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Current Capabilities of TAPC

The goal of TAPC is to provide rapid prototyping, product development and engineering
support services to KFUPM students, researchers, faculty and industry clients upon
request in order to translate the innovations to produce industrial opportunities toward a
comprehensive R&D-based ecosystem.

At TAPC, we currently have a range of technologies and application domains such as

instrumentation, robotics, mechatronics, embedded systems, data acquisition/data
logging, circuit design/simulation, control systems, image processing, machine vision,
power electronics, condition monitoring and wireless communication systems.

The electronics laboratory serves to support hardware and software development at

TAPC. Part of the lab consists of programming software, electronics prototyping
tools/kits, and debugging stations. Moreover, we have capabilities in CAD designing/re-
designing and design optimization.

Following list gives an insight into the equipment we have at TAPC:

Design Software:
SolidWorks: For CAD design
NI LabVIEW: For system and application design

NI MultiSIM: For circuit design and simulation

We also have expertise in a range of programming languages such as (C, Java, and
Electronic prototyping kits:
myRIO: myRIO is a real-time embedded evaluation board made by National
Instruments. It is used to develop small electronic applications by utilizing its onboard
FPGA, microprocessor and LabVIEW software. Availability of myRIO starter kit, myRIO
embedded system kit and myRIO mechatronics kit gives us capabilities to design and
implement small to medium scale stand-alone applications.

Data Acquisition and measurement devices:

Analog Discovery device: The Digilent Analog Discovery is a USB oscilloscope and
multi-function instrument that allows users to measure, visualize, generate, record, and
control mixed-signal circuits of all kinds. We have a set of basic analog devices and
sensors available which can be used along with analog discovery to build mixed signal
(analog and digital signals) applications.

Multifunctional DAQ device: USB M Series devices are ideal for test, control, and
design applications including portable data logging, field monitoring, embedded OEM,
in-vehicle data acquisition and academic

Virtual Bench: Virtual Bench combines an oscilloscope, function generator and other
common instruments into a single device that connects to a PC or iPad.

myDAQ: myDAQ is a small scale Data Acquisition device that works along with a
desktop PC and NI software (LabVIEW and Multisim). It combines a comprehensive set
of plug-and-play computer-based lab instruments with portability for hands-on student

CompactDAQ (cDAQ): cDAQ is a portable, rugged data acquisition platform that

integrates connectivity and signal conditioning into modular I/O for directly interfacing to
any sensor or signal. cDAQ can be used with LabVIEW software to customize acquiring,
analysis, presentation and management of measurement data. cDAQ finds application
in the areas ranging from research to development to validation, NI provides
programmable software, high-accuracy measurements, and local technical support. We
have variety of I/O modules that broadens our capabilities in this area.

Industrial Scale Devices:

CompactRIO (cRIO): cRIO is a real-time embedded industrial controller meant for
industrial control systems. The cRIO is a combination of a real-time controller,
reconfigurable IO Modules (RIO), FPGA module and an Ethernet expansion chassis.
cRIO systems are often used as an industrial control unit. cRIO is commonly used as
stand-alone systems and are designed to run in a confined space, under harsh
conditions. Applications areas of cRIO are: Intelligent Systems for the Industrial Internet
of Things (IIoT), Power Electronics and Inverter Control, Condition Monitoring of Rotating
Equipment, Power Quality Monitoring, Transportation and Heavy Equipment, and Laser
or Hydraulic Control.

Other Devices:
NI Smart Camera: NI Smart Camera is an industrial, high-quality image sensor
combined with powerful processor to create rugged, all-in-one solutions for machine
vision applications. With NI Smart Camera Accessories, we can use it for applications
including quality control; packaging verification, robot guidance, optical character
recognition, and 2D code reading. NI Smart Camera integrates easily with
Programmable Automation Controllers (PACs), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs),
and industrial human machine interface (HMIs). Besides, it is configurable with Vision
Builder for Automated Inspection (AI) software and programmable with the LabVIEW
Real-Time Module and the Vision Development Module.

USRP: NIs Universal Software Radio Peripheral is a tunable RF transceiver with full-
duplex, MIMO operation having 2 channels and a bandwidth of 70 MHz to 6 GHz. It offers
bus-powered connectivity with USB 3.0 or USB 2.0. NI USRP-2901 can be used for the
following communications applications: white space, broadcast FM, public safety, land-
mobile, low-power unlicensed device (ISM) bands, sensor networks, amateur radio,