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Grava Action Plan

Person/Grou Date to be
Action Assessment
p Responsible Completed By
Meet with the leadership Me, Members October 2016 Plan and time line for the
team to determine what the of the professional developments
administration feels is the Leadership from the county and the
most important technology team, eCoach, tech time afterschool
initiatives Technology
Look at the SIT Plan Specialist
Initiatives from the
Dates for day PDs
Create a needs inventory Me, eCoach, October 2016 Completed Survey
survey for the staff to Technology
include: Specialist,
Smart Notebook tech team
Smart Response
Smart Board
Open Ed Resources
Office 365/One Drive
Performance Matters
Complete the inventory Faculty and October 2016 Results from survey
survey Staff
Review the results from the Me, eCoach, October 2016 Calendar
survey and create a plan of Technology
attack for the bi-monthly Specialist,
afterschool PD and the Tech Team
asynchronous online
Recruit Faculty Trainers Me, eCoach, October 2016 Faculty Sign up
Volunteers to help Technology
provide breakout Specialist,
sessions Tech Team,
Invite known experts Department
Faculty Meeting Presentation Me October 2016 Faculty Meeting Sign in
Outline the results of
the survey
Share the
Share calendar of
afterschool PD
Thirteen afterschool PD in Me, eCoach, October 2016 Sign-Up Genius for the
specified areas of need: Technology March 2017 teachers
Smart Notebook Specialist, Two times a
Smart Response Tech Team, month Feedback Google Form for
Smart Board Faculty each person that attends
Edmodo Trainers
Open Ed Resources
Office 365/One Drive
Performance Matters
Monthly Meeting of Me, eCoach, October Meeting Minutes
the Tech Team Technology March
Tech Team