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find .

-name test
ade refreshview { -label <labelname> | -latest [<labelseries>] |

ade setview <view_name> [-bad_servers <label_servers>]

ade okdstry
ade okinit
ade showseries fusionapps
ade showlabels -series FUSIONAPPS_PT.PRJM6A_linux
ade createview -series FUSIONAPPS_PT.PRJM6A_linux -latest <view_name>

ade createview -label <label_name> <view_name>

ade useview <view_name> : Set the working context to the specified view.

ade begintrans -bug <bug no >

ade co <file name > if in that directory else

ade ci <file name >

ade beginmerge (<< IF the view is not at the latest label then it shows then
excute command : ade refreshview -latest)
ade mergetrans
ade endmerge

ade aborttrans [-force] [-purge] [-no_restore_dos | -no_restore

ade diff pjb_revenue_generation_pkg@@main/,....

for jave files :

for running jaudits : adf-config has to changed.. once pregmerge tool is run ..
cd $ADE_VIEW_ROOT/fusionapps
ade co -nc prj/componenets/projectsFinancals/.adf/META-INF/adf-config.xml
always refreshv iew

-d fusion_run_time/

revert to the old one by :

ade unbranch prj/componenets/projectsFinancals/.adf/META-INF/adf-config.xml

removes the adf-config.xml from transaction

check it as
ade describetrans

ade settransproperty -p BUG_NUM -v 14103006 14093593 14093555

backport bug to RUP3 from REl6 INT
-bl lable is the label on which view has been created
ade begintrans -bug 14271955 -fromtrans lveerubh_bug-14189616 -bl

ant patch -f ../fabuildtools/lib/build-patch.xml -Dmode=dev
-DgraphFile=build_metadata/graph.xml -Dbaseproductfamily=prj -Dbug=14189616
-Dtransaction =lveerubh_rfi_backport_14189616_11.
(To build the patch... Command used by ARU)

(3:37:23 PM)

-d fusion_runtime/ -j
delTest/PjbInvoiceProtectedUiModelTest.jpr -DBreakOnError=0

To bring transaction from another branch to current branch:

ade begintrans -xbranchmerge -fromtrans ******* -no_restore

In : Get_Reg_ExtnEvt_Transactions

TYPE ExtnEventCurType is REF CURSOR;

l_ExtnEventCursor ExtnEventCurType;

OPEN l_RegEICursor FOR G_RegEIIncrdStmt USING l_ClineStartDate,
l_ClineEndDate, l_ClineStartDate, l_ClineEndDate,

-- This procedure will return Y if the next billing
date for this bill plan falls within
-- current bill from date and bill to date


p_ContractId => p_ContractId,
p_BillPlanId =>
p_BillingCycleId =>
p_BillOffsetDays =>
p_BillToDate => G_BillToDate,
p_ContractStartDate =>
p_ContractEndDate =>
x_EligibleForInv =>
X_RETURN_STATUS => l_ReturnStatus,
X_MSG_COUNT => l_MsgCount,
X_MSG_DATA => l_MsgData