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The Eloists


Sometimes words fail us, O Creator; or no words come to us

expressing thoughts of spiritual value. We are aware only of being
something. What is it that we are? What is our true nature? We look
at our consciousness, and try to analyze it. What is this that I am
aware of? It is being, but what kind of being? Can I govern my
consciousness, change it without the use of words? If my
consciousness is not bright, cheerful and loving, what can I do to
change it? Shall I affirm what I want it to be? I want to radiate an
uplifting influence. I will not tolerate a dark and heavy consciousness.
If I am not feeling what I want to feel, I will affirm it till I do feel it. I
believe in the power of thought. I can change myself by the power of
thought. How else? I cannot see any other way. I must take charge of
my mind, and make it work to serve Thee, O Creator.



We seem to be of two parts, a lesser self and a higher self. When the
lesser gets into trouble, the higher steps in and helps it. When the

lesser questions, the higher supplies the answers. It is the lesser
which has created the outward appearance by which we are known
to our fellowmen. The higher is our true, immortal self, the Voice
within us, representing the Creator's will, wisdom and love. Most of
the time, we hear the Voice faintly. Mortals call it "conscience". But if
we cultivate it, question it and listen, and try to follow it, it grows
clearer and clearer; and eventually it is possible to receive
inspirational thoughts, uplifting messages or powerful truths from this
Presence. Not always are these inspirational ideas acceptable in the
outer world; but still, they represent truths toward which humanity
can strive. They can give hope, strength and upliftment. They can
give meaning to life. They can help a person overcome fear, and
establish one's life on a firmer happier foundation. The all-highest
truth is available to mankind in the present age. It is our salvation.
Someone will bring it forth, and put it to work. It is the coming thing in
the world. Many people will express it in many different ways. Watch
for it.



Keeping one's mind on the spiritual focus is a challenge. Viewing all

you think, feel and do from your higher perspective is not easy. The
conscious mind is bombarded with thoughts all throughout the day.
This is a constant surge of energy that has no rhythm or consistency.
This barrage is pervasive and can clog one's reasoning and
overwhelm the inner levels of thought and understanding. Each
person at this important time of change must learn and practice
techniques to calm the mind. You must learn to control the
environment of your being and learn how to disregard the
unnecessary babble that bounces all around our world. You must
learn to listen from the soul, and from this high level of
consciousness think, feel and react with life. Each person can learn
to pay attention to what is important in everyday life. It would be so
much better if people were walking around looking at the sky or
plants or just smiling at each other. You can learn and, as you do,
inspiration will come to you.



The light of the inner being expresses through a person's actions and
can be seen by the way in which they deal with other people. A
glowing light can be seen in the eyes and smile of one who is at

tuned. This energy will be passed on to all those that come in contact
with such a person. The light of The Ever Present is with every
person at all times. It will express outwardly in different degrees
according to the degree of development, attunement and selfless
expression that the individual has reached. The potential for
everyone is the same although everyone moves at a different pace.
The light and the love of the Creator are resources available to
everyone at times. Even if someone is on the downward path, the
resources of love and light go with them and can be called upon at
any time and place. It is up to the individual to choose the time and
place and the degree to which these resources will be utilized. All
efforts, either up or down, so to speak, will bring results and the path
you choose is up to you. You may let others control many of your
actions, but ultimately the choice is yours. It would help so many
people if they could feel more clearly the power of choice that is
within them and take the steps to use it. Let the power of this light
and love move you today and feel how it can help you to change in
thinking, feeling, and acting in new and positive ways.


We would be more persistent and positive within ourselves in
affirming the truth of Thy Presence and dominion, O Creator. But we
would not advise others to do the same, or expect them to; for each
has their own methods of achieving control of the mind and intent
with Thee. We would practice awareness through breathing, also,
without use of thought or affirmation. We would combine the two
methods, at times, according to how we felt inspired. We would not
limit our self to anyone form of concentration, but would keep our
channel open to Thy Inspiration, trying to improve our techniques.
We would never feel that our way is superior to another's, for each of
us is an individual, and what is suited to one is not our own bondage,
and at the same time not overly interfere in your part of the work, for
that could begin to create further bondage for ourselves. This is not a
selfish consideration, mind you, but a result of our desire to strictly
adhere to the Creator's will that we limit our interference in the
unfoldment of other people's lives and growth, except when such
interference is required to prevent those in our care from having a
detrimental effect on the lives and well-being of others. That is why
the activities of false gods and drujas are often curtailed, because
their freedom of action is always secondary to the well-being of the
whole; and the entire planet, the whole of creation always takes
precedence over the needs of any individual or group. That is why
we hold off at times and limit our instruction or advice, because if we
did not, we would potentially be doing you more harm than good. So

follow your highest light from day to day and we wish you the
greatest success with all your endeavors through the decades


Changing patterns are in the weave of life; constant and consistent is

the perpetual transformation of life. This time is no different from any
other. At times the transformation is swift and sudden, and at other
times the cycle is slow and barely perceptible. But at all times it is
evolving into a kaleidoscopic vista of experiences that spur you
onward to greater maturity and growth.

The Creator's hand is in this matter. The All Mind experiences all that
you experience and always moves you forward. All that is left for you
is the choice as to whether your forward movement is upward or
downward, but at no time will the Creator's Presence permit you to
stand still. We are all involved in an era of rapid changes that
impinge upon all of us whether spirit or mortal, and the cycle of light
upon us is in a phase of exponential growth.

Regardless of where you are and what you are experiencing, all you
can be certain of is accelerating change and the opportunity for
unprecedented growth. How it will affect you depends on what you
choose to experience and how you choose to perceive the fluctuating
environment about you. You can let the world around you enervate
you, discourage you and pull you down, or you can use it as an
impetus to greater growth. It can instill you with the resolve to be
better than you are. All change is by definition fraught with
opportunities, and it is your understanding of the Creator's Purpose
in this New Age that makes you valuable to us, the Angelic Hosts, in
ushering in the blessings of Kosmon. Resolve to attune yourselves
with us and with the Creator within so that you will be an influence for
good in the decade of Light ahead.



