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KSSM Form 1 Chapter 3

By Mdm. Ashikin Yusof

1. Vocabulary List

These words will appear throughout the chapter. Find the words class from the dictionary.


1 Listen Mendengar
2 Student Pelajar
3 Relay Menyampaikan
4 Result Keputusan
5 Cause Sebab
6 Flood Banjir
7 Environment Alam Sekitar
8 Club Kelab
9 Carried out Menjalankan
10 Survey Tinjauan
11 Identify Mengenalpasti
12 Country Negara
13 Drainage Sistem Saliran
14 Major Utama
15 Reason Sebab
16 Think Fikir
17 Pollution Pencemaran
18 Weather Cuaca
19 Opinion Pendapat
20 Dam Empangan
21 Break Pecah
22 Other Yang lain
23 Effect Kesan
24 Feel Berasa
25 Serious Serius
26 Loss Kehilangan
27 Human Manusia
28 Life Kehidupan/Nyawa
29 First Pertama
30 Second Kedua
31 Property Harta Benda
32 Animal Binatang
33 Crop Tanaman
34 Countryside Kampung / Desa
35 Another Yang lain
36 Disease Penyakit
37 Pollute Mencemar
38 Airborne Merebak melalui udara
39 Cholera Penyakit Taun

2. Listening Text
KSSM Form 1 Chapter 3
By Mdm. Ashikin Yusof

Listen to the student relaying the results of the survey about the causes of floods. Underline the

correct words.

1. (The Environment Club / The computer Club) in our school carried out a survey for the

students to identify the causes of flood in our country. 2. ( Forty / One hundred ) percent of the

students said that drainage system is the major reason for floods. Next, twenty percent of the 3.

(teachers / students ) thought that pollution causes floods. Fifteen percent of the students said 4. (good

weather / bad weather ) causes floods. Another fifteen percent of the students were of the opinion that

dam break causes 5. (flood / food). Finally, ten percent of the students said that floods were caused by

6. (many / other ) reasons.

The students also gave 7. ( fourty / four ) effects of floods. They felt that the most 8. (serious /

delicious ) effect of floods is loss of human life. The 8.( next / second ) effect of floods is loss of

property. Another effect of floods is loss of 9. (animals / cows ) and crops. People in the 10.

(countryside / roadside) suffer a lot because they cannot save their animals and crops. Lastly, the

students said that another effect of floods is 11. (diseases / dismissal ). The polluted water will cause

airborne diseases, such as cholera.

3. Look at the picture

List down as many words based on the picture on your textbook on page 27 (Task 5) in the word

cloud below.

4. Writing a letter of complaint.

KSSM Form 1 Chapter 3
By Mdm. Ashikin Yusof

Complete the letter below by writing the correct answer. You can use the words listed from the table

Senders name and address


Recipient designation and address

__________________________________ Date _______________________

Dear ________________,

________________________________________________________ Subject Reference

I am writing on behalf of the residents of Bandar Baru Bukit Mentok, Kemaman. We wish to complain about the
poor drainage system in our residential area due to inefficient garbage disposal.
2. For the past three months, rubbish has not been collected regularly. The waste disposal truck only comes
once a week. The uncollected garbage has attracted not only flies and mosquitos but also stray dogs. These stray
animals scatter the rubbish and make the roads dirty and smelly. Furthermore, plastic bags of rubbish eventually
end up in the drains and block water from flowing rapidly.
3. These blocked drains have caused flash floods in our housing area. When there is heavy rain, water
overflows from the clogged drain and enters houses. The residents are very frustrated and unhappy eith the
situations as their daily routins have been affected.
4. We would appreciate if if the municipal council collects rubbish according to schedule. This will definitely
stop the flash floods from happening in our housing area.
Thank you note
Yours Faithfully,

_______________ Signature

(__________________________) Name in capital letter