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User Manual

Version 1.2
Risk warning







Introduction :

Welcome to BinaryTrader !!

BinaryTrader is the software for signals providers to send manual or automated signals to
their users.

BinaryTrader and BinaryConnect is the most advanced and most complete solution for
signals providers.

Advantages of using BinaryTrader and BinaryConnect are among others :

-possibility to connect to more than 300 web and MT4 brokers,

-possibility to add brokers on demand,
-transmission of signals in a few milliseconds (meantime of 20 ms),
-unlimited quantity of traders for a single signals provider (to work as a team),
-unlimited quantity of users receiving the signals (scalable solution),
-multi language technical support (English, Spanish, French, German).
General architecture :

BinaryTrader Provider can send signals that will be received and processed by

These signals can be sent to various type of binary options brokers :


-Web brokers (24option, Cherry Trade, CT Option, etc...).
With BinaryTrader Provider and BinaryConnect, we can have a flexible organization.

We can have traders anywhere in the world working as a team to send signals with
BinaryTrader Provider.

We can have users anywhere in the world to receive signals with BinaryConnect. We
deliver fast signals. Traders and users connect within a few milliseconds.
BinaryTrader Provider gives you the possibility to select a large choice of
assets, and expirations. It is responsibility of signals providers to make
sure that these assets and expirations are available at the time they want to
send a signal for the brokers used by BinaryConnect users.

BinaryTrader Provider has no capacity to check if a signal sent is

compatible with one or another broker at a specific time. BinaryTrader
Provider is just a communication software.

Do not forget that brokers can close at a specific time of the day or cancel
some assets or expiries if there is a lot of volatility in the market. And
change rules without prior notice.

Therefore we recommend signals providers to select a few brokers that

they know well and that are compatible with their signals and to promote
only these brokers to avoid problems with users who can be frustrated to
pay a service, receive good signals and see that the signals received where
not accepted by their brokers.

We recommend to use 1 to 3 brokers, and not more. It is not possible to

monitor 10 and more brokers and be aware of the changes each brokers is
Software installation is very simple.

You receive software as an archive BinaryTrader.zip.

Please decompress this archive to your C:\ or D:\ disk.

Then explore the BinaryTrader directory.

You will find the Provider.exe executable file.

Please create a shortcut for this file on your desktop.

You are now ready to use BinaryTrader.

Sign In to software :

To be able to use BinaryTrader Provider you must first type in your Username and
Password and then press the Sign In button.
Connection to server :

Once you have signed in to the software, you can then Connect to server.

This step is mandatory to connect with users of BinaryConnect and be able to send
signals to them.
The square form should turn green if connection to server was successful.

If the square did not turn green and still is red then it means that you have a problem with
Internet connection. It can be because of Windows firewall, router firewall, antivirus
firewall... Please speak with your network administrator to solve this issue.
Provider settings :

In the Signals tab you have an information about the Provider number linked to your
Username. For instance 031 in the image below.

Users of BinaryConnect which have the same provider number 031 setup will receive the
Trades settings :

In the upper part of the Signals tab we have different controls to setup trade :

Probability is an optional information. It can be useful if you are able to determine

probability of each trade and have a money management according to probability.
Types of expirations :

BinayTrader Provider can use 2 types of expirations : Short Term or High/Low.

The default settings is to use Short Term expirations like those of Metatrader or
Stockpair platforms, or like turbos of 1M, 2M, 3M, 5M, 10M. These options work like a
count down starting at the time you fire the trade.
If you want to use the other type of expirations (with fixed time like 19:25 for the
expiration of option), then select High/Low type of expirations.

You can specify the GMT zone you want to use to generate the different options expiries.
Choose the GMT zone that is more convenient for your trading. The choice of the GMT
zone has no influence with the execution of the trade with BinaryConnect.

As already said before sending a signal you have to check that the expiration exists
in the broker platform. Expiries depend from broker, asset and can vary across the
time. BinaryTrader Provider has no possibility to check if an expiry is available or
not in the broker platform.
Platform selection :

Not all binary options platform have the same logic to process orders. BinaryTrader
Provider is able to adapt to the logic of each broker platform.