Suppose you were in a position of forced inactivity and had nothing

to read, and no means of entertaining yourself. Where would your
mind be? What would be the nature of your thoughts? Would you
hold to an awareness of the Creator's Presence, and create thoughts
o attunement with Him? Could you generate good feelings, and pour

them out to bless people? Imagine yourself in such a position, and try
exercising your mental powers in a constructive way. If you were
actually placed in a confined, restricted position, such as are men
and women in prisons, you would need to have control of your mind
in order to make life bearable. Probably, you will never be so
confined, but it is a good practice to imagine it, and test yourself by
trying to keep your thoughts in attunement with higher states of life.
Let it be an exercise for the good of all confined or handicapped
people. Jehovih 's angels will use you to inspire and strengthen their

A horseshoe magnet furnishes us with a good illustration of the

influence of the Unseen. You see bits of steel obeying an unseen
influence, and as you play with the magnet you discover that this
influence extends out and around the magnet. When you place the
bits of steel upon a paper with the magnet beneath, and tap the
paper gently, the bits of steel will dance into a symmetrical design,
which proves that the unseen influence exerted by the magnet
radiates lines of force which are evident by the design.

In like manner your mind radiates an influence. It is a spiritual power.

The unthinking often say, "How can there be anything with any power

which I cannot see or feel?" You cannot see or feel the magnet's
influence, yet you can see from its effects that it exists.

This unseen influence of the magnet is like the unseen spiritual side
of all things in existence. You see and sense the material side of life,
but the spiritual side of life is as real, and is the power that organizes
the material side.

Your mind is a spiritual influence. When I use the word MIND I mean
more than that part of you which thinks, feels and acts consciously. I
mean also that supra-conscious will which organized your mind and
body and gave you the ability to live and think and act.

The spirit, self, or soul of you possesses an unseen organizing power

like the unseen influence of the magnet which forms the design with
the bits of steel. Your mind and body are effects of the organizing
influence of that potent spiritual will which is your real Self.

Trees, grasses, vegetables, flowers, animals and humans are all

spiritual magnets, and their forms reflect the unseen influence which
made them. They are visible effects of unseen causes. They are all
organizing minds.

Now you will begin to use your spiritual imagination by thinking of the
individual minds that organize all physical forms. You will begin to
conceive of the spirit of things as real. The acorn, for instance, is not
merely a material form. It is a living spiritual will with a purpose or
design hidden within its spiritual being. It develops its dormant
powers by appropriating the warmth of the sun and the chemistries of
the earth to form roots and trunk, branches and leaves, until its
purpose is manifested as a majestic oak.

The mind or spirit of the animal possesses still more wonderful

potentialities. It is not rooted to the earth. It is intelligent in motion.
But superior to all living forms is humanity which has the self -
conscious ability to think and will, and to direct all the forces of the
Universal Mind so that it becomes a co-creator in fact and potentially
the Creator's hands at work.

Your unseen mind is a most powerful force. It is the life and

organizing power of your physical body, and is so complete and
superior that it will still live and clothe itself with an objective spiritual
form when the physical body no longer exists.

Your soul or spirit or mind, (I use the words interchangeably),

radiates a spiritual and also a mental state and grade in ways that
are not visible to mortal eyes but are blatantly apparent to us. For

you, you will see the net result of your efforts all at once at the end
the end, that is, of your mortal life when you ascend from your earthly
shell to join us here in spirit. Then will even you be made aware of
your true being, to your delight or sorrow depending on how honestly
you have viewed your circumstances and prepared your way to the
future. For now, reflect on yourself frequently by the Light of the
Ever-Present within, and follow where the Voice directs you. When
you apply yourself with objective sincerity you will find your way to a
better future.



Caress the earth with your voice. Sing her into spring and warmth.
See the earth breathing with a steady pulse; she is alive! She will
greet you all with gifts.

Spiritual adventures are not all off in faraway places. You can
witness miracles as close by as your own front door. If you are "in
tune," you can create them at will. Your participation in as simple a
gesture as greeting the earth can raise the vibrations of the
atmosphere around you. Just think of what could happen if your

whole day were filled with simple but uplifting expressions of joy!

We think you are ready to step into your own spiritual power. Not as
a god or goddess in a different realm, but as a truly aware, soulful
being who brings greetings of light to all in your world. Make up your
mind. Is this your gift from the Almighty? Will you carry out your life's



The shining light at the end of the tunnel is your own soul. It
beckons and gleams, waiting for you to emerge from the darkness
and embrace it in full light. The tunnel has no distance, really. It is
an illusion which falls away as soon as you understand that all you
need to do is accept yourself, body, mind and soul, as a divine gift.
Accept yourself and live as a model of Light. Being one with the
Light, places your soul at the center of your person and, as such, it
radiates inspiration through every part of you. Heaven is not so far
away when you can feel its warmth within.


We seem to be of two parts, a lesser self and a higher self. When the
lesser gets into trouble, the higher steps in and helps it. When the
lesser questions, the higher supplies the answers. It is the lesser self
which has created the outward appearance by which we are known
to our peers. The higher self is our true, immortal self, the Voice
within us, representing the Creator's will, wisdom and love. Most of
the time, we hear the Voice faintly. Mortals call it "conscience". But if
we cultivate it, question it and listen, and try to follow it, it grows
clearer and clearer. Eventually it is possible to receive inspirational
thoughts, uplifting messages or powerful truths from this Presence.
Not always are these inspirational ideas acceptable in the outer
world; but still, they represent truths toward which humanity can
strive. They can give hope, strength and upliftment. They can give
meaning to life. They can help a person overcome fear, and establish
one's life on a firmer, happier foundation. The all-highest truth is
available to humanity in the present age. It is our salvation. Someone
will bring it forth, and put it to work. It is the coming thing in the world.
Many people will express it in many different ways. Watch for it.


Suppose everything were taken away from youyour friends, your

home, your work, all the things surrounding you which are
comfortable, agreeable and I enjoyable. Suppose you suddenly had
to leave all this and go to another place among strange people,
strange surroundings, and uncertain living support you? Would you
have any faith, courage or strength? Or would you be reduced to
utter despair? Judge ,yourself as to how much of the consciousness
of the; Creator's Presence you have, developed. How much more do
you need to develop before you are ready 'for' any contingency?

