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Detailed Lesson Plan on Astronomy

I. Objectives
a. To illustrate the surface of Planet Mars by means of drawing
b. To compare the Planet Mars to Earth by creating a Venn Diagram

II. Subject Matter

a. Topic: Mars
b. References: Astronomy: Journey to the cosmic frontier by John D. Fix
c. Materials; Visual aids and video film

III. Procedure

Teachers activity Students activity

a. Routinary activities Lets bow our head and feel the presence of
Everybody please stand. ____ Can you lead the Lord. Let us pray.
the prayer? Our Father, Who art in Heaven, hallowed be
Thy name; Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be
done on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this
day our daily bread; and forgive us our
trespasses as we forgive those who trespass
against us; and lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil. Amen.

Good Morning. Good Morning Maam.

Class Monitor, is there any absent for today? Maam theres no absent for today.

Okay! Nice to hear that. Before you take your (The students will pick up those pieces of
seat, please pick up those pieces of paper paper)
under your chair.

You may take your seat. Thank You Maam.

a. Review
Maam Mercury is one of the brightest planet and
___ Can you share with us about some the nearest planet to the sun and appears in
information you remembered about the Planet reddish color.

Okay, what about planet Venus? Maam planet Venus is the third brightest object
in the sky. It is the second planet to the sun and
has a color of silvery glow. Known as Twin Sister
of planet Earth.

Why it is consider as twin sister of planet

Maam because it has the same mass and size as
planet Earth has.
Okay, it seems you understand our previous topic.

b. Motivation
Lets play 4 pics 1 word
Divide the class into 3 groups. I have here set
of pictures. Each item consist of 4 pictures
under it is jumbled letters. Try to guess the (The student will participate to the
word behind those pictures. motivation)
Lets start.

On those pictures you guess, what words that

comes to your mind after seeing those set of Maam I noticed on the activity that those set
pictures? of pictures are all about the planet MARS.

Thats it!

D. Discussion

In our Solar System it composed of eight

planets. It is divided into two categories.
Between the first four planets and last planets
there is a belt that separated the Inner planets Maam its Asteroid belt.
to outer planets and it is?

Very good, The asteroid belt separated the

Terrestrial planets to Jovian planets. Do you
ever wonder how terrestrial planets evolved? Maam I think they formed because of impacts of
What do you think? other celestial objects.

Yes because of impacts and the decay of their

radioactive materials heated the the planets
enough to reach their internal temperature,
what do you call to the central inner part of a Maam its core.
planet class?

Okay, those silicate materials floated on the

surface serves as the crust.
The terrestrial planet cooled at a rate that
depended on their size, so as you can see the
size of mercury shows that it cools faster than
other planets. Thats why Mars has that size
and it became inactive.

Do you ever think why Mars have a reddish Maam I compare planet Mars to a nail with rust.
color? What do you think? That rust gives a nail a reddish color. Just like in
nail, maybe planet mars consist of rust.

Very good. The Viking mission found out that not

only Mars surface but its interior consist of iron
NASA sent five spacecrafts, two Viking landers,
Pathfinder, Spirit and Opportunity and all of them
successfully landed on Mars. Pictures from
Viking landers shows the rocky surface of Mars.
Pathfinder images showed abundant evidence of Maam its not possible for Mars to have a flow of
ancient floods while Sojourner measured the water before. Because of evidences that had been
chemical composition of rocks and soil. The Spirit found. But it needs further study to prove that it is
and Opportunity rovers found strong evidence that really true.
water once covered the surface of Mars.
Class do you think Mars had water before?

They say that water once flowed on Martian

channels the runoff and outflow channels. The run
off channels are like river system but class this
channel is not much like in river system of Earth,
the channels in Mars is bigger than the Earth that
it can hold a huge amount of water. And this
channels is one of the evidence that water exist on
Mars before. But it happens that it is trapped as Maam in polar regions.
permanently frozen. Class where is the coldest
place in Earth?

All right, just like on Earth, Mars have polar

regions and the coldest place. It contains polar
caps and consit of water ice and carbon dioxide. If
Mars have a polar regions that consist of water ice Maam maybe because if water really exist it will
why it cant it be a water? What do you think? evaporate easily.
Mars has a much thinner atmosphere than Earth as
a result it is much cooler than Earth and didnt
receive too much sunlight. If our Earth
atmosphere consist mostly of Nitrogen, in Mars it
consist of carbon dioxide. Thats why the
southern polar regions are consist of carbon
Half of the Mars Surface consist of Crater and
said that ejected material appears to have flowed Maam I think it can be another evidence that
away from many craters. What can you say about water exist before on mars. That water was
this? ejected away from the craters.

It is possible. Like in Earth, astronomers believed

that there is a crustal motion activity happened on
Mars. The most spectacular example of crustal
motion is the Valles Marineris canyon system.
Much of the crustal motion seems to have
occurred as a consequence of the weight of the
Tharsis bulge. Long ago, Mars experienced a
period of plate tectonic activity.

Do you still remember the greek mythology class?

What is the name of the city where Gods and

Goddesses lived? Yes Maam. Its about Gods and Goddesses.

That city was came from the highest mountain in Maam its Olympus.
the Solar System that can be found on planet Mars
and located on the Tharsis Region where the three
shield volcanos (Arsia Mons, Pavonis Mons,
Ascraeus Mons) can also be found.

Still, planet Mars is on observing state but NASA

have future missions about this planet. Can life be
possible on this planet?
Maam I think yes
The Viking biology experiments showed that the
Martian soil is chemically active, but probably
does not harbor life. As I said it is still on
observing state. Lets wait for further
announcement of NASA.

E. Generalization
Okay class again why Planet mars called as a
Red Planet?
Maam because its surface is composed
mainly of rust and because the iron within the
dust reacted with oxygen, producing
a red rust colour, while the sky appears red
as storms carried the dust into the atmosphere.

Very good. But why it is cooler than the

Earth? Maam because its atmosphere is much
thinner than the Earth and it is farther than the
Okay very good. It seems you fully .
understand our topic for today. Lets have
some activity.

F. Application
Direction: Using a Venn Diagram, compare
planet Mars from planet Earth. What are their
similarities and differences?

IV. Evaluation
Direction: Illustrate the surface of planet Mars. What it looks like?

V. Assignment
1. What are the Planets included in Jovian Planets?

Prepared by:

Domingo, Pearly Nicole A.