Therefore you have to select the platform you intend to trade with. In case of doubts
please contact our technical support.
FINANCE,..) it will look different since logic of trading is different from that of SPOT.
One click trading :

For lots of brokers it is possible to place a trade in 2 steps. Prepare the trade and then fire
the trade. The advantage of this way of trading is that when you fire the trade then you
will enter in the trade immediately and enter with the best market conditions.

It is also possible to setup BinaryTrader Provider to place trades in a single step. This
option is called One click trading. Si if you choose this option you will only have the
PUT and CALL buttons to fire the trades.

This option can also be useful if you send signals to various trading platforms, since
all trading platforms will process your signals properly with this option.

On the contrary if you select for instance SPOT platform without One click trading
options then you will not be able to process those signals for users using PANDA
Trading panel :

To send orders to BinaryConnect you have a trading panel with various buttons. The
design of the trading panel depends on the selected trading platform and the One click
trading option.

We are going to go through to the different scenarios :

a) One click trading option activated

: start of session, this option informs BinaryConnect users that trader is about to
start trading session. This order will prepare BinaryConnect to receive signals. For
instance it will make sure that broker platform is connected properly for BinaryConnect
users and that BinaryConnect will be able to process signals. Please send this order 5 to
10 minutes before starting sending signals.

: fire a PUT trade for the select Asset and Expiration

: fire a CALL trade for the selected Asset and Expiration

b) SPOT platform

: start of session, this option informs BinaryConnect users that trader is about to
start trading session. This order will prepare BinaryConnect to receive signals. For
instance it will make sure that broker platform is connect properly for BinaryConnect
users and that BinaryConnect will be able to process signals. Please send this order 5 to
10 minutes before starting sending signals.

: send an order to BinaryConnect to prepare a trade

for the selected Expiration and Asset.

: fire a PUT trade for the latest prepared Asset and Expiration

: fire a CALL trade for the latest prepared Asset and Expiration

Take care that each time you want to change Expiration or Asset you have to press
the PREPARE button again.

: start of session, this option informs BinaryConnect users that trader is about to
start trading session. This order will prepare BinaryConnect to receive signals. For
instance it will make sure that broker platform is connect properly for BinaryConnect
users and that BinaryConnect will be able to process signals. Please send this order 5 to
10 minutes before starting sending signals.

: prepare a PUT order with the selected Asset and Expiration

: prepare a CALL order with the selected Asset and Expiration

: fire the latest prepared trade.

Take care that each time you want to change direction (CALL or PUT) you have to
press the PUT or CALL button again before firing trade.
c) MT4 platform

With MT4 there is no broker login / logout as we can have with web brokers. Therefore
we do not need the S button to inform BinaryConnect users of the beginning of the
trading session. This is one of the advantages of Metatrader.

Another difference with web brokers is that there is no preparation process. The order is
fired immediately. We only have the PUT and CALL buttons to fire trades.

: fire a PUT trade for the selected Asset and Expiration

: fire a CALL trade for the selected Asset and Expiration

Confirmation of orders (signals) :

Each order sent is confirmed in the lower part of the Signals tab.

When you receive the confirmation then it means that your customers also received your
signal. The confirmation is not generated by the BinaryTrader software itself but comes
from the server that send signals to all users... you including.

A sound alert can also be setup. It will be played each time you send an order.

You can test sound alert by pressing the bell buttons. If you cannot hear sound alert then
something is not setup properly.
Trading results :

BinaryTrader Provider can generate an history of your trades since you started the signal
provider service with BinaryTrader Provider. It will also provide statistics.

To watch the statement please click the Results link in the lower part of the Signals tab.
History of signals :

In the history tab you can view the history of orders you sent for your trading session
(since you opened the software).

In the image below we can see 2 signals :

-PUT EURUSD 60 seconds expiration

-CALL NZDCHF 5 minutes expiration
Gateway for automation :

In the Gateway tab we have access to settings of the gateway.

