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CRIMINAL CASE NO. 2017-111123


Clerk of Court: All rise! The Court is now in session, silence is hereby
enjoined. Honorable Judge JO-AN C. PABLO, presiding. Lets pray.

Almighty God, we stand in Your Holy Presence as our Supreme

Judge. We humbly beseech You to bless and inspire us so that what we
think, say and do will be in accordance with Your will. Enlighten our
minds, strengthen our spirit and fill our hearts with fraternal
love, wisdom and understanding, so that we can become effective
channels of truth, justice and peace. In our proceedings today, guide
us in the path of righteousness for the fulfillment of Your greater glory.

Judge: Court is now in session. (stamp gavel) Call the cases.


(Tatayo Clerk of Court, _________________, Court Interpreter

_____________, Accused and Defense Counsels)

Clerk of Court: For arraignment, Criminal Case No. 2017-111123

People of the Philippines v. Noel Cruz Alarcon for violation of Section
11, Article II of Republic Act 9165, Possession of Dangerous Drugs.

Clerk of Court: Appearance for Prosecution and the Defense.

Public Prosecutor: Your honor, I am Atty. ________________ appearing

as a public prosecutor.

Defense Counsel: Your honor, I am _______________ defense counsel

for the accused.
Judge: Is the accused around?

Court Interpreter: Yes your honor. Please approach the bench.

Judge: Do you have a lawyer or do you want the court to appoint a


Accused: I have a lawyer your honor.

Defense Counsel: Your honor, I am the counsel of the accused.

Judge: Noted. Arraign the accused.

Clerk of Court: What language/dialect do you understand?

Accused: English

Clerk of Court: Okay. Please raise your right hand. Do you swear to
tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Accused: Yes, I do.

Court Interpreter: Criminal case No. 2017-111123. People of the

Philippines vs. Noel Cruz Alarcon

Accused Noel Cruz Alarcon commits a crime for violation of Section

11, Article II of R.A. 9165, possession of Dangerous Drugs.

That on 14th May of 2017, in the City of Manila, Philippines, and within
the jurisdiction of this Honorable Court, the accused, without authority
of law, did then and there willfully, unlawfully and feloniously have in
possession, custody and control Methamphetamine Hydrochloride
(Shabu) weighing 3.0 grams, knowing that same to be dangerous drug
under the provisions of the above-cited law.

Contrary to law.

Judge: Do you understand the crime charged against you?

Accused: Yes, your honor.

Court Interpreter: What is your plea?

Accused: Not guilty, your honor.

Court Interpreter: The accused pleaded not guilty your honor.

Judge: Let it be on the record that the accused pleaded not guilty for
the crime of possession of Dangerous Drugs, pursuant to Section 11,
Article II of R.A. 9165. The information was read to him in English, a
language known and understood by the accused. Also, ______________
the defense counsel of the accused assisted him in this arraignment.

Prosecutor: Your honor, we would like to set the case for pre-trial on
July 27, 2017.

Judge: Are you amenable with the schedule defense counsel?

Defense Counsel: Yes your honor.

Judge: Ok set the pre-trial of the case on July 27, 2017. We only have
one case for today?

Court Stenographer: Yes, your honor.

Judge: In todays trial, the arraignment of Noel Cruz Alarcon (accused)

in Criminal Case No. 2017-111123 is conducted. The information is
read to him in English a language known and understood by him.
Defense counsel ____________ assisted the accused. The accused
pleaded not guilty for the crime charged against him.

No objections both for prosecution and defense, the case is set

for pre-trial on July 27, 2017. Notify the parties thereto. So ordered.