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Paolo "Pulong" Zimmerman Duterte (born March 24, 1975) is the incumbent Vice Mayor of Davao City and

eldest son of former Mayor of Davao City and now Philippine President, Rodrigo Duterte.[1]


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Early life[edit]
Paolo Zimmerman Duterte was born on March 24, 1975 in Davao City. He is the eldest son of President Rodrigo
Duterte and Elizabeth Zimmerman, a Filipina of American and German Jewish descent.[2] His sister, Sara Duterte is
the incumbent Mayor of Davao City.

Personal life[edit]
Duterte was once married to Lovelie Sangkola,[3] of Tausug descent, with whom he has 3 children: Omar Vincent
Duterte (born January 26, 1994), Rodrigo Duterte II (born February 23, 1998), and Isabelle Lovelie Duterte (born
January 26, 2000). They formally separated on 2005 and their divorce was finalized on 2006 rendered by the
SHARIA Court. Sangkola was later married to a certain RJ Sumera[4]while Paolo soon married his long time
girlfriend, January Navares, under civil ceremony on December 15, 2010. They have 2 children: Sabina Duterte
(born July 15, 2006) and Paolo Duterte II (born September 21, 2012).[5]

Educational background[edit]

Elementary: Philippine Women's College of Davao (1981-1987)

High School: Philippine Women's College of Davao (1987-1991)
College: University of Mindanao; Degree Course: BS Commerce - Banking & Finance (2002)
Graduate Studies: University of Southeastern Philippines; Degree Course: Master of Public Administration
Graduate Studies: Lyceum Northwestern University; Degree Course: Doctor in Public Administration (2015)

Job titles[edit]

Barangay Captain: Davao City (Catalunan Grande; November 15, 2007 June 30, 2013)
ABC President: City Councilor, Davao City (January 6, 2008 June 30, 2013)
Vice Mayor: Davao City (June 30, 2013 present)


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External links[edit]

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