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Nursing Theorists Discussion

1. After reading the assigned chapters, please post two discussion questions
based on the readings along with your answers to the following questions:

o If these chapters influenced your philosophy? Why or why not?

o Did anything surprise you? What?
2. Do not summarize the chapters. Provide your thoughts and discussion questions that makes your
classmates think.
3. Read and then respond to at least two of your classmate's postings.

After reading the assigned chapters, the theory that influenced me the most was Betty
Neumans Systems Model. I have always seen primary, secondary and tertiary prevention in a
very abstract way, mostly emphasizing the interventions in health care systems to prevent
disease or injury as the first step, then if the disease has already occurred, the emphasis is on
reducing the impact of the disease or injury and finally rehabilitation of the patient to lessen
the lasting effect of the disease. Neuman, however, focuses on the patient/client and how
he/she reacts to intrapersonal, interpersonal and extrapersonal stressors and the lines of
resistance of the individual. When stressors arise, these lines of resistance are activated and the
process to restore the patient back to wellness is started. It is an open system focused on the
patient and where nursing interventions, using the modalities of primary, secondary and
tertiary prevention, are essential in these illness-wellness process.