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Tug-of-war recognised as UNESCO intangible heritage

Tr chi ko co c UNESCO cng nhn l di sn vn ha phi vt th

The Vietnam Department of Cultural Heritage reported that tug-of-war which is a
common folk game across the entire world, had been recognised as a UNESCO intangible
heritage on December 2.
Tng cc Di sn vn ha Vit Nam cho hay ko co l tr chi dn gian khp th gii c
UNESCO cng nhn l di sn vn ha phi vt th vo ngy mng 2 thng 12.
The decision was made during the 10th session of the Intergovernmental Committee for
Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Windhoek, Namibia, held from November
20 to 2 December.
Quyt inh c cng b ti k hp th 10 ca y ban Lin chnh ph v bo v di sn vn
ha phi vt th din ra t ngy 20/11 n 2/12 Windhoek, Namibia.
In 2013, South Korea Department of Culture Heritage invited Vietnam to compile a dossier
to highlighting tug of war among Cambodia and Philippines. The dossier was completed in
March last year and the collaboration proved a success.
Vo nm 2013, Tng cc Di sn vn ha Hn Quc mi Vit Nam tham gia xy dng h s v
nghi l v tr chi ko co cng vi Campuchia v Phillipines. H s Nghi l v tr chi ko co
c hon tt vo thng 3 nm 2014 thnh cng tt p.
According to UNESCOs regulations, each country is only allowed to submit one case per
year and the collaborative submission is not counted. UNESCO also encourages countries
to collaborate to better protect their traditions and display cultural diversity.
Theo quy nh ca UNESCO, mi quc gia ch c php c mt h s mi nm v vic
tham gia h s a quc gia khng b tnh vo sut 1 h s c xem xt. UNESCO cng khuyn
khch cc quc gia cng nhau hp tc bo v di sn vn ha phi vt th v tn trng s a dng
vn ha.
In Vietnam, tug-of-war is played by during festive events across the country and it is also a
popular game for several ethnic groups. It is a cultural tradition of Vietnamese
agricultural, expressing hope for favourable weather and bountiful crops. During the
festivals, tug-of-war show cases the teamwork, discipline and spirit of the players.
Vit Nam, tr chi ko co thng c trong cc l hi trn khp c nc v cng l mt tr chi
ph bin i vi mt vi cng ng dn tc thiu s. l mt truyn thng vn ha ca nn
nng nghip trng la nc Vit Nam, th hin nim c nguyn ma thun, gi ha, ma
mng tt ti. Trong cc l hi, tr chi ko co th hin tinh thn tp th, tnh k lut, sc mnh
on kt ca c cng ng.
With tug-of-war, Vietnam now has 10 traditions that have been recognised by UNESCO as
intangible heritage of humanity.
Vic nghi l v tr chi ko co c cng nhn l Di sn phi vt th a quc gia i din ca
nhn loi nng tng s di sn vn ha phi vt th nhn loi ca Vit Nam ln con s 10.