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Product Features:

The definition of Enterprise Resource Planning is an integrated software solution

used to manage a companys resources. ERP systems integrate all business
management functions, including planning, inventory/materials management,
engineering, order processing, manufacturing, purchasing, accounting and finance,
human resources, and more. for more details

PrismERP is an incorporated enterprise business solution that allows administering

business oriented operations for conglomerate. It providers a centralized framework
to integrate and automate all business processes of an establishment with the aim
of increasing operational efficiency and improving the accessibility and flow of
information across all departments. PrismERP is the automation of any business
processes which offers customer & vendor management, multilevel inventory
management, POS (Point of Sale), core business accounting, employee & payroll
management, LC management system, user access management and customizable
advanced reports. It is an uncomplicated and user-interactive solution that leads the
business owners to momentous financial control and better management of their
business development. PrismERP is an integration of core business modules which
have the ability to maintain your all-encompassing business.

The System offers an advanced IT system that can transform traditional government
to e-government. PrismERP provides an excellent open-ended platform which fulfils
all the needs and up-to-date challenges of government office. Our system is highly
secure and integrated to help in inter-departmental decision-making process.

Effective Operations
The ERP solution ensures smooth operation of policy making and monitoring

E-Governance through ERP solution brings efficiency on the whole system through
fast and easy processing of task

Public Service
ERP system creates a culture of accountability in the country

The ERP system promises and provides citizens the ability to hold the authority
bodies accountable

Modernize System
A modernise system achieved by the ERP system will help government to stay up to
date with global infrastructure and latest technology

Protect the government authorities from intruders, hackers and unauthorised entity

GDP Growth
An ERP based system operates task in a faster and error-free manner which helps
increase the economy rate


An ERP solution combines with software, hardware, network, data center, training,
security implementations etc. Complete updated solution is a must from PrismERP
for ensuring better usage


An ERP system combines with additional custom modules required by the
government along with common departmental solution. Basically all the generic
solutions or module are integrated with the customized module

A security solution can be considered with ERP system to ensure maximum level of
software, network, physical layer security for a government organization or
authority so that they may keep their business records and data highly confidential


PrismERP helps government to establish call centre integrating with ERP system for
their interior and exterior services so that they can serve the best possible
outcomes or solutions towards public and provide faster support from the system


SMS & email for every notifications

PrismERP solution ensures notifications and alerts via SMS and email to its people

Implementation of firewalls
Implementation of firewalls becoming mandatory to safeguard the government
authorities from intruders

API integration between authorities

One authorities might require to integrate with other authorities to exchange data
as per their data access permission

NID Verification
Government organisation may require to validate NID (National ID/SSN) for the
people which can verified through ERP API integration tool

Integration with National Data Centres

National Data Centres of a government provides services to the government
authorities and bodies to share & collaborate data and infrastructure facilities which
can be integrated via API

Mail Server
Government authorities might require own central server for managing incoming and
outgoing mails to avoid third party email services to ensure highest security of email
SSL Certificates
SSL certificate is mandatory in web or cloud based services provided by ERP System
of a government authority

Pay scale Verification

Pay scale might be verified to the respected department or authorities for level wise
access control or communications

Bank & Payment Integration

Bank & payment gateway integration is a major part of revenue collection,
immediate recognition and reconciliation if required

DNS Server
Domain Name Sever (DNS) is required to manage multiple hostname instead of IP to
ensure easy internal and external accessibility of data and services

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Virtual Private Network including encryption is an option to make additional security
layer to communications between offices and its stakeholder connections


Platform Ready
PrismERP is a platform independent and ready system for your business. Easy to
deploy, Easy to Learn, Intuitive and Lightweight System

Integrated System
Forget your integration complexity. PrismERP is completely integrated with other
modules and having the open options to integrate with 3rd party systems

m-D Business Support

PrismERP supports almost every types of business by its presets. There are
approximately 30 types of business are already implemented successfully

Migrating Old Systems

Want to migrate from old traditional system (eg. Tally) to modern PrismERP System.
Its Ready

Every Job Role

PrismERP Meets demand for CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, CTO, CMO

Every Size Of Business

Small, Medium, Large Enterprises can acquire PrismERP because of its diversified
design and pricing matrix

Every Type of Industry

PrismERP Addressing Trading, Distribution, Manufacturers, E-Commerce,
Governments and rest of all

PrismERP has versatile core business modules which are capable to manned &
manage administrative managerial business propositions entirely & centrally

- Cloud based
- High end
- Cluster supported
- Supports any database
- Deployment in any Platform

PrismERP Modules:

Configuration & Settings

Financial Accounting
Setting & Configuration
Chart of Accounts
Cash & Cash Equivalents
Inventory Control
Product Configuration
Inventor Operations
Cost of Goods Sold Management
Inventory Stock Management
Purchase & Sales
System Settings & Configuration
Procurement Process
Purchase Operation
Sales Operation
Delivery Management
Fixed Assets
System Settings & Configuration
Serial Number Management
Procurement Management
Purchase Management
Assets Stock Management
Distribution Management
Depreciation Management
Service & Warranty Management
System Settings & Configuration
Warranty Claim
Warranty Management
Service Management
LC Management
System Settings & Configuration
Import LC Management
Export LC Management
Back to Back LC Management
PI / Indent Management
Payment Management
HR & Payroll Management
System Settings & Configuration
Employee & HR Management
Time Attendance Management
Leave Management
Payroll Management
Supply Chain Management
System Settings & Configuration
Order Management
Procurement & Development
Warehouse Management
Inspection & Inventory
Production Control
System Settings & Configuration
Raw Material Management
Production Scheduling
Production Floor Planning
Production Order Management
Production Management
Customer Relation Management
System Settings & Configuration
Customer Profile
Event Management
Customer Performance
Administration & User Control
User Management
Access Control
Audit Trial
MIS & BI Tools
Extensive Report of different Modules
BI Tools for customer centric report generation
Technical Features:

PrismERP is fully secured from intrusion. It has a separate Admin module that
enables defining login permissions role wise. Moreover,

Logins are fully password protected

Passwords are system generated
Required to be changed after every regular interval
At login, displays last login and log out time
Approval- Process can be applied Purchase/Sales and Formulas
Formulas are fully secured

PrismERP is a web based solution, it supports Linux & Windows platforms. PrismERP
can be installed and configured on any local server of your office. If a dedicated IP
is configured on the local server, all other location can connect on the ERP server
by typing the IP on the URL bar of their respective browser. The system can run
easily in Mozila Firefox 7.0 or above, IE 7.0 or above, google chrome 20.0 or above.

PrismERP is developed using the latest web 2.0 technology that recognized by
technology inventors and users worldwide. Current world assume these technologies
will last and update for next century. Tool used in PrismERP development are
Python, PHP, SQLalchemy and jQuery. Though PrismERP is developed using the web
technology but it is also provides desktop client interface facility for desktop based
users. Tools used in desktop interface development are Qt and PyQt.

System Requirement:

Processor: Intel Pentium IV or AMD Athlon 64 X2 or higher.

Memory: Minimum 1GB Ram
Hard Disk: 60GB HDD
Display Properties: 800 x 600 or higher
Operating System: Windows, Linux, MAC
Web Browser: IE 8 or higher, Firefox 4 or higher, safari, opera, and chrome.
Software required: MySQL 5.0.45, apache 2.2.10, ActivePython- & it's
dependencies, apache-tomcat-7.0.14