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Moreover, long before the idea of

Poros Maritim appears as a vision

that carried Jokowi administration,
aspiration to make Indonesia as a
maritime state has been coined
first by Sukarno. Departing from
Juanda Declaration, Indonesia
finally recognized as Archipelagic
State or the island nation by the
international community. The
island nation is a concept covering
the whole territory of the unity of
the whole cluster of islands and
sea in it. Archipelagic State
recognition concept advocated by
various diplomatic efforts over the
years under the leadership of
Sukarno to Suharto. Sukarno was
so understanding the potential of
Indonesia, especially in the
maritime forces supported by
geographical location. History
notes that fighters Indonesian
archipelago has always triumphed
in the sea. Call it the kingdom of
Srivijaya and Majapahit that uses
the power of the sea to expand the
power and controlled trade in the
archipelago became an important
lesson for Indonesia to realize that
the sea is a strategic asset that
must be maintained.
Future Potential of Indonesia
In geo-political and geo-strategic,
Indonesia is located between two
continents, Asia and Australia and
two oceans, the Indian and Pacific
region is the most dynamic region
in the world arena both
economically and politically. The
strategic position of Indonesia has
the advantage while placing a high
dependence on the marine field,
and very logical if the marine
economy (maritime) made a
footstool for national economic
On another level, the international
recognition of the existence of the
territorial waters of Indonesia
includes four things: the
archipelago waters, territorial sea,
continental shelf boundaries, and
limits the Exclusive Economic Zone
(EEZ). By being aware of how vast
area of sea which is owned by
Indonesia coupled with cross-
strategic position, it should have a
positive impact for Indonesia.
Indonesia geographically is a
coastal country with 2/3 of sea
wider than the land. It can be seen
by the coastline that exist in almost
every Indonesian island roomates
Also the make Indonesia Become
the second country that has the
longest coastline in the world after
Canada. This power can be one of
a big potential to Indonesia to bring
forward the economy of Indonesia.
Food and Agriculture
Organization's data is in 2012
stated that Indonesia is the third
biggest country in the world in
consuming fish after China and
India. Besides, the sea of Indonesia
saves 70% of oil Because there are
about 40 basins that can be found
in the sea of Indonesia. By this,
there are only about 10% that has
been explored and used.
In addition to the field of fisheries
and food, Indonesian tourism is
also a very strategic market for
realizing inndonesia as shaft
maritime world. Indonesia has
kebergaman cultural and natural
conditions are very beautiful
especially baharinya travel.
Potential potential above is the
cornerstone in determining why
Indonesia wants mwujudkan itself
as the pivot maritime world.
Building a Vision
President Jokowi in his statement
that he would like to Indonesia
Become Global Maritime Exist is
not without reason. Indonesia as a
coastal country and the biggest
archipelago need to form a
concentration to improving
Indonesia potential sources in
Maritime. This need to be, driven
by awareness towards Indonesia
opportunity to widen the Indonesia
Maritime Power.
In other hand, Indonesia at the long
time ago, specifically in Majapahit
Kingdom period, show the
Indonesia (Nusantara) at that time
has experience the golden age of
Maritime Power under Gajah Mada
This case shows that Indonesian
society is still not Tirrenus the
significant potential of maritime
that Indonesia has by not exploring
the sea maximally. With the big
potential of Indonesian maritime;
biotechnology industry, sea, deep
ocean water, marine tourism,
ocean energy, ocean minerals,
sailing, defense and maritime
industry actually can give a big
contribution to the walfare and the
prosperity of Indonesia.