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Newsletter June, 2008


Don't miss the Summer fun we have lined up for your AVKO
entire family!!
A non-profit
* Two practical tips on READING - Organization, AVKO focuses
Choral & Silent Reading Speed on the development and
* Reading For Understanding, Kits 2 & 3 production of materials and
* NEW AVKO MEMBERSHIP Benefits techniques to teach reading
* and spelling, handwriting
"Homeschooling on the Seas" - It's and keyboarding.
a vacation, it's homeschooling, and it's
even AVKO workshops, presented
AVKO Membership: $25.
by Professor AVKO himself, Don McCabe, Benefits:
all rolled into one!! 5 FREE E-books,
25 % Discount on all AVKO
books, for 1 year
1. The Teaching of Reading
Need Advice? and Spelling:
2. Starting At Square One
Need advice about AVKO products? Have a question about 3. To Teach a Dyslexic
4. New Benefit The Reading
your child's reading or spelling? Teacher's Book of 5,500 Basic
You can speak to an AVKO associate, Spelling Words
5. New Benefit The Patterns of
English Spelling with New Word
Toll Free 1 866 285-6612
Families Put in Sentence Context
,Vol 1 (Nine more to come !)
Monday - Friday, 9AM - 5 PM EST

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Increase Silent Reading Speed Sequential Spelling 1-7

Word Fam. In Sentence
Reading For Fluency
A Teaching Tip
What is Dyslexia?
A Fun Freebie
If you want to help your child increase his
silent reading speed, there are two major
AVKO Calendar
ways. One, spend lots of money on speed
reading technology. Or two, once a day
you can have your child read as fast as he
can with a pencil while you set your kitchen timer for 10
minutes. When the timer dings, he stops and marks his place.
He counts the lines he has read and enters into his journal.

Each day he tries to read a few more lines than the day
before. The one thing you will want him to do in addition to
reading as quickly as he can, is to underline any word of
which he is not 100% sure. You can tell him the reason.
Things that are not important, we skip. We don't want to skip 18-25Alaskan Cruise Don
words and give our God-given computer brains the wrong McCabe, AVKO's Research
message. Things that are important, we underline. Director and author of all
AVKO's books is featured on
a 10 day cruise with
The message becomes clear to our computer brains that there workshops for the entire
is a problem to solve. Quite often, after underlining the same family at
word several times, your child will know what the word is "HomeSchooling
without knowing why he knows. Or, because he knows that On The Seas"
word must be important to know, he will ask, "Hey mom,
! AVKO Foundation is
what's this word?" And he'll remember it.
presenting the following
special workshops onboard:
Please visit our website ( AVKO) for more free ideas on how
to teach reading, spelling, and keyboarding. - The Mechanics of English
- Mouth Control or Get Outta
To Those Who Worry About Reading My Face! Get Off My Case!
From a letter By Robert E. Kay, MD (Ret) Psychiatrist - Accentuate the Positive;
Eliminate the Negative
A very-big problem (both at home + in
See the unspoiled frontier
school) is putting kids ON THE SPOT to that is Alaska, view the
give the correct response when we breathtaking natural
already have the answer in our head; wonders, including islands
and towering mountains
i.e., that's scary, inhibiting, and carved out by glaciers over
rage-producing! 1,500 years

In the meantime, a well-known educator has said that she

believes that the reason why schools do not emphasize Reading
Choral Reading as the #1-above-all-other methods is for Understanding
that it's much too simple and might put too many people
Exciting News!
out of work.
For many years we have
This is also known as reading-in-unison, shadow-reading, mentioned on our website
that Reading for
Holdaway's shared-reading, or the neurological-impress
Understanding by Thelma
remedial-reading technique; i.e. two or more people read Gwinn Thurstone, is an
together. excellent commercial product
for teaching reading
comprehension. It is typically
sold to schools and is very,
That is: - "Say the words with me, or right after me, but I
very expensive for the
will NEVER ask you to read out loud all alone." average person to use for
Thus: - the use of high-interest good stories, magazines,
We have found a wonderful
and newspapers - both at home and in school - should website that has the Reading
result in the elimination of all dumbed-down reading For Understanding Kits 2 and
books, phonics programs, most learning-disability people, 3. Those of you with older
students who need reading
as well as a lot of formal testing. comprehension practice at
about the 5th/6th grade
This would mean a lot less money going to folks, like begin with Kit 2. Kit 3 starts
at about 9th grade level.
myself, dealing with those many kids who've been made
to feel like failures at an early age. The RFU Kits are one of THE
best ways for a student to
advance in silent reading
Anecdotes comprehension.

Please Be Aware:
The website was developed
THINGS TO REMEMBER by a school for students who
attend tutoring sessions and
can use this website online
When I die, I want to die like my with their answers going
grandfather--who died peacefully in his sleep. Not directly to their tutors. So
even though it says "click to
screaming like all the passengers in his car."
submit to send you answers"
--Author Unknown on the website, do NOT do
Advice for the day: If you have a lot of tension
and you get a headache, do what it says on the When your child has an
aspirin bottle: "Take two aspirin" and "Keep away incorrect answer, either
have him explain to you why
from children." --Author Unknown
the answer sheet's answer is
better than the one he chose
"If life were fair, Elvis would be alive and all the - or explain why his answer is
impersonators would be dead." --Johnny Carson wrong. Let him know that
"mistakes are opportunities
to learn." Most students can
Suppose you were an idiot And suppose you were complete two to three cards
per day.
a member of Congress. But I repeat myself" --Mark
Twain Please be sure to follow the
advancement directions in
"Our bombs are smarter than the average high red at the top of the web
page. Remember, each
school student. At least they can find number advancement means
Afghanistan." --A. Whitney Brown a slightly more difficult
readability. Staying with the
same number, but a different
letter, means your child has
another opportunity to
successfully complete that
Here is the website URL:
Reading For Understanding

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