The gateway is an external access to the BinaryTrader Provider to send signals coming
from an external application (please refer to chapter dedicated to API hereafter).

It is for instance possible to automate trades of an indicator or an expert advisor. We

provide a Metatrader library ITC_BinaryTraderGateway.mqh which is the API to
communicate from MT4 to BinaryTrader Provider.

It is possible to receive signals from other trading platforms like TOS, Ninja, Trade
Stations and others. In fact it is possible to receive signals from any application.

Shall you need more information about how to automate trading with BinaryTrader and
BinaryConnect, please contact our support department. See details at the end of this user
To use the gateway, you must first check the Use gateway checkbox.

Then you can select to use the gateway to receive signals with files or web exchange.

If you choose to use the web gateway, you also can specify the port (default port is 8200)
to communicate with BinaryTrader Provider.
Useful links :

In the Links tab, you will find useful links such as :

-your trading results,

-link to software update,

-email to contact support,

-link to the facebook page where we post information about products.

Why synchronize time ?

If you are trading binary options it is important to know what the exact time is, since we
usually place trades at the beginning of a new candle.

Therefore it is important to have a precise clock.

Usually clocks of desktop computers or servers are not precise at all. Time can drift 15
minutes within 24 hours without synchronization.

BinaryConnect uses some security features that require precise time. For instance,
BinaryConnect will not process a signal that is coming late (this can happen if your
computer or VPS is very slow).

It is highly important to have a precise clock when using BinaryConnect to have it

working fine.

If you don't take this point into account your trades might be lost or ignored by the
software. Trading binary options without precise timing is putting your money at risk.

Further more if you don't have precise timing it is not possible to investigate technical
issues, since it is very important to know what happened at what precise time to
understand the sequence of actions and investigate technical issues.

To solve this situation you can use a special piece of software that will synchronize the
clock of your computer and avoid time drift. This software will synchronize your
computer clock with a public atomic clock. These atomic clocks are very accurate.

Download NetTime :

I may recommend you to use a free software called NetTime.

You can download the software with the link hereafter :


Please follow instructions of the software provider and proceed with installation.
NetTime setup :

To comply with requirements of our software please setup NetTime with the settings as
below in the image :
What is the API ?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It means that instead of using CALL
and PUT buttons of BinaryTrader Provider (manual trading), you can receive orders from
an external application using http requests to send PUT and CALL orders (use of web
communication for automated trading).

The external application can be in fact any sort of application (like Windows application,
Expert Advisor, Linux, etc). The only requirement is that the application used to
generate orders must have capacity to send http requests to communicate with
The signal generated with the trading platform (or any external application) is sent to
BinaryTrader Provider API via http requests, and BinaryTrader Provider will broadcast
the signal to 1 or various users of BinaryConnect.

We can have as many users as required receiving the signal. The system is scalable and
can support 10000 of users and more if required. Transmission of signal between the
trading platform and BinaryConnect is ultra fast. It takes only few milliseconds for
BinaryConnect to receive a signal from the trading platform (time can be less than 10

This architecture has the advantage that it can be used for a single user as well as for 10
000 of users, and that time of transmission is not dependent of the number of users.
Advantages of using BinaryTrader Provider and BinaryConnect for automation :

There are many advantages of using BinaryConnect :

API can be implemented into any Expert Advisor within few hours and for as low
as 50 USD. Once API is implemented in your EA you can redistribute your EA
with API to as many users as you want with no additional cost.

BinaryConnect comes with many features that give flexibility to manage users :
individual money management, management of max per trade and per user,
management of martingales (4 and more levels), automated performance sheet
production available in real time over the web, users management over the BT
Manager web interface with list of users available in real time.

BinaryConnect comes with major brokers like 24Option, Stockpair, Markets

World, Spot Option, CT Option, Ayrex, HighLow.net

Almost any broker in the world (more than 300 brokers) can be added on
demand to BinaryConnect

Adding a broker with BinaryConnect can be done within only 24 hours and for
as low as 350 USD where other developers will need months of hard work to add
a new broker and might ask up to 3500 USD to add a single broker.

