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Enhancing Students Awareness about the Value of Nature by Creating

Impactful Project-based Assignment in School and University

Rediscovering the value of nature is really important for the sustainability of

the earth and the human beings. As a youth, we should be more understand and

caring for the nature because it gives us so many things, including the supporting

system of our lives. Actions and implementations are needed to achieve the full

understanding about the value of nature, and it should be learned and done as a

daily basis from when we are still in our productive ages.

One of the ways of creating actions from the youth is for School and

University to create a project-based assignment about nature for every student in a

group. The project should be one of the requirements for students to pass the school

or university. The project should be related to nature and of course, impactful to both

society and environment.

In the project, student may form a group consist of 5 members. The project

will be assisted by 1 Mentor aim to be the facilitator for the students. The students

may pick the implemented project location in their country. The project location

should be related to the topic that the students want to improve. There are many

aspects to develop in the implemented locations and one of them is natural resource

Natural resource development is really associated with nature, because the

students should do initial research about the nature before they may begin the

projects. This initial research is the gate for the students to engage with nature. The

reasons why project-based implementation is the answer to make youth care about

nature is that because this program is about knowing and understanding nature, then

after that we let the students give further analysis about the current problems in the

given area and let them be creative about the solutions they may implement.

The general preview for this program is first initial research, then followed by

selecting project areas and formulating problem definitions, then creating creative

ideas to solve the problems, then doing actions and implementations to the projected

area, and lastly making full report and make sure that the solutions are sustain.

All of these steps for the program is believed to make youth not only know

about nature but also they will create a sustainability for the implemented project. So

that this project will benefits the participant and also the societies.