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duly 47,2017 soar Shannon Trotter Sroserle Oxgonizofon Local Liquor Control Commissioner ‘ol Acie Residents 121N, LaSalle St City Hal, Room 800 Chicago,IL 60802 Dear Commissloner Trotter The Streetorvile Organization of Active Residents (SOAR) was recently notified of a formal ‘notice of an application for a Tavern, Public Place of Amusement fled by a proposed Firewater River East LLC. thas come to our attention thatthe proposed proprietor(s) currently operate a simiar estabishment in the Chicago area, and that establishment has had ongoing 911 ‘complaints of rowdy behavior, late night noise, theft and battery in adafton to several other problems. Streeteruile residents object to ths type of establishment in the community asi oes not serve the needs and profile of the community. Therefore we are opposed to the issuance ofa liquor icense to Firewater Saloon ‘The proposed new establishment at 403 E. Iinois Street is adjacent to many residential buildings and a very busy pedestrian sidewalk used by local residents and vistors. Navy Pier and other adjacent buikings are family oriented locations, and the patronage of the proposed ‘Tavern and Place of Amusement would be in conflict with the area residents who are presently altracted fo the Streeterville neighborhood due tits atmosphere. We have received letters of ‘concern from area residents ‘SOAR respectully requests your commission to reject this application in order that the ‘eighborhood not suffer any nuisance that would prevent Streetervile from being one of Chicago's most desirable neighborhoods to iv, work and enjoy. “Thank you for your commission's consideration of the needs ofthe neighborhood's residents and vistors, Sincerely, Deborah Gershtein President. SOAR ‘Streetervile Organization of Active Residents daershbein@soarchicago.ora 24d E Pearson, Suite 102 ‘Chicago,IL 60611 312-280-2596 ce: 42 Ward Alderman Brendan Relly SOAR Board of Directors Working to Kesp Sterile a Neighborhood