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Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled

General Directorate of Policy and Planning

Capacity Building of Engineers Project

Donner: Government of India

Implementation Department
General Directorate of Policy and Planning
Capacity Building of MoLSAMD is one the key priority of this Ministry, thus permanent
staff involved under MoLSAMD administration needs capacity building supports in
several areas.
The General Directorate of Policy and Planning (DGPP) base on this key priority decided
to plan a capacity building project for permanent engineers working under MoLSAMD
Within this project DGPP has planned to provide all needed engineering software courses
to MoLSAMD engineers to equip them with new techniques, methods and technologies.
This project will help and support them to familiarized with new engineering software
and provide sufficient capacity building in order to upgrade their service delivery.

The Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled (MoLSAMD) is functioning
under the Social Protection Sector Strategy (SPSS) of the Afghanistan National
Development Strategy (ANDS) mandated to address labor and social affairs and deliver
welfare and empowerment services to persons with disability (PwD) and martyrs
survivors (MSs). MoLSAMD facilitates employment opportunities through skills
development projects for eligible individuals and supports poor and vulnerable groups
with social insurance and social services including disability pension, kindergartens, and

Scope of the services:

Base on the curriculum of the project DGPP/MoLSAMD has planned to hold the
following courses for engineers:
It is mentioned that MoLSAMD will introduce the 6 to 8 Number of trainees for these
courses, the consultancies, institutes or other private sector should hold a special class for
trainees base on the implementation plan of the project.

Item Description

Project Design Package


SAFE All construction software


CSI Column
Structural Design Professional Software
The most important software in field of professional
project design
STAAD PRO & STAAD Foundation

Architecture Design Software

3Ds MAX ( Modeling, Animation & Vray )

Auto CAD All drawing and Architect software needed for drawing
and designing engineering projects

Revit Architecture

Prima Avera

Project Management The most important subjects for managing Engineering

MS. Project, proposal writing

Road Geometric Design Software

software for designing of roads constructions
Civil 3D

Geographical Information System

software for designing geometric system in engineering
(Arc GIS 10.2) Software

All those software that needed to take for survey of the
engineering projects
( Theodilet, Total Station, GIS, GPS )

Complete Cost Estimation

Cost estimation subjects and software for estimating of
engineering projects
(Road, Building & Bridge projects)

Water Supply & Electrical System

All related software to the Field of Water Supply and
Design & Related Software Electrical System (e.g. EPENET, Water CAD& etc.)

After compellation of the project all trainees must be able to deliver the software in to
their daily works and they should be enough equipped with new techniques and program
to provide better services for the MoLSAMD.
Consultant qualification:

Knowledge: All private sectors consultancies that are eligible for carrying out the
project are requested to send their expression of interest both technical and
financial including their consultancy academic background, trainers academic
backgrounds for each fields separately.
Experience: The consultant must have proven experience of at least 5 year in
relevant fields with prominent national and international organizations, experience
with government organization is preferred and can be an asset.
Valid Business License: The consultant shall carry a valid business license with a
validity of at least 2 year.
Updated and latest version of software: The consultant shall utilized updated
and latest versions of software.
Methodology: The consultant shall carry on the project based on international
standard methodology.
Project timeline: The consultant shall implement the project within maximum 18

Term of Payment:
The payment of the project is based on the constitution of the country. The payments will
take placed in 4 quarters (25% 50% 75% and 100%) with completing of each quarter the
company will receive their payments.

Submission of Applications:
The proposal comprises of academic background should submit to
eng_asif2014@yahoo.com and cc to abdullah.barakzai@gmail.com (indicating on the
subject line DGPP/GMCP/C2 )
May need rises, please contact +93 (0) 799 0002 33
Please note that applications received after the closing date and without subject will not
be given consideration.
Opposite 1st Macrorayan Market
Kabul, Afghanistan
Web Site: www.molsamd.gov.af