BinaryConnect is for sure world leader of trade copier with the biggest number
of brokers that can be activated (more than 300 brokers where competitors offer 1,
2 up to 40 brokers only way far behind BinaryConnect).

BinaryConnect system is a scalable solution that can manage more than 10 000
users with no performance degradation.
Example of automated performance sheet production for a signals provider :
Example of use of the BinaryTrader Manager to follow users list and their their settings :

*name of users were hidden for confidentiality reasons

Typical application for API :

The use of API is required if you want to automate indicator or expert advisors.
Typically, many users create their own trading strategies and code them with Experts
Advisors using Metatrader platform.

Metatrader is the most used platform among retail traders but in fact one can use any
platform to automate trading (Trade Station, Ninja Trader, Think Or Swim, etc).

Once you have a software ready (like Expert Advisors) to generate signals with good
profitability then you can implement API in your software to be able to communicate
with BinaryTrader Provider and access more than 300 brokers in the world to process
your signals.

One can send signals both to MT4 brokers (Go Markets, Core Liquidity, etc) as well as
to web brokers (24Option, Stockpair, Markets World, Spot Option, and more than 300
How to activate the API ?

You must go to the Gateway tab of BinaryTrader Provider and check Use gateway.

Type in the port number you want to use to receive http requests (usually 80).

Then check the Use web gateway.

And make sure that the port number field turns to green.

If field does not turn green then means that the port you selected is already used by
another process in your computer or server. You must identify and stop this process or
use another port. Problem can also be due to a firewall or antivirus software.

We remind you that with Metatrader platform it is not possible to use other ports than 80
for http or 443 for https with standard code. Other ports can be used with specific code.
How to test the API ?

We provide some tools to check that API is activated and working fine.

The complete trading system is made out of :

Trading platform : to generate signals

BinaryTraderProvider : to broadcast signal to users
BinaryConnect : to replicate order into broker account
This is a complete system and it requires some methodology to have it working.

1) First of all you must make sure that BinaryConnect is connected to broker
account, and is properly setup (please refer to BinaryConnect user manual, no red
light in the status bar, 3 first lights green and you must have setup Money0
properly in the Signal Settings tab)

2) Second, you must check that BinaryConnect is able to process manual trades
coming from BinaryTrader Provider. Send some manual trades with BinaryTrader
Provider to make sure that communication between BinaryTrader Provider and
BinaryConnect is working fine (please refer to present user manual to learn how
to use BinaryTrader Provider). Make sure that you are connected to server (green
square) before proceeding.

3) Make sure the API is activated in BinaryTrader Provider with port number 80
(default port for web requests). The field where the port number is given must
be green (if it is red then means there is a problem).

4) Use the ITC_GatewayAPI_Tester.ex4 which is an Expert Advisor for Metatrader

that can be used to send test trades and make sure everything is ok (read hereafter
for more details). Be sure that AUTOTRADING is ON within Metatrader and
that http requests are authorized in Metatrader.

5) If all worked fine until step 4 then means that API is working fine and you are
ready to use your own EA or indicator to generate signals.

The complete setup can be done in 5 steps. It is useless to go to next step if

you were not able to validate a given step. Solve problem of a given step
before proceeding to next step. Follow step 1 through 5 in this exact same
How to use the ITC_GatewayAPI_Tester ?

ITC_GatewayAPI_Tester.ex4 is a simple Expert Advisor for Metatrader 4 that can be

used to generate signals for BinaryTrader Provider with Metatrader.

To use the expert advisor you have to move it to any Metatrader chart and make sure that
you have a smiling face. If face is not smiling then means that some settings of MT4 or
from expert advisor are not correct. See instructions hereafter.
Autotrading must turned on like in the picture below

In the picture below Autotrading is not turned on this is not a correct setting
http requests must be authorized by Metatrader settings must be like in the picture
below use the Metatrader menu Tools > Options > Expert Advisors
If you have some doubts about the Expert Advisor settings, please check pictures
below You must put the same settings
Once you have checked that everything is ok.. then you can start sending test signals if
you did setup complete system with BinaryTrader Provider and BinaryConnect then the
signals generated with the ITC_GatewayAPI_Tester.ex4 should translate into orders
placed with BinaryConnect into your broker account. Of course we recommend you for
these steps to use BinaryConnect with broker demo account.

