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Name of student: ________________________________ Class: Monday

Date: 24.07.2017
Week: 30
Time: 6.30 pm ~ 9.15 pm
Kipli Yassin Resources, Heritage Garden, Kuching
Subject: AddMaths Form 5

(1) In a factory, a machine produces a batch of straight plastic rods with the shape of right cylinder. All
plastic rods in the batch have the same volume but different radii and lengths. On a particular day, the
machine produced the batch of plastic rods in such a way that the radius of the next plastic rod to be
produced was twice the radius of the plastic rod that had been made before. It was known that the
volume of the first plastic rod made in the batch on that day was 256 cm .

(a) Given that the fourth plastic rod made in the batch had the length of 1 cm , calculate the radius,
in cm , of the first plastic rod made in the batch. [2 marks]

(b) All plastic rods in the batch were connected by their ends to form a long plastic rod. By
assuming that the plastic rods were infinitely produced in the batch, calculate the length, in cm ,
of the combined plastic rod. [4 marks]

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The gradient function of a curve which passes through A ( 1, -12 ) is 3 x - 6 x .
(a) the equation of the curve, [3 marks]
(b) the coordinates of the turning points of the curve and determine whether each of the turning
points is a maximum or a minimum. [5 marks]

4h m
(3) When Ahmad drops a ball from a height of h m to the floor, it rebounds to a height of 5 . The
ball initially drops from a height of 2 m m
. Find the height, in , to which the ball rises after two
bounces. [3 marks]

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(4) Diagram 4 shows the cross section of a floating cylindrical container. The cross section of the
container is a circle with centre O and radius 60 cm . The segment PQR is the section of the
container which is above the surface of the water. Q is the highest point and is 20 cm above the water
Diagram 4

60 cm

By using = 3.142 , find

(a) POR , in radians, [3 marks]

(b) the area, in cm , of the cross section below the water surface. [4 marks]

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(5) Diagram 5 shows a side elevation of the inner surface of a unique cup which can be represented by the
equation y = ax .

80 mm

70 mm

40 mm

Determine the volume, in cm , of the cup. Give your answer in terms of . [4 marks]

(6) The sum and the sum of squares of Miss Chua's monthly income for the first six months in the year
2015 are RM 12 240 and RM 24 975 000 respectively. Find the standard deviation of this monthly
income within those six months. [4 marks]

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3 -1
(7) The volume of a sphere is decreasing at a constant rate of 20 cm s . Find the radius, in cm , of the
sphere at the instant when the radius is decreasing at a rate of 0.2 cm s .
V = 4 r 3
[Volume of sphere, 3 ] [3 marks]

(8) The marks, X , of a group of 200 students in Biology are normally distributed with a mean of 45 and
a standard deviation of 13 .
(a) Find the z -score, if the mark of a student is 55 marks.
(b) Find the number of student who obtained higher than 75 marks.
[4 marks]

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