A Power greater than yourself has created your present living

conditions and put you in them. You are dependent upon that power.
You should try to understand it and cooperate with it to a greater
degree every day. This should be your most important interest and
purpose. For it is your real security, your real joy of living and peace
of mind. It is the means by which you can make your life worthwhile,
and which will enable you to repay your Creator for the blessings you
enjoy, and for the great gift of life eternal He has given you.


Welcome home, dear friends. We have been awaiting your return

from your worldly pursuits to find solace in our focus of peace, Light,
and truth. We gather here with you, doing our work on this side of the
Great Divide as you concentrate along with us from your side. In that
harmony we fill your being with the energy that will nurture your spirit,
lighten your burdens and harmonize your thoughts. We will so fill
your mind with the Loving Power that we hold so dear, that you will
be lifted into a state of greater resourcefulness than you possessed
in the past. As you bring your true self into the Light of the focus you
will see yourself at last as you truly are: radiant and resourceful,
peaceful and poised, strong of will and loving, just as we already see
you under your earthly shell. You will blossom forth in the way we
already perceive you, an angel in the bud.


Believe in yourself. You are strengthened and protected every day by

your personal guardians and mentors. If there ever was a time to feel
sure of yourself, it is now. You are blessed as well, and you will feel
our thoughts with you if you take the time to relax. Please accept the
loving gifts of spirit that the Creator gives you and live up to your
highest potential. You will create wonders of your own when you can
truly say that your life reflects the goodness of your spiritual ideals.


Sometimes, in moments of greatest need, and out of sheer

desperation, the soul of a person can break through and express a
light and strength it has never known before. These words proclaim
the great truth, that a Supreme Being created us in love and for love,
and that a life of joy, peace, beauty and perfection is the ultimate
attainment for all human beings. Imagine that the Almighty is
speaking these words from within your nature:

"I am with you, present in your soul. Give me your recognition, your
faith and your love, and you will release the dynamics of My Being
throughout your nature. I created you for joy and love. Believe this!
Act the part of a joyful and loving person, and you will see! Keep
persistently at it, ignoring all contrary suggestions and all other
limiting thoughts which enter your consciousness. I have always
been with you from birth, giving you of myself, sustaining life,
carrying on all the functions of your body, enabling you to do all that
you have chosen to do in your lifetime. With all other things, I have
given you liberty. Because the mortal world is in darkness, unaware
of My Presence and Power, you have, like everyone else, gone
along with it during most of your life, failing to recognize Me, and to
use My Light in you. My plan is that My children shall help to upraise
themselves; and thus they will grow as divine souls, and become
instruments of My Will, Wisdom, and Love, in this world, and in
higher and higher worlds to come. You can this moment help to heal
yourself by giving me, your Creator, recognition by affirming My
Presence and Power, and by creating with Me thoughts and feelings
of goodwill, faith and peace for all."


Angel hosts of the Almighty bless your soul with peace. You can
make yourself receptive to their inspiration. You can find a new light
to live by. You can change yourself. You can become a happier
person without changing your circumstances or your environment. It
won't be easy, but you can do it. You need only to start elevating
your thoughts to a higher level where you are in tune with the
heavenly beings who serve the Creator. Aspire to be an instrument
of the Creator's light and love. Dedicate yourself to serving His
purpose of world upliftment. You will have the backing of millions of
angelic workers. Determine to rid yourself of self desires, attitudes,
motivations and opinions that interfere with the flow of heavenly light
and love. Praise the Creator. Recognize His Presence in all life, and
especially in every human soul. He is the Light of your soul and every
soul. It is your destiny to become wholly one with Him.



In climbing the highest mountains, exploring the polar regions,

searching into space and under the oceans, people have given their
lives. In standing for what they believed to be right, people have
given their lives for spiritual reasons as well. These are examples of

consecration which inspire us, O Creator. We, too, are engaged in a
great and challenging task, the conquering of self, and we need the
same kind of courage and determination. The awakening, uplifting
and freeing of the soul of humanity is Thy Purpose in this age; and
Thy Hosts have come close to earth to inspire and strengthen
mortals, and otherwise help in unseen ways. But, the path of mortals
is not made easy thereby. The work they must do for their own
development is not done for themselves alone. No savior is going to
redeem them. They must redeem themselves; that is, they must free
their souls from the darkness which has made them suffer, and
produced turmoil on earth instead of a kingdom of heaven. We are
repeating back to Thee, O Jehovih, what Thou art impressing upon
our souls. Thou art giving us a sense of the value and importance of
what we are doing, and we are inspired by the admirable
achievements of others. Thank Thee for enlightening us with new
realizations every day.



Honor the person inside you, the soul that is coming to Light. Each
day will flow smoothly if you are true to your real self, your higher
self. This is evident to those who contemplate, but has yet to be

discovered and reinforced daily by most initiates to the spiritual life.
Perhaps it will come later, after you have learned through trial and
error. Perhaps you will learn it in one fell swoop, after a sudden
change from the ordinary round of daily activities. But we emphasize
the truth to you now, so that you can begin to make it happen. The
heart of your true self beats strongly even if you cannot hear its
pulse. The Light of the Creator is immortal, so you can be assured
that, 'whenever you decide to give space and time and nourishment
to your seedling soul, it will be there, ready to grow.



We do not want to be alone, or separate, or to possess any

spirituality or soul power we are not willing to see in others, and
share with others. We would give to everyone, O Creator, everything
that we have and are. If I would be more loving and kind, I must see
loving kindness, and affirm it, and have faith in it, in others. If I would
be more wise, I must see wisdom in others. Whatever I aspire to
express of Thy Presence, O Jehovih, I must recognize it, and give it
my faith, in every soul in my world. If I have a problem with another
person, and do not want to hurt that person so to establish

harmony between us, I will praise Thy Presence in their being, and
see and affirm qualities of understanding goodwill. I will feel and
know that Thou art as strong in that person as Thou art in me, or
stronger. I will feel that Thy inspiration dominates their
consciousness, and will know that our problems will be settled
amicably. Thou art inspiring every soul with peace, and the desire for
peace. People are willing to lose self for the sake of peace. The
world is weary of war and competition. Thy light of peace and
goodwill overspreads the planet, creating changes in human nature,
and making all things new.


