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Post Graduate Programme in Management

2017-18 TERM: IV


CREDITS: 2 COURSE: WORKSHOP No. of Sections: 2

Instructor: Email: Tel. Number
Mr. A T P Ramani ramani@atpconsultants.in 09900609618


The FMCG WORKSHOP is a ten session , two credit workshop for the IVth Term. As the
students arrive at the IVth Term they have achieved some understanding of key
marketing concepts and have exposure to some approaches. The FMCG WORKSHOP will
be steered with a practitioners lens. Students will be exposed to real time experiences
in various areas of marketing including product development, product concept,
environment scanning, research, demand forecasting, product launch, segmentation &
positioning, pricing, advertising concept development, copy research, sales and
distribution from companies like Hindustan Unilever, P&G and Godrej Soaps Ltd


The objective of the course is to help students match precept to practice and
appreciate the way real time FMCG marketing and sales management happens- with a
focus on Indian companies in the categories of soaps, detergents, personal products and
apparel. The course will take students through end-to-end examples of identifying
opportunity, translating the opportunity to reality through research and commercial
evaluation and one complete product launch exercise. The course will aim at a fun way
of learning a lot


1. Brief refreshers of the marketing concepts from Terms 1,2,3

2. Real time appreciation of examples from India shared by the faculty as well as
select cases from HBR
3. The technique of "Day in the Life Of" will be used to graphically present inner
workings of FMCG companies. The objective would be to minimise work to be
done outside of class but use time to share real life experiences
4. Groups will work in class assisted by the coordinator, in a workshop mode, on
different aspects of a product launch to create a cumulative holistic
Product launch workshop participation 30%
Caselet preparation and presentation 30%
Class participation 40%
Total 100%

Module I Introduction to FMCG, Real time examples of identifying opportunities,

environment scanning and innovation
Module Objective
1. To set a suitable base and framework for the Workshop by refreshing the working
of a typical FMCG business
2. A smart case of identifying a great opportunity and translating it to practice
3. Example of innovative business model

Sessions and Objective

Session 1: A refresher and to set the tone
Objective: To set a suitable base and framework for the Workshop by refreshing the
working of a typical FMCG business, by analysing a case in class

Reading: Sighvi, S. R., & Gera, R., (2010). Snacko India Limited: Leveraging Trade
Promotions for Competitive Advantage, Ivey, 910A24.

Session 2: How a customer is created and a brand is developed: Two real time
Objective: Class discussion on perspectives on environment scanning to locate
technological advances, customer opportunity identification and innovating for fast
rollout. Example of a business model with several breakthrough innovations and the
impact it had on exploding the adoption of jeans in the smallest of towns

1. The Velvette shampoo sachet story. Caselet by ATP Ramani
2. The fascinating story of Ruf and Tuf jeans. Caselet by ATP Ramani

Session 3: Environmental scanning and interpretation to develop a brand

Objective: To examine a real time example of how a brand was created through
environmental scanning and consumer insight- the fascinating story of Jacobs Creek
the wine brand.

Reading: Article
Module II Business building through consumer insight mining and concept
Module Objective
To share one emphatic example of how a brand can be built and sustained from a zero
base. A copy-book example of outstanding marketing and brand extensions

Sessions and Objective

Sessions 4 and 5
Objective: To research and appreciate one emphatic example of how a brand can be
built and sustained from a zero base. A copy-book example of outstanding marketing
and brand extensions

Session 4: Comprehensive look at the birth of an idea and its journey to becoming a
powerful brand- an operational view
Objective: The classic story of Titan and Tanishq. Groups to be assigned
functions/aspects to be studied through discussion in a workshop module. Interesting
focus on relentless adherence to brand identity through all facets including retail and
advertising. Groups to present ideas in class

Reading: Net research by student groups

Session 5: Introduction, nurturing and growth of a new category

Objective: Using the case of Maggi Noodles in India, the class discusses the evolution of
a multinational brand focusing particularly on the following issues: exploring how an
MNC can successfully enter the India market; what an MNC must do to consolidate its
gains and grow a market category; and how an MNC can maintain market share and
continue to innovate in the face of increased competition.

Reading: Chakravarthy, B. (2012). Maggi Noodles in India: Creating and Growing the
Category. IMD, IMD601.

Module III Deep dive into research

Module Objective
To discuss and understand one complete example of FMCG reasearch

Sessions and Objective

Session 6: Use of research in brand building- A look at the exciting area
Objective: To discuss and understand one complete example of FMCG research namely
Nestle Crunch Bar Case

Reading: Zaltman, G. (2000). The Dimensions of Brand Equity for Nestl Crunch Bar: A
Research Case. HBR, 500083
Module IV Two examples of product launches
Module Objective
To share how a business plan is prepared in a real time situation and also an end-to-end
example of a product launch

Sessions and Objective

Session 7: The nitty-gritty of a brilliant launch
Objective: The faculty will take the team through a detailed launch of a chocolate
brand with PPT and creatives and TV Commercials . Marketing plans and launch of
Bournville Dark Chocolate in India Commercials and details will be provided in class

Sessions 8 and 9: Deep dive into the minutiae of FMCG Distribution

Objective: To understand the India FMCG distribution environment with the discussion
of a real time example of territory development focusing on potential mapping:
distribution dimensioning, identification :evaluation and appointment of distributor:
Management of distributor including staffing, training, motivation

Reading: The Gorakhpur Distribution Case: Handout

Module V Hit the road running and Case presentations

Module Objective
To share in detail how the World's most admired FMCG company structures and runs its
business from Innovation, product, pricing, advertising and sales.

Sessions and Objective

Session 10: Case of a genius company
Objective: To give a snapshot of how an FMCG business is reviewed using the example
of P&G, one of the World's most admired marketing companies.P&G way of doing

Reading: Court, A M. (1990). Procter & Gamble (A). HBS, 584047.