To generate a new signal you just need to open window of inputs of the
ITC_GatewayAPI_Tester.ex4, select your direction, asset and expiries choice, money
level, and press the OK button.

Not all assets and expiries are available with this simple expert advisor. The purpose of it
is only to check with some test trades that system is working fine.

We also remind you that you must check that asset, expiries and money amount of
your choice are available with your broker platform. Otherwise signal will be sent
but BinaryConnect will fail to place the trade into broker platform.
If everything is working fine you should be able to see details about the signal in the
Experts tab of the Metatrader Terminal.

You should be able to see the same signal in the History tab of the BinaryTrader
Provider :
If something is going wrong and you dont see signal in the History tab of the
BinaryTrader Provider then you can look into the Experts tab of Metatrader Terminal if
there is any error message, like in the picture below :
How to send orders to the API ?

There are mainly 2 types of orders that you can send to the API :

Preparation orders (like preparation step when trading manually)

Firing orders (like when trading manually).

Orders are sent as http requests. For instance if your API is accessible with IP
(local host) on TCP port 80 then you can send http requests like the followings :

// Example 1 :|EURUSD|60SEC|M0|0.0|50
// Example 2 :|EURUSD|E22:30|M0|0.0|50

The trade parameters can be sent as a sequence of data separated by the | sign.

1) trade direction (PUT/CALL)

2) symbol (EURUSD, AUDUSD, etc)
3) expiry of option (60SEC, 2M, 5M, 30M, 60M for short term or 12:30* for high
low expiries)
4) money level (M0, M1, M2, etc) to be traded within BinaryConnect

*time for high expiries must be specified as GMT+0 time zone.

To fire trades you must use op=fire in the http request. If you only want to prepare trade
you can use op=prep in the http request.

How to send orders to the API with Metatrader ?

If you are going to use Metatrader to generate signals then we developed some
procedures for Metatrader that you can use to implement API in your Expert Advisor.

Be aware before starting your project that there are some limitations with indicators. An
indicator will not be authorized to send http requests with the WebRequest standard
procedure of Metatrader. This limitation is due to Metatrader. You can overcome this
problem using non standard code and DLLs to be able to send http requests with an

An other limitation of Metatrader is that you cannot specify the port you want to use to
send http requests. Metatrader only authorizes http over port 80 and https over port 443
with the WebRequest procedure.

The procedure to use with Metatrader is called BinaryTraderGateway.

You can use this procedure to send http requests to BinaryTraderProvider.

The complete syntax of BinaryTraderGateway is :

void BinaryTraderGateway(string PortNumberStr, string BinaryDirectionStr,string

AssetStr, string ExpiryStr, string MoneyStr, string ProbabilityStr)

For simplicity purpose all arguments are of type String :

// PortNumberStr* : Port number used by BinaryTrader gateway, usually 80

// BinaryDirectionStr** : Type of operation. CALL or PUT.
// AssetStr : Name of asset to be traded, for instance EURUSD, GOLD, OIL, GAS
// ExpiryStr : Expiry of binary option. It can be 60SEC, 2M, 5M, 15M, 30M, 45M, 60M
// MoneyStr : Level of money management as used by BinaryConnect: It can be M0, M1,
M2, M3, M4
// ProbabilityStr : % of probability for the trade. If you don't use it, just put 50.

*PortNumberStr : this argument is not used in the current version. It was kept for
compatibility purpose with former or future versions of Metatrader.
** BinaryDirectionsStr : you also can use PPUT or PCALL to prepare trades.

For instance, you can use following syntax with Metatrader :

// Example 3 : BinaryTraderGateway("80","PUT","AUDUSD","60S","M0","50")
// Example 4 : BinaryTraderGateway("80","CALL","EURUSD","E22:30","M0","50")

How to implement API in your EA ?