Even though we pass through deep, dark clouds, we possess

Jehovih's lamp, the Light that lights everyone that comes into the

The splendor of the Infinite Intelligence, which shines within our

souls, pierces the gloom, and tells us that we shall emerge.

The inner intelligence of intuition gives us a pleasing hope, a fond

desire, a longing to live forever.

From the same source comes a secret dread, an inward horror of

falling into naught, of perishing. Our souls shrink and are startled at
the thought of destruction.

But the Divinity that speaks within us is the Voice of Heaven itself,
inspiring the idea of a hereafter, an eternity of progress for all human

We proclaim exultantly the truth:

"The stars shall fade away,

The sun itself grow dim with age,
And nature sink in years,
But we shall flourish in immortal youth,
Unhurt amidst the war of elements,
The wreck of matter, and the crush of worlds."

We do not let our vision of immortality weaken our efforts to do good

while we are here in this world of mortality. Our hope is an inspiration
to greater activity. We shall reap all the good we sow.

Our souls are immortal but the condition of our continued spiritual

existence will depend upon the use we make of our spiritual talents
and powers in the present.

This earthly strife is our opportunity to advance from strength to

strength, and to develop well-knit souls; and then, all battles won, we
shall mount joyfully to the greater opportunities for greater growth
which eternal life affords.


Thou art in command, O Creator, and Thou art dealing with the
darkness in and around us. It is not darkness on an individual level,
but is of our heredity and surroundings. We see individuals as divine
souls, forms of Thy will, wisdom and love, who are conquering the
darkness, who were born to conquer it, who are Thy loved sons and
daughters destined to become like gods and goddesses in the
highest spiritual realms. We would see no failure, no faults nor
weaknesses in individuals, but only in the spiritual atmosphere
surrounding mortals, and affecting everyone alike. We are apt to call
some individuals evil and some good, but in Thy sight, O Creator, the
evil are not to be condemned, nor the good to be praised, and thus to
be separated from one another. All are like fruit growing on the same
tree, some ripe, some unripe, their condition being due to
circumstances of birth and surroundings. Thou art the Supreme
sower and Reaper, O Creator. All are Thine. Thou art watching over
them, the greenest as well as the ripest. Thou seest the full potential
of every seed soul. We would see everything as Thou seest, O
Jehovih, and learn to sustain our awareness of Thy Presence under
all circumstances; for Thy glory and the all-highest good of all souls.


In affirming Thy Presence, O Creator, we are not trying to make

something happen, but are trying to keep ourselves aware of what is
happening? In answering our critics, we do not want to explain or
defend ourselves, or talk about ourselves for any reason, though we
may do so at times. It is not our purpose to be examples for others of
superior soul expression, but to help awaken others to Thy Presence
in themselves, to help them see how they can conquer their fears,
and become happier, healthier human beings; doing this not for the
sake of the self-side of persons, but for Thy sake, O Creator, and for
the betterment of humanity as a whole.

As long as we think about ourselves, talk about ourselves, and plan

for ourselves, we are not striking the right keynote. Our effort must be
to constantly think and talk about Thee, our Creator, to build up our
awareness so that we are able to see Thy Presence in all people and
all things, being willing to accept whatever comes our way and make
the best of it. We affirm for everyone that Thou art with them,
speaking in their souls; that Thou art victorious in them now and


We are all the Creator's children in the Eternal Garden of Light and
Love. We are all flowers blooming with fragrance and loveliness
unique to each one. We are all evolving, growing and developing in
our own way and in our own time. No one can be hurried along for
the sake of getting to a certain stage of growth earlier. There is a
purpose to our development, to allow us to expand forever in
consciousness, in love, and goodwill to all souls everywhere. When
the expansion stops, we are then at a turning point in our life where
three choices are possible: to stay on an upward path, to stagnate, or
to go downward in our grade of light. Sometimes our choice is not
even made consciously. It is done almost involuntarily by our
subconscious in accordance with the level of light that is within us at
that time. However, it really does not matter in the long run.
Whatever your choice is, you will eventually reach your true destiny,
wherever it is that you wish to be. It may take you a longer time if you
make a choice that is not right for you. But it is no big loss, for you
learn along the way that every error teaches you a different lesson.
As long as you learn that lesson and move on, all is well. The Creator
does not punish or recriminate because of your poor performance or

bad decisions. You are your own judge and you will judge yourself
more harshly than anyone else will. The Omnipresent provides well
for all children that they may grow to be gods and goddesses in the
celestial realms.



Angelic soul power, a measure of our soul's worth. We don't have

any scale set up and waiting, but it is a value worth computing under
a discriminating eye. As far as value to others and the Creator goes,
it is being looked at all the time so that our talents may be applied
best. We aren't judges in a legal sense where people are divided
into "guilty" or "not guilty"; we only see relative merit and force and
dynamics at the time of examination. But examination goes on
thoughtfully all through the centuries, all through our soul's growth. It
is a challenge to be on our toes and examine ourselves to see if we
have progressed. Eventually, we too will be part of teams who
choose individuals for work based upon their soul's growth.

We can always aspire to more: more health, more dedication, more

service. As our picture of "power" grows, we can grow to fill it. It is a

lasting, detailed expansion and develops with our knowledge of the
Creator. Assess your soul's power and climb closer to your Creator
through a plan of marvelous, inventive steps.



It is not through a strict self-denial that we can free the soul to do Thy
work more perfectly, O Creator; but it is in building up our
consciousness of Thy Presence and Power, and attuning ourselves
with Thy Will, Wisdom and Love. This accomplishes a gradual
diminishing of the pressures and demands of the psychic world, and
an involuntary and almost unnoticed loss of the desires which held
us bound. So, our practice is not one of asceticism. Instead, our
energies are directed toward building soul awareness and ent, and in
working together harmoniously to provide such things as have
become necessities in our present state of growth. We try to let go
within ourselves. Our soul builds up its consciousness to be free from
bondage to earthly things, and to be one with Thee.


