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Syndicate 12 YP 54A

Opak Goreng Marketing Plan

Background & History

UKM Pakreng Listia Rasa located at Subang, Jawa Barat

Supported by CIEL SBM ITB to developing the business
One Quintal of Cassava become 30kg pakreng
The 30kg pakreng become 60 pack every 2 days
One month of production yield 450 kg pakreng


The company The company consist of production, marketing and accounting department
Supplier Cassava supplier and raw opak supplier when rush order
Marketing Intermediaries Direct to consumer
Public The opinion of public is strongly affecting the brand awareness among other
consumer than advertising
Competitor The competitors are Maicih and Karuhun which has known among the
Bandung people for cassava chip.
Consumer The people who live, work or travel in Coblong area.


Demographic The amount of people on Coblong area affecting the sales probability
Natural Opak goreng is made from cassava which is grow well in Subang area
Economic The average income of people who live in Coblong area represent the buyer
Technological Still using traditional tool on production process
Politic No politic activity affecting this product yet
Culture The habit of mostly Indonesian to consume snack made from cassava

Marketing Mix (4P)

Product Price
Opak Goreng Not more than Rp. 10.000 for 100g package
Oriental Rp. 4.000 for small wrap
Sambal Goang
Green Tea/Thai Tea
Place Promotion
Coblong Area Discount package
CFD Endorsement
Collage Direct to consumer
Customer Profile
College Girl on 17 25 age range
Student Girl on 13 16 age range

Implementation to Expand Business

Packaging Improve packaging into interesting look like Maicih or Chitato
Flavor Adding more flavor choice such as cheese, green tea or based on consumer
Selling Process Increasing the selling with various promotion strategy such as
endorsement, event sales and buzz promotion
Branding Build brand awareness for this product to increasing sales

Action Proposal

Packaging Because we can't change the actual product, we improve the packaging
become more attractive.
Price Based on research, price will be affected consumer to purchase the product. Because
Opak Goreng is not a new product, it is like traditional snack. So, price for 100g not more
than Rp 10.000
Place To introduce the product, we prefer to sale it directly to consumer such as on CFD
or event, college and school, because for new brand product need to introduce by give the
consumer some sample of the product for free.
Flavor To differentiate the product and give more value we added some flavor option such
as cheese, green tea, BBQ, etc.
Promotion Using social media for advertising and endorsement, discount package and etc.

Cost production is for packaging and adding flavor.

Key performances indicator to monitoring progress are sales and people awareness about the