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Future Tenses

Future Will: J + will + verb base form

Future be going to: J+ am/are/is going to + verb base form
- Mainly used for: Predictions/Spontaneous
- Used for: Future plans/Predictions based on
- You may come across these time expressions:
- You might have: Perhaps/Probably
Tomorrow/Tonight/Next month, year, week,
- You might come across words like:
etc./This year, month, week, etc./Soon.
Believe/Think/Hope/Expect/Be sure

Future Progressive/Continuous: J + will + be + verb ing form

Present continuous/progressive: J + am/are/is + verb -ing
- Used for: Actions that will be in progress at a specific
- Used for: Planned future actions related to
time in the future.
personal arrangements:
Ill be drinking vodka at 7pm tomorrow
Were driving to Berlin this weekend.
- Emphasizing the duration of an action.
Theyll be having sex all night long

Future Perfect: J + will + have + verb past participle.

- Used for: Actions that will be completed
before a specific time or before another action
in the future (this action should be in Present
Simple after this expressions: By a point in
time/ By the time/ By then/ Before.

Theyll have painted the house by Monday
morning/ by the time you arrive/ by then/
before she dies.

Diego Rch