Light eternal shines on all souls, rich and poor, intelligent and
ignorant, good and evil. For what is one without the other? There is
no difference between the two opposites. One is merely the reflection
of the other. If you believe you are good, you have only to look into
the mirror to see potential evil. The dichotomy is within you. You are
the master channel switch. You have an internal program through
which you can create alternate pathways. You are the super
computer that can perform any functions you desire. Be aware of the
opportunities to do both good and evil. The difference is really not so
dramatic to anyone who has erred. You will remember the lessons
learned, the slight hesitation before you made the plunge in the
opposite direction from what you first intended. You will remember
the slight confusion, the dull ache in your head and heart, yet still you
plunge onward regardless of the warnings of your Inner Light. All of
you have experienced this at one time or another. None of you are
immune. For only the Creator is All Wise, All Knowing, and All
Powerful. The lessons learned in corpor are useful later on when you
are in the spirit world. You must strive to grow and to learn while you
are in corpor. The maturity of your spirit will depend on these lessons
learned. You are immortal and as such must seize each opportunity
to learn and to develop all your faculties to prepare for your journey

into eternity!



You can be the master of your mind, or it can master you. It is so

easy for the mind to jump from one thing to another. We find
ourselves wandering off into mundane thoughts, or worrying about
some trivial or unfounded problem. We delve into the past or dream
of the future. Now is the time for us to be masterful, and take the
reins, and pull all the loose ends together. Turn to Jehovih within
your being. Let His purpose control your thoughts and feelings. Think
of what you can do and express as part of His divine work for
humanity. What kind of person do you want to be? Do you want
yourself to be open to the reception of every thought that is floating
around in the composite mind of the world, or do you want to carve
out your own destiny under the inspiration of Jehovih and His angelic
hosts? Do you want to live from your highest light at all times, and
make it impossible for darkness to get control of your thoughts and
feelings? You have the power to be what you want to be. So start
now to be your own master, and let Jehovih come forth through you
to bless the world. You are the captain of your ship. Steer it into clear

and sparkling waters. Peace and love be with you always.


It is a clich to say, "Nobody is perfect." But it is probably the most

true of all truisms, and is well worth remembering. It helps us to be
patient with one another. He is a fortunate person who has the ability
to recognize his own faults. If he makes an effort to overcome them,
and become a better person, he is travelling a high road, and can
attain a degree of soul power that will make him an effective
instrument for changing the world. He attracts to himself beings of
high estate who work with him and through him to influence the lives
of many people by way of soul inspiration. In past ages, the Creator
prepared and raised up prophets and messiahs who were pure and
good by nature, and who were outstanding light-bearers in their era.
The light-bearers of today are not outstanding leaders. They were
not born pure and good. They are people who are unhappy with
themselves, and dissatisfied with the conditions of life around them.
They number in the thousands; and they are common people,
recognizing their oneness with the limitations and weaknesses of all
mankind. But they see that there is a spark of divinity in every human

soul, and they know that somehow it must be awakened, vitalized
and brought into expression. They see that if they want to attain to
freedom of soul and mastery of self, they must make an effort,
express their strength of will and purpose, turn to the Creator for
help, and attune themselves as best they can with the All Highest
Light. Such people are instruments, in the hands of the Creator, for
world upliftment. There are thousands of potential "saviors" of the
world who do not want to be prophets or messiahs, who just want to
conquer darkness, express peace and goodwill, and help to make
the world a happier place for everyone. Perhaps you are one of


Whenever you are without good feelings, you can produce good
feelings by means of thought. - You can meditate upon, visualize or
fantasize good and beautiful things. You can affirm, "I am that. I am
good and beautiful. I am strong in soul, able to be kind, loving and
compassionate. I am one with all that is good and beautiful in the
universe. I am an outgoing instrument of light and love." If being
radiant with good feelings is something you really want, nothing can

defeat you. Thoughts of self are put aside. You are aligning yourself
with the power and will of the Almighty. You are opening yourself to
the inspiration and exalted feelings of celestial beings. They rejoice
in the fact that they can use you to bring light, love, peace and
goodwill to the submerged souls on earth.



It is just as easy to be a bearer of light as a bearer of darkness. Just

switch your thoughts and feelings to the highest you can conceive.
Rededicate yourself to the beautiful plan of the Creator to lift
humanity out of its bondage of darkness. Be determined not to let
yourself be pulled into the negative states of self-pity, self-criticism,
and feelings of anger at others. You may wish and dream for the
happy, carefree times you had when you were young, but see the
good in the present moment. Remember how far you have come in
spiritual awareness and development, how much wiser you are
today, and how much more useful to the Creator. Youth is a beautiful
time for some, yet there are many who suffer in childhood and
adolescent years. This should not be. You are part of a divine plan
that will change this, and will make a beautiful world for babies to be

born into. We don't like to think of the darkness of the world, but we
must be strong enough to face it, and yet rise above it. You are the
master of your soul and mind. You can direct your life toward the
light, or toward the shadows. You know how much better you feel
when you are attuned to light and goodwill for all, how uplifted you
feel, how like your real self, the one you want to be always. Be a
bearer of light, and you will be enfolded in the Creator's light and love



Welcome a beautiful dawn. See the delightful hues of the rainbow in

the sky. Reflect the glory of the rising sun and be a veritable soul
giant, full of Light and Love for all. Radiate thy Light and Love to all
souls who need it. For there are many who flounder in a sea of
misery created by their own negative thoughts, and these negative
thought forms return to haunt their creators. You are the Sons and
Daughters of the Creator. You have an indomitable will that will
conquer all. Use that will to raise yourself above the sea of misery
and rise into the bright sunshine. Soar like an eagle into the clouds.

Sing songs of praise like a nightingale. Open up thy inner being to
radiate the Light and Love within to all.



The Cry of the infant Divinity in humanity has been heard by the
mothering love of the divinity in Angels; and the Creator, through the
Angels, has responded to this cry.

The infant angel of power in you needs to be vitalized by the love of

the Creator's ministering Angels all the days of your life so that you
may grow in wisdom and power among mortals.

The angels of the Ever-Present will nourish and strengthen your

growing Divinity. They will also give you of their inspiration and
protection as you co-operate with the Concord of Creators they have
organized for that Purpose.

The Creator, who is the very nature of all physical and spiritual forms
in the universe, created you to express and personify Divine Will,
Wisdom and Love.

