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QUESTION: The situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question


CO-SUBMITTERS: Spain, Malaysia, Japan, Angola
CO-SPONSORS: Ukraine, Venezuela, Egypt, Senegal

The Security Council,

RECALLING all previous resolutions, in particular 2254, 2268, and 2334,

RECOGNISING the violation of international law by the illegal settlement of Israel,
DEFINING the illegal settlement by the act of violating the Article 49 of the 4th Geneva Convention,
RECALLING the Article 49 of the 4th Geneva Convention, forbidding to transfer civilians into territory
NOTING that there are about 6.5 million Palestinian refugees,
EMPHASIZING the urgency of the illegal settlement issue, and the terrorism and violence that harm
Palestinian civilians,
EXPECTING the agreement between Palestine and Israel on the issue of settlement in occupied area,

1. Calls upon the following organizations to take action in the case that there are terrorists and
violence in the disputed area, such as, but not limited to:
a. UN Peacekeeping forces,
b. Military operations of the Quartet (in cooperation with neighbouring forces) that are
made up of,
i. United Nations,
ii. United States of America,
iii. European Union,
iv. Russia,

2. Calls upon The UNHCR to ensure the security, the right and the standard of living of refugee in
another state that is already agreed to accept such as but not limited to:
a. Providing necessary humanitarian and financial aid for all refugees and their families
such as but not limited to,
i. Food and water supplies,
ii. Standard Health care,
iii. Education for juvenile refugee,
iv. Refugee camps, hospitality aid
b. Ensuring the integration of the culture of refugees in another state

3. Consider Palestine as a sovereign state that should receive equal right as Israel such as but not
limited to:
a. Permission to join,
i. United Nations committees,
ii. International Court of Justice;
ii.Ensure the right in receiving fair jurisdiction,
iii. General Assembly with the right to vote,
iv. Security Council as an observer state in the topic regard to the issue,

4. Urges the leader of both parties to conduct the meeting and negotiate in implementing new
resolutions, such as but not limited to:
a. Agreed by permanent five nations of United Nation Security Council,
b. Followed international law,
c. Ended the settlement of Israel in Gaza strip and West bank,
d. Stop violence and terrorism in disputed area,
e. Achieved two state solution,

5. Condemns any actions and activities that can lead to misinterpretation or push forward to
dangerous disputations, such as, but not limited to:
a. Illegal settlement in any of both parties territories,
b. Violence actions that would further develop the conflicts
c. Leading propaganda and demonstration,
d. Terrorism such as but not limited to;
ii. Hezbollah

6. Further invites Secretary General to attend Security Council meetings regarding cases such as,
but not limited to:
a. Three month meeting of security council on the matter,
b. Urgent updates on any ongoing conflicts in the disputed areas involving issues, such as,
but not limited to;
i. The assassination of key individuals in either party
ii. The killing of civilians including refugees
iii. The possibilities of civil war between both parties
iv. Acts of rebellion and/or revolt involving in the use of force
v. The intervention such as but not limited to, both parties on one another
ii. other countries on the disputed region

7. Declares Jerusalem to be the neutral zone in which both Palestine and Israel can perform acts,
such as, but not limited to:
a. Conduct activity in accordance with their religious beliefs,
b. Possess equal access to resources in the region,
c. Be used as the place where both parties exchange ideas, culture and tradition,

8. Further requests Israel to take actions, such as, but not limited to:
a. Move their citizens out of the illegal settlements in West Bank,
b. Destroy the Israeli West bank barrier,
c. Stop exploitation of natural resource within Palestine territory,
9. Emphasizes the Quartet of the Middle East to take following actions:
a. Conduct the meeting every two month to report and update issues to Security Council,
b. Encourage every countries to act in accordance with its road map,
c. Endorse the negotiation of Palestine and Israel to meet the desire of both parties,

10. Decides to remain actively seized on the matter.

1.lots of people were killed-> violence, terrorist attack

2.refugee suffer
1,2 -> situation need to be reported
-illegal settlement(neutral zone)
3.two state solution provided by un is not achieved