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Syllabus Main vocabulary Main structures Cross-curricular

Lets explore! /
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Colours Is it (a bike)?
Hello! Months Yes, it is. / No, it isnt. 1 Go to www.oup.es/promo
Numbers 1-20
Whens your birthday? In (June).
2 Enter your code:
rucksack, watch, compass, torch, Have you got (a compass)? Science: Tropical world /
camera, notebook, binoculars, map Yes, I have. / No, I havent. Insect colours Nature at school
1 insects, grasshopper, bee, butterfly,
3 Access digital content and promotions.

beetle, ant
In the country

play computer games, play football, Can you (play the piano)? Music: A concert /
play basketball, play tennis, Yes, I can. / No, I cant. World music School clubs
2 play the piano, play the violin,
play the drums, play the recorder

Lets play! skateboard, dive, draw, skate, paint,

ride a horse

sunglasses, sandals, swimsuit, jeans, Whats he/she wearing? Geography: A fancy dress party
scarf, raincoat, woolly hat, gloves Hes/Shes wearing (a scarf). Festivals / School uniform
3 summer, autumn, winter, spring


mirror, radio, plant, bin, wardrobe, Wheres the (lamp)? Geography: Broughton Castle /
bookcase, picture, lamp Its (under) the (table). Houses Homes
4 fridge, cooker, TV, sofa, phone,
next to
My bedroom

crocodile, zebra, parrot, flamingo, Has it got (red wings)? Science: A wildlife park /
lion, python, monkey, gorilla Yes, it has. / No, it hasnt. Mammals Helping animals
5 feathers, hair, whiskers, claws,
teeth, scales
Wild animals

salad, toast, water, jam, Do you like (salad)? Science: Camping in the
sandwiches, pasta, eggs, juice Yes, I do. / No, I dont. Wheat to flour country / Popular
6 breakfast, lunch, dinner, rice,

vegetables, ham

All the written activities in this book should be completed in your own notebook, and not in this book.
Todas las actividades de carcter escrito propuestas en este libro se deben realizar en un cuaderno aparte, nunca en el propio libro.
Totes les activitats escrites proposades en aquest llibre shan de realitzar en un quadern a part, mai en el propi llibre.
Liburu honetan idazteko proposatzen diren ariketa guztiak kuaderno batean aparte bete behar dira, inoiz ez liburuan.
Tdalas actividades de carcter escrito propostas neste libro dbense realizar nun caderno aparte, nunca no propio libro.

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