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This epistolary is a flak and conveys a theme that ITS A CASH CHAOS AND A


Demonetization is necessary whenever there is a change of national currency. Some of

the reasons include combating inflation and other important reason is to combat corruption.
Demonetization is the act of introducing new notes or coins of the same currency or completely
replacing the old currency with new currency.1

The author would like to pin point that life after demonetization is very pathetic,
miserable, poignant and pitiful. The very idea of demonetization is to eradicate black money,
good, but it has to be taken into consideration that most of the black money is kept in the form of
land, buildings, gold or even kept abroad. Socially backward classes are most suffered. Because
of the lack of proper planning, intelligence and foresight as recalibration of ATM machines.2
Insight of this there is a clear failure to pile up the 100 rupee notes and other smaller
denominations notes is one such example, you could see lot many queues and queues of people
standing before the ATMs and very importantly the limit of withdrawal has not been kept at
higher level and 2000 rupees per day is absolute nonsense, how could a person who is the sole
bread winner of the family can run the family with 2000 rupees per day, suppose think that he
has to repay loan or he/ she have to pay the school fees or any sort of this, how this could be
possible with only 2000 rupees given to the citizens. If this is the case with persons who are
educated and working think about the people who work for daily wages like carpenter, cobbler
and other people who belong to the same peer group.

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As the author already mentioned the life of the people is very pathetic and vulnerable
because some of these people have reportedly died standing in the long snaking queue look at
the fate of people. The significance of this there is no proper exchange for the 2000 rupees and
it is to bring out the real fact that there is no surplus amount of 500 rupees being circulated
among the citizens3.

Has any single parliamentarian, let alone the cabinet minister stand in line to exchange
currency notes, did you see any one? This can be understood from the sociological perspective
that upper caste the bourgeoisie as clearly marked by the words of Karl Marx, clearly the rich
have engaged mules to line up and exchange their currency for them. While the common
man faces hardships in the daily purchases of food, medicine and such commodities, the
author would like to raise that is there not any violation of Article 14 now?

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