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Researching All Possible Pathways

This worksheet will assist you in organizing your information for creating your Postsecondary Pathway
Plans. Use one worksheet per pathway. Research your information from several resources and be sure
to record which information comes from each source so you can give credit to your sources.


You may want to exchange your worksheet with a peer or mentor to see if there are questions or issues
that have not been addressed before progressing to the finished product.


Identified Career Cluster: Business, Management, and Administration and Finance

Intended Career Goal: Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Starting Point (Choose from one of the following: workplace, apprenticeship, college, and university):


Give specifics (such as name of postsecondary institution, apprenticeship program, specific


Ivey Business School Western University

Schulich School of Business York University
Rotman School of Management University of Toronto

What steps do you have to take just to get to the starting point?

From where I am now in order to get to the starting point, I must have:

My high school diploma with:

-An average in the mid 80's or higher

-No more than two 4M courses

Mandatory courses:

-ENG4U (English)


Based on material from Think Literacy: Cross-Curricular Approaches, Grade 7 - 12

-MHF4U (Advanced Functions)

-MDM4U (Data Management)

What are the immediate Next Steps to progress from the starting point?

Immediately after university I hope to find a gateway job in the business field. Some of the entry level
jobs that I can pursue after university are:

Assistants (to different businesses)

Resource team member

Program coordinator

Data analyst

Length of education/training program/apprenticeship:

Ivey Business School overall 5 years (4 years for undergraduate degree and 1 year for MBA)

Schulich School of Business overall 4 years from undergraduate degree and customizable MBA degree

Rotman School of Management overall about 6 years (4 years for undergraduate degree and 2 years
for full-time MBA degree)

Resources required to support the implementation of your plan (such as tuition costs, living expenses
if moving away from home, union dues, travel expenses to work or class, etc.)

Ivey Business School would have to move away from home, tuition cost: starting at $7000 a year

Schulich School of Business can stay home (take bus), tuition cost: $7000 part-time to $19000 full-time

Rotman School of Management can stay home (take bus and subway), tuition cost: $7000 to $30000

What are the expectations and requirements to progress in the program/apprenticeship?


- Minimum of 6 Gr.12 courses, usually minimum average of 80%

- Required Gr. 12 U courses: English, One Gr. 12 Mathematics course, at least one of the following
disciplines: Canadian and World Studies, Classical Studies and International Languages, French as a
Second Language, Social Sciences and Humanities, or Business Studies, and 3 other U courses.

What are the potential barriers/challenges and what are the potential solutions?

Problem: Money/Costs
Solution: get a loan, scholarships, OSAP
Based on material from Think Literacy: Cross-Curricular Approaches, Grade 7 - 12
Problem: Distance (too far)
Solution: Residence, rent a house/apartment

Problem: Work load; heavier than high school

Solution: learn new techniques to help my performance

What is the projected outcome of taking this particular path? How will you know you have

I will know if I have succeeded if I have gained a managing financial position at a company. Even if Im
not the CFO, I know that I will be well on my way to becoming one. Therefore, having a financial
managing position will tell me that I have succeeded.

Researching All Possible Pathwaysp2


How does this plan address my learning style and work habits?

This plan suits my learning skills and work habits perfectly. My diligence and determination will allow me
to overcome the stressful situations this plan can cause. It also allows me to further explore my
leadership and management skills. Due to the amount of things that will be going on, it will also test and
strengthen my already strong organizational skills.

How does this plan reflect my personal profile in terms of my interests, strengths, intelligences,
values, and accomplishments?

This plan reflects my personal profile because I am extremely hardworking, and I love learning. Going to
university will help me play towards my strengths because I will get an education and make a career out
of doing the things that I love.

How does this plan reflect on my personal profile in relation to my interpersonal relationships, family
background, and affiliations?

This plan will affect my personal relationships because my life will be centered around school, so I may
become distant from my close friends and family. On the contrary, hopefully I will build new
relationships with the people that I encounter at school and work.
Based on material from Think Literacy: Cross-Curricular Approaches, Grade 7 - 12

List any research resources, as well as local agencies and organizations, which may be of assistance in
implementing this plan.

OSAP: https://www.ontario.ca/page/osap-ontario-student-assistance-program

Ivey Business School, Scholarships: https://www.ivey.uwo.ca/hba/admission/tuition-


Schulich School of Business, Scholarships: http://schulich.yorku.ca/student-life-services/financial-


Rotman School of Management, Scholarships:


Based on material from Think Literacy: Cross-Curricular Approaches, Grade 7 - 12