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9. There were four social classes of people in the precolonial barangays.

They were the nobles,

freemen, serfs, and the slaves.
A. Only the first statement is true and correct.
B. Only the second statement is true and correct.
C. Both statements are true and correct.
D. Both statements are untrue and incorrect.

10. What are the two known written codes during the pre-Spanish era in the Philippines?
A. Maragtas and Kalantiaw Codes
B. Sumakwil and Sulayman Codes
C. Panay and Subanon Codes
D. Hammurabi and Ur Nammu Codes

11. Under the Spanish colonial government, who directly governed the Philippines?
A. The Governor-General
B. The Viceroy of Mexico
C. The Royal Audiencia
D. The King of Spain

12. What is the first city to be established in 1565 in the Philippines?

A. Manila
B. Davao
C. Cebu
D. Iloilo