You were created with free will that you might gain wisdom from

experience. Wisdom will inspire you to exercise your goodwill with
others for the benefit of all humanity.


Take charge of your life. Don't let yourself be washed along like a
twig adrift, floating aimlessly and mindlessly wherever life's currents
randomly carry you. You are already an angel in the making, and
therefore a "god" in the making. At this moment you are your own
personal "god", for whether you realize it or not, you are already in
control of your own destiny. Because whether you choose to apply
your mind and your will to direct your own destiny, or whether you
choose to passively stand by and let external influences direct your
course, yet it always remains in the final analysis your choice.
Therefore, whatever has come to pass in your life, whatever you
have experienced and endured, has ultimately been the result of
your desire to either act, or even not to act, for your ultimate good or

Because you are ultimately in control, you are responsible and you
yourself are the only one to credit or to blame. This can be a
sorrowful realization if your life has not been all you wished it to be,

but at the same time it is a realization of hope and blessing because
it reveals to you also that if you are really responsible and are really
in control, then by definition the power to change is always at your
disposal. All that is required is a conscious choice, and remember
that a host of angels stand ready to assist you when your will
manifests. With an eternity before you it is never too late to change,
never too late to start anew, never too late to alter your course. You
have the power to overcome your own inertia and to act.

Organize your thoughts, plan your actions in small incremental steps

and begin. Begin anywhere. How about beginning where you are,
right now! Take the first step, however small. Then take another, and
another, and fairly soon you will find yourself in a new place. A place
that is happier and more fulfilling than the place you are in now. That
is the remedy for stagnation and it is called premeditated growth. It
starts with the question "What do I want?", and it is always there
waiting for you to open the door and begin.



Self has a way of popping up unexpectedly. When you think you did

something rather great and without self in mind, you suddenly feel
proud of yourself, and are mentally patting yourself on the back. This
is a natural reaction, and is sometimes needed to give
encouragement for things well done. But let us always remember
that Jehovih works in and through us when we are doing something
that helps others. He gives us the inspiration and the drive to help us
keep trying, and even opens avenues to help us accomplish our
goal. So let us take time out to praise and thank Jehovih.

We will do an even better job if we don't let self get in the way. When
we work entirely from a self motive, we shut out Jehovih, and are
influenced by the lower spirits who don't want us to recognize Him
and His Presence within us. So let yourself relax when a problem
looms up, and put yourself into the hands of your Creator, and let
Him give you the highest inspiration to go forward and solve every
problem with ease, wisdom and love

The personality and the soul of a person might be seen as two

different parts of one entity. The personality, or lesser self, thinks,
talks and acts on one level of being; and the soul, the higher self, on
another level. In what they express they can be very dissimilar. With
most people, the thoughts, feelings and actions of the personality

dominate the person's life, and the soul is submerged. Personalities
are often annoyed, worried, angry, bored, frustrated, critical,
complaining or hateful. But the soul holds opposite attitudes. It is
calm, poised, kind, agreeable, harmonious, full of gratitude, praise,
faith and love, seeing the good in all people and all things. The
individual in whom the soul is strong takes control of his existence
and refuses to give expression to the dark and negative qualities of
the lesser self. Ask yourself, ''Am I a strong soul?" Determine to be
more in control of your life. Be on the bright side for the sake of the
good you can do for mankind.



You are your own destiny. You control what happens to you and
those close to you. You can achieve what you really desire. The
Creator's children are all endowed with the Ever-Present's Power,
Will and Love. You just have to learn to use them for unselfish
purposes. Guard your channel of Light carefully and nurture it with all
the spiritual devotion you are capable of.

Think carefully, for you are at a turning point of your life. You can
continue to grow, to stagnate, or to start a downward decline. The
choice is always yours. You must tune in daily with your angelic
hosts and meditate and communicate with your Creator. Just
remember whatever talent that is not used or exercised will cease to
exist, whether it is in the corporeal or spiritual worlds.

You must make your own choice in order to receive the end results.
Life is not static. It is forever moving, growing, dissolving and
regrouping. You must learn life's rhythm and flow along with it and
not let it overwhelm you. To yourself be true. You alone can cross
that bridge. You alone can make that turn in the road. You alone can
travel upward or downward as you desire. No one, not even your
Angelic Hosts, have the power to redirect you. You must accept all
the credit and take all the blame. Therein lies maturity.



When you discipline yourself to do something which should be done,

but you would rather not bother with, you are building up will power
within your being. This is important to a growing soul. Many people

like to "take the easy way out". They rationalize and make all kinds of
excuses to themselves and to others for their inaction. But when you
go ahead and make yourself do it, not begrudgingly, you are taking
another step forward to becoming a stronger soul, your own master.
The next time it will become easier. As you use your will power to do
something, you must also use your faculty of "wisdom". It will be
beneficial to you in the end, and in some way beneficial to others as
well. Will, wisdom and love are the three important faculties. All
should strive to develop these to their highest degree. We talk a lot
about love and we stress its importance to bring this world into
harmony and peace. Will and wisdom, coming from the highest light
within, are needed to face the problems on the way, to make way for
unselfish love to take over and heal the hearts of all humanity.


When you are dealing with the world, you will have opportunities for
inharmony and disturbance. You will have chances to get mentally
upset, but there will also be a challenge for you and an opportunity to
draw upon your inner Soul Power, which is Jehovih, to handle the
situation from a wiser and higher Light, and to use your inner talents
and power to solve the problems wisely. It will do you more harm

than good to let yourself get angry and disturbed. You can still be
positive and strong when handling a situation that calls for your will,
wisdom and power.

Angels become strong souls because they tackled all problems from
the inner guidance of Jehovih within, not as separate individuals
trying to buck the world to make the "wrongs" right! People in Uz will
try to take what they can from others, without any conscience at all.
Realize it is darkness expressing through them and appeal to their
higher self when trying to deal with them. All are "temples of the
Living God Whose spirit dwells within their souls!" You must sustain
your Faith in the Ever-Present and throw off any feelings that would
put you in the same category as those being expressed by others
you are bound to contact in the outside world.


