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Motivation Letter

Jakarta, May 4th 2017

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Raditya Shinta Hanifati, 22 years old. I was interested to apply for a Finance &
Accounting Associate position as offered at Ernst&Young Indonesia. My Curicculum Vitae and Academic
Transcript are enclosed for your review.

For a brief information, I was graduated from Brawijaya University Malang majoring Accounting.
My GPA is 3,69 out of 4,00. I have been involved in various kind of student activities in my faculty. In
2014, I was in charge for Treasurer position at Organization of FEB UB Student Choir and also
entrepreneurial staff at Organisasi Asisten Dosen Akuntansi (OADA) FEB UB. In 2015, I was mandated
as a Vice Chairman at Organization of FEB UB Student Choir and still responsible for entrepreneurial
division at OADA. In addition, I joined as an organizing committee in some campus events such as
competition event, seminar event, and social event. My involvement in many organizational activities
has improved my soft skills including communication skill, team work abilities, public motivating,
adaptation abilities, and time management skill.

For pre-professional experience, previously I did a cycle of audit in Ernst & Young (PSS) as an
intern for about 8 months (September 2016-April 2017). Together with the team, Ive done the audit
engagements and resulting audit reports for our clients. When I was in college, I also joined internship
program in Made Sudarma, Thomas, and Dewi Public Accounting Firm in Malang. I was trained to do a
service of financial report compilation for about 2 months. In other side, I also got a lot of teaching
experiences while helping junior students in understanding accounting subjects during mandated as an
assistant lecturer for about 1,5 years. Therefore, I believe that my personal qualities and work
capabilities, that measured by the work experiences I mentioned above, would enable me to smoothly
fit into this job position.

For your consideration, I have some factors that keep motivating me to take this opportunity.
First, I want to be an expert finance and accounting staff by developing my technical abilities. By the
time I start my career in here, I expect to get more and more experiences from the jobs that given to
me. Second, one of my career goals is being a part of one of the biggest global company and have a
direct connection with the other global members, so that it will challange me to learn and adapt with
the rapid development in the same industry. Last of all, I want to achieve work-life balance considering
that it would give me chance to develop my other skills outside work such as my plan to take a master
degree soon.

I'm sure this will be a valuable and challenging career experience in my life. I have a good
personality, hardworker, adaptable, good motivator, accept feedback and able to work independently
and as a part of the team. I am not a great and perfect person, but I always learn and try to be better
than before. My best contribution will be given to your company so that we could have a good work
collaboration later.

Thank you for your attention. I look forward to learning more about this opportunity.

Best regards,

Raditya Shinta Hanifati