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Aspects Concept Process For Who Plus Points Minus Points

Biblio Guidance, treatment 1. Identification Client who believes he is Provide relief (reduce Self-reading Limitations
through interaction between Relate to character, find a alone, depressed, feels alone trauma) Depends on Clients
client and character friend with similar issue separated (alone trauma) acceptance of the
2. Catharsis Refuse to talk character
Identify feelings and
3. Insight
Aware of solutions and
Play Use of metaphorical Child allowed to play Refuse to talk Can lead to talking therapy Choosing the right play
analysis of childs play (individual or in small group) Tantrums, abusive, violent Counselling happens at with the right
natural routine Behaviours are observed, behaviour childs pace developmental age,
play routine is observed and Works universally with ability
analysed everyone
Story Use of symbolisation in 1. Few get to know sessions Alone trauma, crisis client Symbolisations used to get Might need time for
Telling story to identify feelings of with client Refuse to talk connected with childs child to understand
client 2. Storytelling with client situation story and symbolisation
3. Discussion with client Observe reaction
Art Use of nonverbal medium Analyse product and Refuse to talk, limited Alone time, less Often from referral
to help client express better reaction while doing art vocabulary threatening cases from police
Loner child, very more complicated
traumatised cases
Music Use of music to calm client, Client enjoy music and Special need clients with Fun! Induce dance and
improve social responses rhythm, follows together to music inclined rhythm together
build rapport with child, calm Hyper behaviour
child down