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Qno1. Answer these questions
Q.1 What is cutting edge technology? Give some examples.
Q.2 What is the main function of a robot?
Q.3 List any five productivity software.
Q.4 Write down the names of Windows Image Viewer and its working.
Q.5 Write down any two uses of the following software:
a) Word processing b) Spreadsheet c) Graphics d) Multimedia
Qno2. Define the following:
1. Logic unit 2.Device driver 3.Utility program
Qno3. Differentiate the following:
1. File manager and image viewer
2. Input and output devices
Qno4. Fill in the blanks:

1. ROM is ______________________ memory.

2. _______________ is faster slot used for sound, graphics and network.
3. The two main components of processor are_____________ and______________.
4. Barcode reader is a ______________ scanning device.
5. ______________ works like a traffic policeman.
6. RAM is used for______________ storage.
7. ______________ slot is a long narrow socket fixed on the motherboard.
8. __________________is a device that captures a fingerprint.
9. Memory consists of_____________ chips.
10._______________ slot is hard to find in modern computers.
Qno5. Tick the correct choice:

1. A processor acts like a/an ________________.

a) Heart b) Arm c) Brain d) Kidney
2. ______________ is known as mechanical agent.
a) Computer b) Barcode reader c) Processor d) Robot
3. Which of the following parts of the CPU controls the sequence of the instructions?
a) AU b) LU c) CU d) ALU
4. ______________ is used in security systems and criminal investigations.
a) Fingerprint reader b) Robots c) Sound card d) Barcode reader

5. Which of the following is the highest speed slot?

a) ISA b) AGP c) PCI d) APG

6. A computer software that helps users to do a specific task on a computer is known as:

a) System Software b) MS Office Software

c) Anti-virus Software d) Application software

7. A system software that helps Operating system to communicate with a device is called :

a) Operating system b) Device Driver

c) Utility d) graphics software

8. _______________ is a world renowned composing software.

a) MS Power Point b) MS Word

c) Typing Tutor d) Adobe Photoshop

9. When a computer starts, operating system checks all the

_______________ and loads their drivers so a user can work properly.

a) Programs b) Devices c) Drivers d) Network

10.Encyclopedia is an example of _____________ software.

a) Entertainment b) Educational c) Productivity d) Reference

Qno6. Write the names of peripherals which are attached to your computer.

a)__________________ b)________________
c)__________________ d)________________
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Qno.1 Define the following.

Computer Memory Software Hard disk Motherboard Processing operator.

Qno.2 Differentiate the following.

CD and DVD single click and double click Data and information input and output devices

Qno.3 Write five advantages of computer. Qno.4 What is hardware? Write the name of five hardware.

Qno.5 Write the function of Tab, Esc, Enter, Shift, Capslock.

Qno.6 What does a processor do? Qno.7 Write the advantages of USB Flash memory.

Qno.8 Write a note on Hard disk Qno.9 Explain the different type of Monitors.

Qno.10 What is modem? Explain its types.

Qno.11 Fill in the blanks.

1. Computer follows _______________to perform any task.

2. _________________ that you put into a computer are known as data.
3. Computer games are example of the _____________________
4. _______________ click of the left mouse button is used to select an items.
5. ______________ disk are rarely found now a days.

Qno.12 Tick the right one.

1.Which of the following is not placed in system unit?

Motherboard Hard disk RAM Printer.

2._____________ is an input device used to record voice in a computer.

Microphone Scanner Digital Camera Monitor

3.Which of the following is not an input device?

System unit Mouse Keyboard Scanner

4. Mouse is an _________________ device.

Output input storage communication

5. Which of the following is the example of Software?

Monitor keyboard Microsoft window CD/DVD