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Project Management Disciplines

Participants will be able to:

Understand projects and project management disciplines

Learn the project management processes described in the PMBOK Guide, Fifth Edition

Work out more practice questions to greatly improve their chance of passing the test

Discover tricks and hints on how to answer the exam questions

Who Should Attend?

Project Managers

Project Leaders

Project Team Members

Managers (Directors, General Managers)

Professionals interested in applying for the PMP Exam.


o What is a Project?

o What is Project Management?

Organizational Influences and Project Life Cycle

o Organizational Influence on Project Management

o Project Stakeholders and Governance

o Project Team

o Project life Cycle

o Project Management Processes

Project Integration Management

o Develop Project Charter

o Develop Project Management Plan

o Direct and Manage Project Work

o Monitor and Control Project Work

o Perform Integrated Change Control

o Close Project or Phase

Project Scope Management

o Plan Scope

o Collect Requirement

o Define Scope

o Create WBS

o Validate Scope

o Control Scope

Project Time Management

o Plane Schedule Management

o Define Activities

o Sequence Activities

o Estimate Activity Resources

o Estimate Activity Duration

o Develop Schedule

o Control Schedule

Project Cost Management

o Plan Cost Management

o Estimate Costs Determine Budget

o Control Costs

Project Quality Management

o Plan Quality Management

o Perform Quality Assurance

o Control Quality

Project Human Resource Management

o Plan Human Resource Management

o Acquire Project Team

o Develop Project Team

o Manage Project Team

Project Communications Management

o Plan Communications Management

o Manage Communications

o Control communications

Project Risk Management

o Plan Risk Management

o Identify Risk

o Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis

o Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis

o Plan Risk Responses

o Control Risk

Project Procurement Management

o Plan Procurement Management

o Conduct Procurement

o Control Procurement

Project Stakeholders

o Identify Stakeholders

o Plan Stakeholders Management

o Manage Stakeholder Engagement

o Control Stakeholder Engagement

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