Waves of peace sweep through your body and soul, calming you,
relaxing you, letting your soul rise to a higher sphere of thought and
being. Breathe in the life-giving ozone in the air. Open up your soul to
the energizing sunlight and the blue sky. Be ready to receive all that

the Creator gives you, all yours, free, free of all obligations, free of all
limitations, but full of love, life and power. Be that lucky person to be
open enough to receive His boundless blessings. Be ready to
explore the limitless universe He had created for our progression.
We are all gods in the making, though some advance faster than
others. Be careful of the obstacles along the way. See them for what
they are, obstacles to be overcome and hurdles to go over. Every
obstacle strengthens your power. Nurture that power and let it shine
like a sun in the sky, to light up your world with wisdom and power.
Be ever relentless and vigilant like the waves. If one attempt fails, try
again. From failures you learn, but if you had never failed, you could
not have learned your lessons in life. Otherwise, why would an
Omnipotent Creator put obstacles and failures in our path? By His
Will and Power, he could make everyone's life smooth and serene,
never a mishap. If He had done that, none of us would grow and
learn to become a tower of strength in Wisdom and Power. In His
infinite wisdom, the Creator created trials and tribulations for us all so
that we can grow and in so doing become worthy of His love.

Life is to be lived to the full. Grasp every moment and use it to

advance yourself spiritually. Don't waste time on trivial things.
Concentrate on only the essentials and always allow time for spiritual
development. Time trickles away while you are involved in all the
mundane things of living. Turn that trickle into a golden stream of

light and love, ready to be diverted to anywhere and anyone in need.
Develop the capacity to be able to still your mind on a hectic day,
even for 5 minutes, and dwell on a higher plane temporarily. You will
find power and strength there to help you go through the rest of the

Beware of your mental powers. Do not direct your thoughts into

useless and negative channels. Always think that you can do
whatever you have set out to do, easily and calmly. With the help of
the Angelic Hosts, any task can be accomplished. We watch over
your development each day. We realize that difficult conditions are
slowing you down. Now we think it is time to move on. Time for you
to make a few changes in your life and adjust to a new way of living,
free from frustrations and anger, time to think about what you wish to
accomplish in the future.

Much happiness is waiting for all those who are inspired to follow the
higher path. The path is never smooth. It is always easier to follow
your lower inclination because you are then going downhill, but if you
try to stretch yourself by going uphill, you will find that you can
master the situation. The obstacles get easier and easier to
overcome as you persist in your effort to go ever higher. There is no
summit in this upward climb, and therefore no anti-climax similar to
the one when you reach the mountain-top. No matter how high you

climb, you still have awe-inspiring vistas in front of you. You never
quite reach the mountain top, and therefore, you always want to see
how much higher you can go and when you will finally be there!

Many wonderful things occur to you and to those you love along the
way, and the number of your loves expands as you go higher and
higher. You must help others to ascend before you can ascend
yourself. After a while, you grow in wisdom and love by being a
sympathetic and compassionate helper to all souls who need
prodding along the way. Much can be accomplished on this ever
upward, ever higher journey. You alone will set the limits of your
accomplishments. All corporeal factors of limitation no longer apply
on this journey. The spiritual factors will be the limiting ones. Can you
let go of self? Can you sacrifice your own progress for others? Will
you? How much patience do you have when you are trying to teach
some unfortunate souls the undeniable upward path and they do not
progress at all? Will you love them as much as you love your
corporeal family? Will you love them more? Many times you will be
tried, and many times you will be sidetracked or stopped on your
upward path. Will you have enough spirit to persevere?

Ponder carefully on your strong points and apply them well, for you
will need all these good qualities to help you in your struggles to
remain on the upward path. You can go upward or downward. It is up

to you. Jehovih's plan is to never let anyone stay on any plateau for
long. Travel onward you must, and only you can plan on the direction
and speed you will take. We can only guide and help whenever there
is a request for us to do so.

Make your plans now. Map out the stretches of etherea that you
would like to visit, all the different peoples and different worlds you
would like to help, and believe that with our help you can and will
accomplish all that you have planned. This journey is no different
than any others you have undertaken. Careful planning and winning
strategies will make your trip an enjoyable one. Be as informed as
you can be. Make all the preparations now!



We want to express the true self, O Creator! The true self, the soul, is
not severe, not extreme, not objectionable to anyone, but always
relaxed and happy in the awareness of oneness with Thee. It has an
aura of goodwill about it. It does not set itself up as a paragon of
virtue, or as an ideal attained, as an example for everyone to
emulate. It asserts love for all, liberty for all, faith in all, without

criticism or condemnation. It does not try to change others. It gives
faith and strength to the true self of others by means of a
demonstration of trust. It radiates this trust, awareness and oneness,
expressing it in actions rather than in words. The true self is not
disturbed when criticized, or when others fail to recognize its worth. It
concentrates upon Thee, Jehovih, to whom all praise and glory is
due. It does not wish to build up its own image in any way. It puts in
the foreground its faults rather than its virtues in order to resolve and
control them. The true self has an awareness of Thy Presence and
dominion in all, Thy Love and wisdom in the universe, and a divine
destiny of harmony, beauty and perfection for all Thy children.



As always, your attitude determines the quality of the environment in

which you live. Our job as your angelic mentors is to see that the
thought atmosphere that surrounds your being is of the highest
quality possible. This mental atmosphere, however, is there for you
to take or discard as you see fit. By cultivating the right attitude, you
create the best mental state to allow those exalted thoughts to flow
into your consciousness to your ultimate benefit and the benefit of
the spiritual work we are trying to perform through you. There is so
much we wish to infuse into your consciousness and, in order to

accomplish that most effectively, you must engage your mental
capacities in such a way that they harmonize with us in all your
expressions and in your deepest comprehension of the Great Truths
that govern all Life.

