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Gender role within

Ruth L Lopez
Moises Ruiz
Miranda Valdescona
Nona Marquez
Agender roleis a set of societal norms dictating the types of behaviors which are generally considered acceptable,
appropriate, or desirable for people based on their actual or perceived sex or sexuality.

Asetofbehaviorsthatindicatesone'sgender,specific. theimageprojectedbyapersonthatidentifiestheir
femalenessormaleness;anovertpublicpresentation ofgenderidentity

Thebehaviors,attitudes,andactivitiesexpectedor commonformalesandfemales.Whereassexrolesare
essentiallybiologicallydetermined(ensuringsuccessful reproductionandformingthebasisofsexualdivision of
labor,inwhichwomenareassociatedwith child rearing),genderroles(behaviorthatisconsidered
masculineorfeminine)areculturallydetermined.In theUnitedStates,forexample,menaregenerally
expectedtobeindependent,aggressive,physical, ambitious,andabletocontroltheiremotions;women
aregenerallyexpectedtobepassive,sensitive, emotional,nurturing,andsupportive.Thesetraditional
genderrolesfrequentlycomeunderattack,especially fromwomen.
Moises Ruiz
Gender roles within a culture: Within the Latino community, especially Mexicans, there are gender roles that one abides by
as you grow up. Not just your typical roles that another moderate cultures may have, but in the Mexican culture there can be
hyper-masculinity, other wise know as Machismo where the male gender role takes on more traits than a typical male
would have. Macho men are typically display more male gender roles such as: being tough, fighting, hunting, not showing
emotions/fear, not caring, providing and independent. That is typically how Mexican men tend to show their worth to the
opposite sex, like a peacock displaying its feather, but in a masculine way.
The other side to the hyper-masculine role is hypo-masculine, which has some traits and aspects a female role would have,
such as: dependence, caring, helping, compromising (submissive) and showing of emotions. Men who typically display
such traits are seen as feminine, or called maricon (lady bug) which is another word for gay (homosexual) in Spanish.
Hyper-masculine males will typically bully and name call other males who don not follow the status quo on gender roles
and are seen as not-manly. I found myself being told as a youth by my younger uncles no seas marica (dont be gay),
when I did not want climb a tree, or throw a rock at a dog, or light a firecracker (M80) and throw it at something or
someone. As I grew up my father took it upon himself to teach me basic mechanic skills like: change a spark plug, oil, or a
tire, because a boy needed to learn these thing in order to be a man.

Masculinity & Hyper Masculinity:

Provider & Protector
Restricted Emotion/Avoid being Feminine
Focus on: Toughness & Aggression
Achievements are top priority
Be Homophobic

Hypo masculinity /femininity:

Dependent/Unable to Provide
Fearful/Unable to Protect
Emotional - Weak & Fragile
Focus on: Caring & Helping
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