To implement API in your Expert Advisor, you must look for all SendOrder procedures
within the code of your EA and replace it with BinaryTraderGateway procedure.

Of course you can build a logic in your EA to have both possibilities MT4 brokers and
web brokers through BinaryTraderProvider and be able to switch between the 2 of them.

You will also have to write some code to generate all the arguments required by
BinaryTraderGateway procedure, since they are specific to BinaryTraderGateway and are
not compatible with SendOrder arguments. It must be done but is nothing difficult to do
for an experienced coder.
Use of Binary Options Engine EA :

Binary Options Engine EA is an Expert Advisor that was designed with the purpose to
quickly code and test strategies for Binary Options. The expert advisor just need an
indicator drawing arrows (CALL and PUT signals) to trade.

Be aware that Indicator requires specific format to be working fine with Binary
Options Engine EA.

We can convert any indicator into a new indicator that will respect technical requirements
so that it can be used with Binary Options Engine EA. You can contact our technical
department to proceed with this job. We usually charge 50 USD for this job.

For more information about Binary Options Engine EA, please visit MQL5 Market :


Some of the big advantages of Binary Options Engine EA is that it comes ready with a
complete set of features :

time and days filtering,

news filtering,
martingales management,
back testing capacity with Strategy Tester of Metatrader,
API for BinaryConnect.

Just like for any Expert Advisor using API for BinaryConnect you must check that :

Expert Advisor as a smiling face,

http requests are authorized in Metatrader.
You must also put correct settings in the expert advisor :

ExternalPlatform must be set to : _PlatformBC

TypeOption and Expiry must also be setup properly
To have Binary Options Engine EA working fine you also must setup Indicator settings
properly :

Name of indicator ( IndicatorName ),

Buffer numbers to be used for the CALL and PUT signals ( IndiLineCall,
IndiLinePut ).
Use of Binary Bridge API :

Binary Bridge API is an expert advisor for Metatrader. This expert advisor can be placed
in any chart of your Metatrader platform and will automatically generate signals for
BinaryTrader Provider API each time that a trade is placed in Metatrader platform.

The trades that are copied from Metatrader can be generated in different ways :

Manual trading,
Expert Advisor (automated trading).

Binary Bridge API does not care how the trades are generated in Metatrader. Binary
Bridge API will monitor Metatrader, detect new trades, check if the trades are Binary
Options or Forex, and generate corresponding signals for the API.

Binary Bridge API is ideal to :

Copy manual trader that prefers to use Metatrader rathe than BinaryTrader
Provider to send signals manually,

Copy trades of an Expert Advisor that you dont have access to the source code
(means you want to copy signals but cannot implement API in the expert advisor).

For more information about Binary Bridge API, please visit MQL5 Market :


Just like for any Expert Advisor using API for BinaryConnect you must check that :

Expert Advisor as a smiling face,

http requests are authorized in Metatrader.
You also must check that Binary Bridge API has correct inputs :

CopyMode must be set to BinaryConnect URL

MoneyMode must be set to MoneyLevel
CopyNewTrades must be set to True
You also must setup proper money levels so that correct money levels will be sent to
BinaryConnect (M0, M1, M2, M3, M4). You must setup each money level that your EA
(the one used to generate trade) might use for each money level (or martingale level). Of
course you have no obligation to use martingale levels, you have to use at least M0
(money level 0) with the amount per trade that is used by expert advisor.

This setting is just to identify the correct money level to be used (M0, M1, M2, M3, M4).
Each user of BinaryConnect can choose individually the amount of money he wants to
use with his broker account for any money level (M0, M1, M2, M3, M4).
Support :

BinaryTrader Provider and BinaryConnect are products from :

2915 Ogletown Road
United States of America

If you have problems with BinaryTrader Provider software , if software is not working
fine, please contact our technical support (Open from 7 AM GMT-4 to 7 PM GMT-4).

We can give support in various languages : English, Spanish, French, German.

You can visit our webpage : http://www.market-trading-mentor.com

You can write to us at : contact@market-trading-mentor.com

We also post useful information in Facebook :



You can give us a like in our Facebook to be kept updated.