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Code No: ME16323


BE (Mech) III/IV II Sem (Main) Examination May 2016
Hydraulic Machines and Systems

Time: 3 Hours Max Marks: 75

Note: Answer all questions from Section-A at one place in the same order
Answer any five questions from Section-B

SECTION - A (25 Marks)

1 Find the force exerted by a jet of water of diameter 70mm on a stationary flat plate, (2)
normally with a velocity of 25m/s.
2 Why it is that speed of a reciprocating pump without air vessels is not high? (2)
3 How the model testing of the centrifugal pumps are made? (2)
4 Draw inlet and outlet velocity triangles for a Pelton wheel. (2)
5 What are the essential components in a hydraulic circuit? (2)
6 Prove that maximum efficiency is 50% in case of a jet striking a series of moving curved (3)
vanes at one of the tips.
7 Explain with a sketch the function of air vessel fitted on delivery pipe in a reciprocating (3)
8 Explain the multistage pumps with impellers in series and parallel. (3)
9 What do you mean by gross head and net head when applied to Pelton wheel? (3)
10 What is a check valve? List various uses of a check valve in hydraulic circuit. (3)
SECTION - B (50 Marks)
11 (a) Show that the angle of swing of a hinged plate is given by sin = aV 2/W, where = (5)
density of water, V= velocity of the jet, a = area of the jet and W= weight of the
(b) A 7.5 cm diameter of jet having a velocity of 30m/s strikes a flat plate, the normal
of which is inclined at 450 to the axis of the jet. Find normal pressure on the plate,
when (i) the plate is stationary and (ii) when the plate is moving with a velocity of
15m/s. determine the power and efficiency of the jet when plate is moving.
12 (a) Explain how and when separation of flow takes place in a reciprocating pump. (3)
(b) A single acting reciprocating pump has a plunger of 20cms and stroke of 42 cms. (7)
The lengths of suction and delivery pipes are 6m and 30m respectively and their
diameters is 90mm. the suction and delivery heads are 3.2m and 14.8m
respectively. Calculate the absolute pressure head in the cylinder of the pump at 00,
300, and 600 suction and delivery strokes. f= 0.008, Hatm= 10.3m of water and pump
operates at 30 rpm. Calculate power to drive the pump
13 (a) List out necessary precautions against cavitation in a centrifugal pumps. (3)
(b) A centrifugal pump is to discharge 0.118m3/ sec at a speed of 1450 rpm against a (7)
head of 25m. The impeller diameter at outlet is 250mm and its width at outlet is
50mm and manometric efficiency is 75%. Determine vane angle at outer periphery
of the impeller
14 (a) What do you mean by recovery head in connection with a draft tube? (3)
(b) A Kaplan turbine works under a head of 60m at a speed of 145rpm utilizing 175m 3/s (7)
of water. Diameter of runner and hub are 5.60m & 3.20m. Turbine develops 82500
kW. Find i) flow ratio ii) speed ratio iii) overall efficiency iv) specific speed.
:: 2:: Code No: ME16323
15 (a) Explain the functions and types of surge tanks. (5)
(b) Illustrate the working principle of any one of the relief valves. (5)
16 (a) What is priming? Why it is necessary? (4)
(b) Draw and discuss characteristic curves of a pump. (6)
17 (a) Explain briefly about classification of hydraulic turbines. (4)
(b) What is the importance of a draft tube in a Francis turbine? Discuss different types (6)
of draft tubes.