Think as the angels do, not in the context of your limited world, but in
the context of an ever expansive and infinite universe; not in the
terms of limitation and lack, but in terms of abundance for the
enrichment of body, mind and spirit. Think not in terms of fear and
worry, but rather embrace the courage of those who know the power
that dwells within them and who are one with the Infinite through
Faith. Those who recognize the oneness of all creation and
comprehend the great Truth that we are all brothers and sisters of
the one Ever-Present Creator are free from jealousies, enmity or
contention. In fact, they are free of all of the negative propensities
that dominate and control the lives of those who dwell in darkness
and who are unaware of their purpose and destiny as personified
expressions of the Great I AM traveling on an endless journey
through an unlimited universe of ever expanding delight. Yet, this is
the awareness in the realms where angels dwell, and this is an
awareness that can already be yours, here and now because you are
already an angel. It is your temporary immersion in corporeality that
clouds your perception and holds you back. But realize that it is only
your perception that restrains you. Change your perception, change

your paradigm, and you can change your experience: "Know the
Truth and the Truth shall set you free, it is just your perception, and
nothing more, that sets you apart from Me."

You can be the master of your mind, or it can master you. It is so

cozy for the mind to jump from one thing to another. We find
ourselves wandering off into mundane thoughts, or worrying about
some trivial or unfounded problem. We delve into the past or dream
of the future. Now is the time for us to be masterful, and take the
reins, and pull all the loose ends together. Turn to Jehovih within
your being. Let His purpose control your thoughts and feelings. Think
of what you can do and express as part of His divine work for
humanity. What kind of person do you want to be? Do you want
yourself to be open to the reception of every thought that is floating
around in the composite mind of the world, or do you want to carve
out your own destiny under the inspiration of Jehovih and His angelic
hosts? Do you want to live from your highest light at all times, and
make it impossible for darkness to get control of your thoughts and
feelings? You have the power to be what you want to be. So start
now to be your own master, and let Jehovih come forth through you
to bless the world. You are the captain of your ship. Steer it into clear
and sparkling waters. Peace and love be with you always.


There is so much to be learned yet regarding the power of positive

thought and alignment with the hosts of the Almighty. If you could just
realize the possibilities that are right at your fingertips you would be
rightly overwhelmed, but not scared off, we hope. More in awe, we
think. And this isn't just you as one individual; that potential power
leaps in magnitude once connections are made with other souls of
like orientation and dedication. There is no reason on earth - or in
heaven either, for that matter - for one to go about moping and in a
negative energy imbalance. The causes, if examined, lie waiting to
be dissipated with the love, beauty and divine spirit of optimism that
each soul possesses deep within. Instead of artificial barriers,
concentrate on developing new thought patterns when situations call
for creative solutions. The world isn't out to "get you"; rather, it is a
teaching resource for further awakening our divine talents.
Remember, you are never alone. You may be responsible for
initiating your own soul growth, but aid is always there to help us
meet life's challenges with enthusiasm and a clear perspective.



Your thoughts are powerful. Your will is powerful. You are a creator.
Look at your thoughts, your will and your feelings, and judge them.
Are you creating with the highest light of which you are capable? Are
you creating with the best you can conceive? When you have a quiet
moment, do your thoughts drift aimlessly? If focused, what is the
level of their focus? Where are you? Are you with mortals or with
angels? What is your wavelength? Is it low or high? Are you positive
or negative? What are you giving to the people around you? Judge
yourself, and if you dont like what you see, change yourself.
Whenever you make an effort toward self-improvement, you have
the support of higher beings, those who serve the All Highest.
Whenever you give an uplifting thought or feeling to others, you are
truly attuned with the higher beings, and they make use of your being
to improve the condition of all mankind.



Stand constant guard over your thoughts and feelings, and let
nothing that is dark or negative speak through you or rule you. If you

could see what is transpiring, you would be delighted. Imagine
beautiful angelic beings close by at all times. Know you are never
alone in your efforts to stay attuned with the Creator and His
purpose. Your mundane activities and responsibilities need not be a
strain on you. Relax and know that everything is in the Creator's
hands. Give everything to Him, Feel that your most important task is
holding to the light and being an instrument for creating harmony and
goodwill. Believe you can do all things you want to do in the Creator's
service. Do not admit to any handicap. You are a strong, radiant,
beautiful, talented soul, one with many in the work of transforming
the world. There is no end to the service you can give. You can be
alert, aware, attuned, and full of enthusiasm for life such as you have
never known before. Feel that you are just beginning to understand
and put into practice the truths of eternal being. Let love for all be
your chief aim in life, and all good works will follow.


Wherever we are, Thou art there also, Jehovih. Whatever we do,

Thou doest with us. Thy Almighty Will responds to our every thought
and feeling. If our thoughts and feelings are high, and for the good of
others, we attract high, beautiful, benevolent beings who hold us in

their protective light, and use our good feelings to help others. If our
thoughts and actions are low and destructive, we attract low spirits
who use us for their own selfish and evil purposes. We are magnets
for either light or darkness. The seeds we sow in Thy great universal
garden are of our own choosing. We can make a tangled mess of
weeds, thorns and briars or a beautiful garden of lovely fragrant
flowers to uplift the souls of all in our world. Let us clear the soil this
day and make it clean and free of rocks and weeds. Let it be rich and
nutritious for the planting of our seeds of love, harmony, peace and
goodwill. Let us be careful what goes into it so that nothing mars its
growth and beauty. It is up to us to create the kind of destiny most
desirable. We are immortal souls, capable of going forward and
upward, developing many talents and faculties in worlds without end.
The earth life is but a beginning, the embryo of all that lies ahead. We
gain experience here which can decide our future in spiritual realms
above. We attract to ourselves companions who are either high
raised beings or spirits of darkness. We are in charge. The Creator is
with us all the way. Praise Him for His wisdom, power and love.



When all else seems to fail, there is always Jehovih. He is always
with you. Whether you are up or down, His Spirit within your soul will
always guide and strengthen you. Let His light and love flow through
your being and flood out the negative, depressing thoughts and
feelings. Let His Presence go forth to the world around you. The
more you give out His light and love, the more will flow back to you.
See the good in all living creatures around you, animals and humans
alike. They are your world. You attract to yourself whatever you give
out. There is reason and purpose behind all your contacts and
experiences in this mortal life. If you want better experiences, you will
have to change your attitude toward life, be more outgoing, be more
tolerant of others, and give up some of your desires for self. Change
anything that cuts you off from acting and feeling as a divine soul.
You are the master of your destiny. You are an instrument of either
light or darkness. Jehovih needs you as part of the divine plan to
uplift all souls in darkness. Awake, arise!

Let His light shine through you to bless the world.