams Persian qustraine “The case of ‘Umar-i Khayyim Biba Tahir ‘Uryan ‘Shaykh Aba Se'td Bubs Afzal “The Mukhear-name of ‘Apae Anthologies Commentaries 2. Poems of Abstinence “The qasida in secular and religious poetry Khigiat and other 12th century poets of the gasida ‘The qasdas of ‘Attar 3 Poetry of Love ‘The theme of love ‘The ghazal as 2 prosodic form and as a genre